Shorts, Heels & All The Feels

Is it just me or is everyone fed up with Boston’s weather lately?

I mean, for real.

Its been raining every weekend, and when the sun decides to come out, it’s during the week.

Super lame, Boston. Let’s get past this cloudy/wet phase.

I think we are all ready for the sun and the sand. Can I get an amen?


 (Punta Cana 2015-When I also had enough of our Spring)


Aside from the crappy weather though, this weekend was pretty awesome. 🙂

I started reading this book called, “The Elements of Style.” Ever heard? It’s an “oldie but goodie.”

It’s the basics of writing and common mistakes most people make with grammar, punctuation, and so on.

But don’t judge me yet. I’m still learning! LOL!

What I like about this book is it’s short and easy to understand.

Most of us like short and easy, right? At least when it comes to books 😉


This book is the original. Since this book was first written, there has been other editions.

Fun fact: This book was written by a college professor in 1919, for his students. Little did he know, huh?

That’s why I always say, go with your passion and the rest will come.


Someone else was dying to read my book.

His name is Max, he is Ryan’s moms kitty.

He’s the most curious cat, ever and super adorable.

He kept placing his head over the book to see what I was looking at. haha!



I wore this casual outfit on Saturday. It’s crazy how much an outfit can change by throwing in a pair of heels.

It’s night and day. Try it out 😉

P.S. Those heels are heavenly. Super comfortable, in style, and hot. What more could a girl want? 


Another fun fact: I hate feet- including and not limited to mine.

However, heels make it pretty. Which probably explains my addiction with them.

Or at least, that’s what I’ll keep telling myself 😉

Love it? Click here.


     The bag is Michael Kors.

The shirt, I found a similar look here.


I also discovered, thanks to a friend. This place in Worcester (where I spent the weekend), called “The Compass Tavern”, and it’s so kick as* for brunch.

Above is the walk-up bar for you to make your own bloody mary!! How cute and awesome is that?!

The food was also to die for. Definitely check it out if you’re ever in the area. =)

    Hope you enjoyed the look and this week’s recommendations!




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