Waterfall Blanket Wrap Cardigan

Hey loves!

November is here and it’s my birthday month!

I am so excited to celebrate with my family and friends this week. I take a week off every year just to celebrate and reflect on another year that has passed.

This year has been extremely incredible & I can honestly say, I have never been happier. It’s funny because the older you get, the more you appreciate what makes you unique and you start to make less and less time for those that don’t bring any value to your life.

You only live once, make sure you are always surrounded with people that genuinely love and care about you! Don’t make time for those that pretend to be by your side or are just there for the ride.

You deserve better and most importantly – you deserve to be happy- every single day of your life.

Now, let’s take a look at this week’s fall style…






ย High Knee Suede Boots @ Macy’s

Ripped jeans @ Charlotte Russe

Waterfall Blanket Wrap Cardigan

Hope you enjoyed this week’s look!

Leave a comment with any thoughts or questions:)




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