Vineyard: Perfect Place To Wear Your Leg Warmers…

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This weekend I went to two adorable Vineyards with my ladies, one in New Hampshire called Jewell Towne Vineyards and the other in Rowley, MA called Mill River.

They both had a very different style to them.

I am used to bigger vineyards where they take you to a tour and show you everything they use to make their wines, what to eat with each wine type, etc…

These two Vineyards didn’t really have that but the experience was just as pleasant.

We got there and sat down at a table where we were given a list of wines and we were given 5 individuals tastings. They also served cheese & crackers to go along with the tastings.

If you are a wine lover like myself, I highly suggest taking a trip to a winery one of these weekends – fall is the best season for it (in New England)!

P.S. For the full winery experience, try Nashoba Valley Winery.

Below is what I wore to the Vineyards.






Boots: Marshalls

Leg Warmers: TJMaxx

Jeans: Paige Jeans

Shirt: Express

Jacket with hoodie: Marshalls

Scarf: TJMaxx

When going to a winery (especially if you take a tour), it’s important to be comfortable as possible.

The wine is often made in a somewhat cold setting, so wear something warm.

Leg Warmers can be fun for these types of events – they have so many different styles and it’s a great way to express your style and stay warm & cozy.

Hope you enjoyed this look!




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