International Men’s Day, why?

Hey lovelies! Today is (as you probably know) International Women’s Day. I believe when any woman or man think of “International Women’s Day,” it’s easy to understand why we deserve a day to celebrate “us.” And if you are wondering why we deserve it, by the end of reading this post- you will be crystal clear.

Women have struggled to find equality, since always. In 1920, we were finally given the right to vote for the first time. But still, in countries like Saudi Arabia- only last year (2015) were women finally given the right to vote (let that sink in for a minute).

It’s insane how many countries today still give women ZERO rights to say or do anything without permission of a man. It really boggles my mind the THOUGHT of what women go through everyday and how much they suffer with discrimination, violence, repression, isolation, and the list goes on…


Here are some examples of countries you should stir away from as a women & why:


  • Domestic violence is so common in Afghanistan that 87% of women admit to experiencing it
  • The ONLY country that the female suicide rate is higher than of male
  • Women will live only up to 45- one year less than men
  • The majority of brides are under 16 yrs of age
  • One woman dies in childbirth every HALF HOUR

Democratic Republic of Congo-

  • Rapes are so brutal, many victims die or are infected with HIV- left to raise their kids alone
  • They can’t look for food or water without being exposed to more violence. And without money, food, transportation, they have no way to escape.


  • The U.S.-led invasion to “liberate” Iraq from Saddam Hussein has imprisoned women in an inferno of sectarian violence that targets women and girls.
  • Families are afraid to send their girls to school, fearing that they will either be kidnapped or raped
  • 1 Million women have been displaced from home, and millions more are unable to earn enough to eat.


The above facts are hopefully as disturbing to you, as they are to me. The fact that this is allowed and no one seems to be able to do anything about it is terrifying and mind bothering. As I reflect on my life today, I also reflect on others’ lives or lack of. Therefore, causing me not so much to celebrate, as much as to bring awareness to all women. The U.S may not have the “equality” we all seek for. But we are far better off living in this country than most- with our freedom to work, vote, talk, choose our partners, and live our lives with no fear- compared to the amount of violence women face everyday in many other countries.


In conclusion, my title “INTERNATIONAL MEN’S DAY” which by the way is celebrated on the 19th of November, makes little to no sense to me.

Did you know that in the month of March is when “International Men’s Day” is most googled? “Coincidentally,” in the month we celebrate “International Women’s Day.”

Men are praised and given more power, more money, and more authority than most women everyday. So when we finally get ONE day to celebrate us, someone decides- “well, we need gender equality. Therefore, men need their day, as well.” Excuse my french, but that’s bullshit. You watch the news, you read about what men are doing to women in this world and then you tell me about gender equality. I know there are many men in this world to admire, many heroes, many men that are great examples to humanity. And I’m not trying to dismiss them. But I can’t help but feel that gender equality should be discussed when men & women have equal rights altogether and women no longer have to fight for what’s rightfully theirs.



I hope this post made you reflect on today’s day a little differently. And that you continue to pass on awareness.


xox- Until Next Time