Viale Cambridge

Summer in Boston is pretty amazing

You get to fully explore this beautiful city, its restaurants, lounges, shops, parks and so forth

However, we often forget of the surrounding cities of Boston

Many of which are full of incredible history and fun activities for ALL!

One of my ALL.TIME.FAVORITE is Cambridge

Cambridge is basically a city that turned into a lifestyle

To know what I mean, you need to see for yourself

But just as a small hint: You want to sit with them.

It’s no surprise that once I was approached to check out Viale (Ingredient-driven italian restaurant)

I couldn’t say no.

And of course, I had to tell you all about it

The staff there are A+! Shout out to David (Viale’s Chef). David, you are BEYOND talented in the kitchen

I mean, guys, check out this amazing CALAMARI PIZZA

(yes, I capitalized it- it’s freaking important!)

How did I never hear there was such thing as a CALAMARI PIZZA in this world?!

I’d say just this pizza alone is a reason for you to check Viale out.

I’m also big into noticing GF (gluten-free) options

Two of my friends have celiac disease, so when we go out- we look for a GF friendly spot

I was pleased to find how Viale had some pretty yummy GF options, such as this chocolate brownie dessert

If you like chocolate, brownie, and ice cream- you will absolute ADORE this treat

Shout out to Viale for thinking of my girlfriends & everyone out there with celiac disease. 

But for those that aren’t too crazy about calamari, pizza, chocolate, brownie and ice cream (umm.. who ARE you!?)

Kidding, but not really

Viale’s menu is pretty much for all

Take for instance their $1 oysters, three specialty drinks, and seafood heaven salads

Umm hi, if you live in Cambridge- I think I found your after work spot. Thank me later!

Although, those drinks sound super appealing. I’m more of a “rose all day” type of basic

I’m not really sorry or ashamed. It’s basic, but it’s delicious

And Viale got me covered 😉

I can go on forever here. But I just wanted to leave a taste in your mouth, for now…

If you are in the area, or from Boston trying to find a new spot- I highly suggest this gem in the heart of Cambridge

It’s also next to some super awesome nightlife bars/lounges, so you can make a night out of it!

P.S. No need to dress up here. It’s Cambridge, everyone is “too cool to care.” I loved it!


Hope you enjoyed this quick read!

CLICK HERE to check out their sweet website 🙂