What’s Different at Fear Ordinary?

I started Fear Ordinary, October of 2015. Can you believe it? What a journey it has been! I can only hope you have enjoyed it as much as I have! ūüôā


Fear Ordinary came from my own personal fear of living an “ordinary” life. When you hear “fear of living an ordinary life” you may think something slightly different than I do, so let me explain.

¬†I fear looking back on my death-bed and regretting the things I did not do;¬†such as living a healthier lifestyle for myself and future family, or going for that dream job I always wanted but didn’t think I was ‘good enough’ for. Or fully opening myself up to someone I truly care about and losing them due to some nonexistent fear. The fear most have, “what if?.”

All the above, and more are the reasons I started this blog.

I want to help others to overcome those fears and go for ‘that’ job, ‘that’ guy/girl, live a healthier lifestyle, maintain healthy relationships and live life with NO REGRETS.

I post a lot of my thoughts/experiences/advice on how I’ve been able to do that on “Sunday Night Thoughts.” Which I do actually write on Sundays, but sometimes I’ll post it on Mondays. It depends on how hectic my weekend is.

I also started, as part of living a healthier lifestyle, using all organic products. I call myself an “organic¬†newbie”ūüėČ haha! And I can’t be the only one.

I’ve been sharing reviews of organic products I’ve used on my IG account:FEAR_ORDINARY. And will start sharing them on my blog as of TODAY (for those that choose to not use instagram but still wish to know what is out there for organic products and what companies are reliable to use products from).

As you can tell, since last October to recent, a bit has changed. But my focus stays the same, which is to give you all the tools to live your life to the fullest, with as little regrets as possible.


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Thank you for stopping by and checking out “what’s new!” ūüėČ See you next time!




5 Things To Know Before Taking Your First Gym Class

Hello everyone!

As you may or may not know- I have taken on the challenge to try every single class my gym has to discover what pushes me the most. I want to get the perfect class (or two) that will get me the best results.

But before taking a class, it’s important to know these 5 things:

1. What is the class about exactly?

I tried “Hatha Yoga” for the first time this year.

I, based on commonsense, knew it involved yoga, but it is clearly different.

What makes hatha yoga different from traditional yoga? What should I expect?

Research your class before taking it so that you feel more at ease and a lot more confident about what you’re walking into! (P.S. YouTube helps a lot).

2. What are the benefits?

This is an obvious one but many times, we just go to a class to go.

We go to try it and hope it will help us get results.

Try researching the benefits ahead of time so that you can better understand why you are doing the workout.

Example: A single Kickboxing Cardio class can burn anywhere from 750-900 calories per hour.

Say you’ve taken this class twice this week. You are planning to do an¬†extra¬†hour of cardio on the treadmill.

Given the calories you’ve already burned – does that make sense?

Maybe, but chances are, you are not getting the best results out of your workouts.

Work smart – plan ahead.

3. Go at your own pace!

Hey, it’s your first time taking the class you decided to try!

Give yourself some props but listen to you body!

Trust me, trying to look like a pro at your first time taking a class will only make you look foolish. The instructor is there to make sure you understand the workout at your own pace and to make sure you still get a kick as* workout, regardless.

4. Dress the part

It’s important to be in something comfortable – most workout clothes will normally be fine for any classes.

However for classes such as cycling (where you will sweat a lot) have something that wicks moisture away.

Do some¬†research and make sure you are comfortable for best workout results. And of course, it doesn’t hurt to wear something you feel confident in.

5. Have Fun!

Yes, you are there to workout.

Yes,¬†you don’t know what you are doing yet.

But so what?

Go to the class with the mindset that it will be a productive time regardless.

Let your worries and stress fade away.¬†Have fun, enjoy, it is¬†your “me time” after all.

Now, go dominate that class while looking great and feeling confident at the same time!

You got this! ūüôā