What is Black Mirror?

What is “Black Mirror”?

I watch t.v maybe 3 hours a week, two shows max and I’m hooked on this series!

This show speaks to our generation about the problems we are facing

Specifically, technology/social media.

We live in a generation where our “worth” is calculated by the number of “likes” we get on our pictures, and statuses.

We have turned ourselves into slaves of technology.

We spend most of our time online, completely “checked out” from reality, living someone else’s life. Why? Only to escape ours.

Some of us are willing to buy fake followers and likes JUST to feel valued as human beings! When is enough enough?

Black Mirror now has four seasons. Each episode is different and extremely intriguing. It’s sure to get your mind thinking.

I think it’s a “must-see” for a few reasons:

  • We are essentially forgetting what a real connection is and what it feels like
  • We can’t sit with someone for more than five minutes without checking our phones, maybe less than five if God forbid the phone buzzes during dinner
  • We look up to people we never met, instead of real people we interact with
  • Relationships are being RUINED by a virtual world
  • Our attention span has shortened because we aren’t fully invested in the “now.”

The list goes on…

We’ve never been so “off,” so robotic, so disconnected

Years from now, we will look back and wonder why we wasted so much time not living

If we don’t change, we will become known as “the generation of regrets.”

I hope this series helps people understand the consequences of their actions

I hope they start “disconnecting” so they can finally connect.

I hope we all stop existing, and start living.




Are you for real?

Let me start by saying, being a woman isn’t easy

Not to say being a guy isn’t either (but I can’t speak for a guy- for obvious reasons)


Women are held to such high standards, not counting the standards we have for ourselves

(which are EXTREMELY high)

In today’s “social media generation”, we are no longer even looking at reality

We look at filters, photo-shop, and many other apps that make people look “different” than they are

And we think to ourselves, WHAT THE F?!

“Why is my skin not like a baby’s butt?”

“Why does my butt not look like Kim K’s?

“Why are my lips not like…?”

“Look, this girl is drinking that skinny tea detox and her stomach is so flat!”


It sounds silly, doesn’t it?

I think we all need to take a step back and realize that we are living in a time where anyone can be whoever they want

(whoever they want ONLINE, that is)

Anyone can fake anything they want on social media

HECK- if I wanted Kim K’s butt, there’s an app for that!

It would take me 2 seconds to do it- and upload it on my instagram page

If you don’t know me, you wouldn’t know!


Don’t get caught up on “FAKE MEDIA”

Believe ONLY what you see with your OWN eyes.

With that being said, I wanted to start a trend

(Or maybe I’ll be the only person posting this- which is also fine)


Because if you want to see change, you must start with yourself.

This is me, without any make-up on

I have flaws just like any other human being

I don’t like every part of my body just like any human being

I struggle to feel comfortable with myself sometimes

But at the end of the day, I love the person that I am

I love my flaws, my imperfections

Because all of those things make me who I am.



I wish more people would be up-front about their lives

Specially, those exposing their lives to social media like I am.

So many people feel the need to live up to them and think that’s how they should look

Women feel pressured enough without any help

How about we promote a sense of POWER to one another?

How about we UP-LIFT one another?

How about we stop COMPETING and start EMPOWERING one another?

Women should empower women.

Not the other way around.

We are all beautiful in our own unique way.

Embrace the YOU that only YOU can offer

And most importantly, before worrying about how you look on the outside

Work on how you are on the INSIDE

Because BEAUTY truly comes from within



How to Accept REAL happiness?

Let’s talk about what’s real at Fear Ordinary.


Online, we see so much “real” happiness, “real” relationships, “real” moments.

But how real are they really?

A BIG part of the reason many people are depressed today is due to social media.

Social media perceives this image of, what shall I call it? Perfection?

Everyone’s lives online is perfect, right?


Think about the stuff you post.

Are they of you having a mini break down after a long work week?

Are any of them of you arguing with your boyfriend about xyz?

Or of your kids acting up?

I didn’t think so.

The first step to truly feeling 200% comfortable in your own life..

is to stop comparing your life to others.

Back in the day, people compared their lives to their neighbors.

Today, people compare it to a complete stranger on instagram or facebook.

How crazy is that?

It’s hard not to compare your life to others but you must accept that your journey

is different from John Smith’s, so is your destiny and your gift(s).


Learn to LOVE your life by making time to do the things you love

I love to travel (so I make plans to have at least 1 big trip every year)

I love to look great (so I make time to workout and eat healthy)

I love NATURE, so I always try to be outdoors.

The above automatically makes me happy.

What makes you happy?

It also helps to plan your time spent online.

I know of people who can’t enjoy a day with their loved ones without

checking their phones CONSTANTLY

You don’t want to be online all day and night..

Not having a productive day makes you feel down

Not being present is something you will regret

Not to mention, an unproductive day is a day wasted.

Instead, go out there and make your day GREAT

And if life gets in the way, try again!!

Find your motivation

Find your drive

Your life goal

FOCUS on YOUR happiness

Not someone else’s.

Aside from the above, here are some basic things that

has been proven to make most people live a better life:

  1. Sleep
  2. Comfortable Income Stream
  3.  Exercise
  4. Eat Healthy

No shit, right? haha! They are obvious and some I’ve mentioned before.

But it’s good for us to take a moment to remind ourselves.


Hope you had an amazing 4th of July weekend.

Above are some pictures from mine.

This week my focus is my happiness. 

Because we all need a reminder of what’s important. 😉

Hope you enjoy my “Sunday Night Thoughts”

Happy Living! xx