Red Carpet N.Y.E event: Boston


New Years is JUST around the corner!

I’m not going to lie, every year it gets harder to find a great spot to celebrate

As I get older, I’m all about socializing with interesting/fun people

And this year, I FINALLY found the perfect event to do just that!

This New Years event will be hosted by Miss Massachusetts

But what I love the most about this particular event is how it will not only

be a great celebratory event for entrepreneurs in Boston. But it will also be

a great opportunity to mingle with some of Boston’s most prominent leaders.

I’m talking a broad amount of industries, from tech, to philanthropy, to social

good. Many non-profits leaders use this event to attend with their donors.

As well as, their supporters– to celebrate the amazing milestones they achieved.

This year, they will have a Red Carpet Black Tie event for New Years Eve.

And they will have some of Boston’s TOP entrepreneurs in the Fashion industry

This event will be curated with a “James Bond” theme

The theme will highlight the synergy between that iconic brand & the evening.

Oh, and because you follow my blog–

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The 10th Annual Timeless Black Tie Party

I hope to see you all there 🙂