How To Overcome Hard Times In Life

Hey my loves! Lately, I’ve been posting so much about my personal life and a lot less about fashion/fitness. I figured since I can’t workout, and I need to rest for both my breast augmentation surgery and my appendix surgery- that I would share a little more about my experiences with you guys throughout this process. I hope it’s been somewhat helpful to hear what I’ve been going through. And please ask away if you have any additional questions aside from what I cover and/or have covered.


Today was probably the toughest day of my recovery for me. I mean, think about it, I didn’t expect surgery number two to take place. I was already back at work, ready to give my all after week 1 of recovering from my breast augmentation and then everything changed.

I was never super fit like these IG fitness models but I always tried to do my best at the gym. Last year was a big year for me where I tried EVERYTHING. When I say everything, I mean everything. I tried pre-made monthly meals (which were a terrible idea because I was eating like a bird due to the size portion they gave me & having zero carbs? I still can’t wrap my head around the reason for that). I also tried all types of gym classes for cardio and I did enjoy most of them, my favorite was cycling & kickboxing cardio (full body workout, so kick as*). I also got “up close & personal” with weights, as before I was very intimidated by those beasts. I got over that fear fairly quickly once I decided to leave my fear behind. And lastly, tried various different programs (booty workout challenges, etc).

Going to the gym 3-4x a week is just something I love to do for myself, it’s “me” time, it’s therapy. Not going since January 20th has been almost depressing. I feel terrible, my body isn’t the same, my energy level isn’t the same, and there’s really not much I can do about that. Today, was a realization day that going to the gym is really a big part of my lifestyle and something I get so much out of, and truly enjoy doing. After trying all those various programs, workouts, etc.. I finally have found what works best for me, so I am super eager to get back at the gym full force and destroy it!

Staying home has helped me put a lot of things in perspective. I have a white board in my room (I highly suggest everyone to have one- I bought mine at Staples) where I have my goals up. Goals are important to have but you don’t want to overwhelm yourself. I went from 3 different goals to 1, to save. I have broken down the numbers and I have set myself a budget that I look at everyday when I wake up. It’s perfect and very effective.

I also realized how lucky I am to be able to drive, walk, sleep well, change clothing without help- Things I couldn’t do or some that I am still struggling with throughout my recovery period. I think it’s important when we feel down- to realize how blessed we are with the things we already have. And I am so extremely blessed and grateful for all the little things, for they are the big things.

Anyway, instead of being down- I turned my negatives into positives. And kept myself busy reorganizing my room, as well as doing some reading. My mind is so used to turning negatives into positives by now that it’s almost automatic. I don’t think about it, it just happens. But it wasn’t easy at first. This is another practice that I would highly recommend that you do. See, for a whole year, 2 years ago, I decided to never complain about anything and only be thankful and grateful, instead. For a whole year, anytime I started thinking of anything negative- I would remember the promise I made myself & think of something I was thankful/grateful for. It took me a whole year to be this positive and I still have my moments! haha But seriously, best thing I have ever done as a New Years Resolution.

It’s getting late, but I wanted to stop by and tell you guys a little bit more about my story and help you achieve a better lifestyle like I have been working towards. Mindset is everything- make sure your thoughts are always working FOR YOU, and not AGAINST you.


xox-Until Next Time