Let’s get real

Man, as I am sitting here sipping off a glass of “Prophecy” red wine. I think it’s super ironic that I’m about to share my favorite online store for active wear.

But truthfully, balance is key. If you enjoy a glass of wine. It’s okay to have it every now and then. I haven’t had wine in months, and today I’m celebrating, you know? =)

Do I really need a reason? No. But I got plenty.

For starters, this comfy Ellie Active Wear for this month’s box is insanely comfortable. I can’t seem to take it off. The over-sized hoodie is kinda everything.

I’m all about the deets. So I needed to show them off for you.

Can I also say that this sports bra is THE MOST COMFORTABLE sports bra I have EVER owned. Even by Ellie. And I went with a size small everything this month. I rather wear it all day than any of my bras. It’s LIFE.

The pants by the way are high waist, but like really. They are.

P.S. They really tighten the belly and lift the butt. It’s a must have in every girls’ closet.

In case you also wanted to know, Boston is “Chicago windy” today…

So the below pic will have to do (without my face showing). Let’s just imagine that’s in right now LOL!

On a serious note (sort of), check out Ellie and find out why I freaking love them.

Every month, you get the cutest box delivered to your door, with another 3 reasons to hit the gym HARD. I mean, if cute gym outfits don’t motivate you to workout, I don’t know what will.


CLICK HERE for direct site link. 





Fall Look 2017: Raw


Hi there babes!

Holy shit, it’s been a minute- I want to apologize for the inconsistency with the blog

I took a good chunk of time off to figure out how I can be my true-raw-self and deliver only quality stuff

So for the time being, I will not be working with any clothing companies unless I already buy from them

I want everyone to see how they can still get creative with the stuff in their closet, by mixing and matching

Or by simply buying one new piece, instead of a whole new outfit for a night.

We’ll start with this outfit I’m wearing.

Shoes and shades are from Marshalls, less than $40 combined.

I love Marshalls because you never know what kind of gem you will find there.

Also note, location is key with this store. Each location carries something different (go to a fancy town near you).

Okay, but maybe you are truly interested in this off-shoulder bodysuit (if you’re my friend, you are tired of seeing it)

I got this baby at Forever21 ! >>Here’s a link<< to an off-shoulder look they have

I bought mine in the store and can’t find it online. However, they have many other beautiful ones to choose from.

P.S. This jacket is also from there. I’ve had it for YEARS and every time I wear it, I get compliments on it.

Now let’s talk sexy pencil skirt because every woman should own one

I got this beauty at Charlotte Russe. And lucky for you, I found it and it’s on SALE for $16!

CLICK HERE to check this amazing deal out.

All my life, I’ve dealt with snobby as* btchs that would lie about where they got their outfits from

So I LOVE to be able to share my fashion “secrets” with you

The secret is, there is NONE (at least not with me!).

I like to look good and stack cash, no “bloody shoes” needed. But thanks Nicki Minaj.

P.S.S. I can’t write this without sharing a little personal note. My godmother passed away today.

I’m extremely saddened by it and by what happened in Vegas yesterday. Truly devastating.

I hope everyone truly sees life as a gift because tomorrow certainly isn’t promised

Be safe out there and don’t forget to be grateful for waking up to live another day.


Yours Truly,


Less is more: Shop Smart

Raise your hand if you like to shop!

*hands and feet in the air*

Lately, however, I’ve been very cautious with my money

I feel it’s 10x more important to have cash in the bank than to wear a brand name

This weekend, I was talking to a girlfriend of mine about it

We both went out to eat at Papagayo (Assembly Row) and then decided to check out some stores

We didn’t really make it to store #2

Mainly because we are so used to shopping online

Who has the time and patience to wait in line, look for that specific dress or shirt out of the 100 other items?

It’s just a huge waste of time

The dress below took me 10 minutes to find. It was night time, I was in my pjs ready for bed…

Not to mention I paid PEANUTS for it!

Click HERE for the link, if you want to check it out for yourself 🙂

The material isn’t the greatest, to be very honest. But the dress looks INCREDIBLE on and is SUPER in.

For the money you are paying to purchase it, it’s a great buy

It’s also playful and fun, but the color is what got me

If you have a nice tan, this color is crazy flattering

I got a size M, and it fits like a glove. I found it to be true to size

Also, be ready to iron it- it will need it 🙂

Moral of the story: You don’t need to pay a million bucks to look and feel like a million bucks

Don’t fall for what you see online. Girls often wear expensive things to feel better about themselves

If you are confident, you don’t need to make big purchases to feel beautiful. You know you already are!

Besides, what’s truly important is what’s within.

Too many beautiful girls have a terrible personality. And that can only get them so far.

Be kind, be genuine, work on being your best version- the rest will follow.


If you missed the link above, CLICK HERE to check out details on this dress.


Have a wonderful week!



Champagne Mama: Look of the week!

They call me “Champagne Mama” haha

No, they really don’t but that’d be HILARIOUS!

On all seriousness though, how much of a life saver is champagne if you’re into staying slim & fit?!

Did you know four ounces of champagne is roughly 90 calories? That’s less than your average glass of wine

Yes, bachelor lovers. Switch the wine to champagne next Monday and save yourselves MAD cals!

It’s worth it.

And so is this comfy sand color “champagne vibes” shirt for your brunch dates!

I suck at dressing casual, so I’ve been really trying to “up” my casual game. I mean, Ryan cannot keep up otherwise

I always look for something that represents who I am. I don’t know, it just boosts my confidence level

I mean, fashion is art after-all. And my art needs to be the shit. I’m not settling.

I can’t just wear some random shirt that says nothing I can relate to. I don’t care if it costs a grand, it’s trash to me.

Just being real.

Here’s the link to get your next favorite brunch shirt.

P.S. If you’re getting married and looking for “bridesmaid” shirts and “bride” shirts, they have them, too!!

They also have the cutest freaking mugs on the planet. I’m a sucker for mugs.

 Check them out 🙂

I feel like I need to get these next time haha!

I hope you guys enjoyed this week’s look! H

Have a safe/fun/AWESOME fourth of July weekend!!


A happy life starts with a happy mind: My steps to living a happier life

A happy life starts with a happy mind

So here are some tips, as I share this look of the week on how I maintain a happy mind

Let me start by saying, I have challenges and struggles just like everybody else

Life throws so many lemons at you and sometimes you just don’t feel like making a freaking lemonade!

 But it’s important to keep in mind that no matter how we react to our challenges, it’s our ACTION that will give us the end result we so desire

Worrying, stressing, yelling, crying, or depressing over ANYTHING is really only going to make matters worse

So anytime I am stressing, I try to first vent it out with someone that genuinely cares about me

Vent it out, BE OPEN about your problems

Once we say things out loud and they are no longer just in our heads, the problem tends to seem smaller

Talk it out with a friend, family member or someone you trust

That’s what having a support system is for! And it’s crucial for sanity. TRUST ME.

Step number II: FIND YOUR ZEN

If you are overwhelmed or filled with anxiety. You need to find your zen!

For some, like myself, it’s the gym! I work out 10x harder when I’m stressed out

The gym becomes my temple. It’s a place I can leave all my anger inside and walk out feeling renewed

For others, it can be yoga, daily meditation, a walk in the park, reading a book…

What’s your zen?

Step III: Fuel your soul

This is an important one. Most people don’t stop to find their zen (step II).

Therefore, they are not in tune with their soul

When I say “soul,” I mean your inner-self.

We have all jobs. Some that we love, some that we don’t love.

And because of that, it’s important to find time during the week to dedicate to something that makes you soul smile

Mine is blogging, being one with nature. Giving back in some sort of way.

I notice anytime I’m outdoors near nature, I feel re-energized.

I get the same feeling when I give back or make a difference in someone’s life.

Find what fuels your soul.

And lastly, find something to be grateful for everyday.

We may think this is an easy one or we think about it at least once a day, therefore, we are grateful

I used to think the same way but it’s not the same

Dedicate time, whether in the morning before you have breakfast or at night before you sleep

And say your prayers or thank God (the Universe), whoever you believe, for the things you are grateful for

It’s life changing.

These are some of the steps I take to have a happy mind, so that I can therefore, live a happy life.

I hope you enjoyed it!


Oh, and if you liked this cute romper. Don’t worry! I didn’t forget to link it for you.

CLICK HERE to check it out 🙂





Best practices to get you hyped up for 2017: Look of the week!


I can’t even begin to share my excitement for ALL of us

We have 365 days to do whatever it is we set ourselves out to do

However, as much as I love the concept of thinking of the entire year ahead of us to reach our goals

There’s nothing like taking it one day at a time

Don’t you think?


“Patience & persistence” are my two focus words this year

Or as Ry would say, “your two peas (p’s)” haha!

I need to always go back to them when I get discouraged

So I’m writing them down in my room’s white board as an everyday reminder

 I feel I always reach more of my goals when I think of them more often

And that’s one way I found has worked best for me in 2016

What are you doing this year to keep yourself accountable for your goals?

Another best practice is planning out your week on a Sunday

That’s one best practice I didn’t do in 2016. And that I am almost 100% sure would’ve made ALL THE DIFFERENCE

The saying,“If you don’t plan to succeed, you plan to fail” is beyond true!

If I had a consistent gym schedule,and meal schedule planned out- I’d be in better shape today

I could sit here and beat myself up for it and be upset

(I kind of already did do all that)

But I should just take it as a lesson learned and not repeat the same mistake again!

LASTLY, this year will be the year I use my cell phone THE LEAST!

I plan to use my cell the least amount of time as possible, mostly just to blog and make important calls.

Cell phones are the reason relationships are failing, friends aren’t communicating and ideas are not being born

I want to let my mind wander, I want to listen more, to live more, to love more.

I’ve already started this rule with a few friends

I went out with two of my girlfriends and we didn’t have our cell phones on us

We had the BEST conversations with zero distractions and were able to fully enjoy each other’s company

I also did that with Ryan this weekend and we had the best weekend talking about everything imaginable

It was truly wonderful to be in the moment with the people I love

When was the last time you were truly present?

It’s sad to think of all the people sitting at a dinner table with their family/friends, texting someone who’s not there

It’s sad to think of how our generation has changed (for the worst when it comes to self-confidence & happiness)

But it takes one person to make this world a better place

And I hope this gets you inspired to do the same!


Oh and if you like this look…

CLICK HERE to check out this maxi asymmetric skirt

Belt & shoes from Love Culture.

I am so excited to share so much more with you guys this year!

Stay tuned

And thank you again for all the love and support 🙂


Heat Wave: How to stay cool in Boston this summer

If you live in Boston, you understand the summer struggle is REAL “sticky” right now

I mean, don’t get me wrong..

I LOOOOOOVE summer, probably more than anyone I know


When I can’t be out for more than a minute before humidity turns my hair into an afro & I turn into a sweaty mess?

Well, then it becomes an issue..

Also, I didn’t buy a trillion crop tops to survive this summer without dying of heat..

Because believe it or not, anything longer than a crop top won’t do


(*insert drama queen voice here*)

Thankfully, I found a site that has a VARIETY of cute crop tops for SUPER CHEAP!

So you can buy all colors and styles.. and not die of heat?


By the way, what was I thinking by wearing pants this day?

It’s a no pants party this summer

(I guess I didn’t get the memo)



Ladies, please note this crop top comes with THE CUTEST skirt

The only reason I didn’t wear it for date night (pic above) is because I bought a size too big by accident

BUT, I LOVE the style and material

Check it out and tell me what you think!


What I also like is you can always do what I did..

which is pair them with different outfits for a different look 😉


I always get asked where I got these pants from

And it’s actually a funny story..

They are from ZARA


I got them at a Camila Coelho’s event!

Camila was selling her clothes for charity and I went with one of my fellow bloggers 😉

I love events for a great cause.

AND the fact that MY IDOL is so thoughtful & always thinking of others 🙂

I really hope to one day be able to throw a similar event.

We all have SO MUCH to be thankful for, it’s always nice to give back

-no matter how big or small-

Don’t you agree?


Hope you enjoyed this look as much as I did! 🙂


CLICK HERE for another favorite crop top look from this site

Bahh! I’m in LOVE

Happy Shopping beauties!




Outfit of the Week: Date Night at Pier6 Boston

“Date night” in a relationship is SO IMPORTANT

At least to me anyway.

So Ry and I have ours at least once a week.


It’s our bonding time where we get to talk about our week and just kind of relax doing what we love.

Spending that one on one time, just the two of you makes all the difference

You have to make the effort to spend time enjoying something together. Whether it’s dinner, movies, traveling, etc…

This week, Ry and I went to Pier6 Boston -right in Charlestown

Here are the type of views of Boston you get by going there..


Basically, THE BEST VIEWS.

And TRUST ME, the picture does NOT do it justice

Aside from views though..

You must be wondering how good their food and drinks are..

So take a look at what we tried last night..


Ry had this DELICIOUS lobster roll with fries.


I enjoyed their linguine with clams and this REFRESHING beverage called “PAIN KILLER

I HIGHLY recommend ALL of you to get this drink


You NEED IT in your LIFE.

*add my dramatic tone of voice here*



Their menu had a lot of great options

Obviously, this is a seafood restaurant- so all you can imagine seafood related.


Yesterday, I wore this BEAUTIFUL shoulder floral maxi dress

CLICK HERE to be blown away by the price

I received this dress in about a week or so

And I was pleasantly surprise by the great quality, and just how nice the style really is!!

I honestly liked this dress better in person than the site..

Which says A LOT! 🙂


The back is so beautiful and flowy


I paired it with a pair of beige heels, and my brown Michael Kors bag.


Like I said before, EVERYONE needs this dress in their closet!

It is WAY too beautiful and fits everyone so nicely, giving you the best shape by the way it hugs your curves.

CLICK HERE to get this dress & see more details!

CLICK HERE to check out the website I got the dress from.

I hope you guys enjoyed this look & PIER6 Boston review.

If you live in Boston, definitely make it out there for date night, lunch or for any reason at all;)

And if you don’t live in Boston but are visiting soon,

add this restaurant to your list of places to go, so you can get that full Boston experience.


That’s all for now loves.

Have a great rest of your weekend!

And let me know what you think of this look and restaurant!

*Cheers* to experiencing new things & looking great without breaking the bank!



Look of the week: Slaying off the shoulder tops

You know you’re a basic bitch when you own a pair of “off the shoulder tops.”


But let’s face it, we’re not sorry. Because we’re slaying. And we’re making it our own.

I see a lot of the “off the shoulder tops” with the preppy look, but zero attitude. And fashion to me, has to

come with attitude. It has to be tailored to your persona. Which is why I added this sick hat to give my outfit

the character it needed. 😉 It gave it the edge I was looking for to feel bad ass.

Because some days, you just want to feel bad ass.


This off the shoulder top is particularly different with the strap support.

I find I need the support due to being busty. To me it looks ten times better.

But that’s just my own opinion based on my body type.


     Get a similar look here:


Lace-up Shoes

Slay Hat

Hope you guys enjoyed this week’s look!



Shorts, Heels & All The Feels

Is it just me or is everyone fed up with Boston’s weather lately?

I mean, for real.

Its been raining every weekend, and when the sun decides to come out, it’s during the week.

Super lame, Boston. Let’s get past this cloudy/wet phase.

I think we are all ready for the sun and the sand. Can I get an amen?


 (Punta Cana 2015-When I also had enough of our Spring)


Aside from the crappy weather though, this weekend was pretty awesome. 🙂

I started reading this book called, “The Elements of Style.” Ever heard? It’s an “oldie but goodie.”

It’s the basics of writing and common mistakes most people make with grammar, punctuation, and so on.

But don’t judge me yet. I’m still learning! LOL!

What I like about this book is it’s short and easy to understand.

Most of us like short and easy, right? At least when it comes to books 😉


This book is the original. Since this book was first written, there has been other editions.

Fun fact: This book was written by a college professor in 1919, for his students. Little did he know, huh?

That’s why I always say, go with your passion and the rest will come.


Someone else was dying to read my book.

His name is Max, he is Ryan’s moms kitty.

He’s the most curious cat, ever and super adorable.

He kept placing his head over the book to see what I was looking at. haha!



I wore this casual outfit on Saturday. It’s crazy how much an outfit can change by throwing in a pair of heels.

It’s night and day. Try it out 😉

P.S. Those heels are heavenly. Super comfortable, in style, and hot. What more could a girl want? 


Another fun fact: I hate feet- including and not limited to mine.

However, heels make it pretty. Which probably explains my addiction with them.

Or at least, that’s what I’ll keep telling myself 😉

Love it? Click here.


     The bag is Michael Kors.

The shirt, I found a similar look here.


I also discovered, thanks to a friend. This place in Worcester (where I spent the weekend), called “The Compass Tavern”, and it’s so kick as* for brunch.

Above is the walk-up bar for you to make your own bloody mary!! How cute and awesome is that?!

The food was also to die for. Definitely check it out if you’re ever in the area. =)

    Hope you enjoyed the look and this week’s recommendations!