Tips to control anxiety

Tips to control anxiety


It’s CLEARLY “that” time of the year again

The time we have a million gifts to buy and 100 parties to attend

Not to mention, our day-to-day activities (gym, work, school)

It’s no wonder my anxiety level went 0 to 100 real quick!

Balance is key for me, but extremely hard to find this time of the year

Can you relate?

So, with 2018 around the corner… (I can’t believe it either)

I decided to worry only about what I CAN control

With anxiety, I had to break it down by asking myself some hard questions:

“Why do I get stressed more so this time of the year than any other month?”

“What activities are causing me stress and why?”

“What can I do to change them? Is it something I can control?”

Reflecting and gathering information helped tremendously

Now I knew what my top 2 causes of stress were

Time management and holiday budget planning

Both my causes of stress were due to lack of planning

Which ultimately funneled down to lack of organization on my end

Planning can be controlled, so I checked these off as something I can work on

So what’s the solution?

2018 Planner from CVS Pharmacy

I actually found the same brand on Amazon for my prime lovers

CLICK HERE for the link

Simple, right?!

This planner has helped me stay in control and not let events control me

Some of you may be thinking, “why not google calendar?”

I’ve tried using phone apps, google calendar, ever note, outlook. You name it!

I found that I’m more engaged when I write things down on paper

I commit to it in writing and I deliver it

The first thing I do in the morning is check my planner

(P.S. Even though it’s “2018,” they have the last few months of the year 2017 included to get you started!)

I check to see how may day is going to go, what to expect, what I need, etc…

It’s just more “real” to me

Just like books, I need to hold a real book in my hand to read

I want to notice the smell of the pages & stack them up in a book shelf

I know not everyone is old-fashioned like me, but I love it!


In a world that is getting so advanced in technology, I need to feel more human

And less robotic

I feel it’s important to go back to the basics, sometimes

Like having a full on conversation at a dinner table without checking our phones

Or writing a letter to a friend, just because.

Whenever I look back to when I was younger, that’s what I miss

I don’t think I’ll ever look back and say I miss getting text messages

It’s so effortless, it doesn’t need much thought

I’m super old-school you guys! It’s insane.

But back to anxiety. I hope these tips will help you get control back

Sometimes we feel overwhelmed and think there’s no solution

We make the mistake to assume there is no solution to the problem

Next time your mind tries tricking you, just remember the above steps!


Happy Practical Happiness Advice Sunday!



How to let go of 2016 and start fresh-Beyonce Style

How do we LET GO of 2016 baggage and start fresh?!

Let’s start by saying…


(insert Beyonce’s “bye face” here)

I think so many of us feel the same way about this year

The Universe must have had a lot of negative energy all throughout to send us back all these challenges

But here we are- the good thing about a “bad year” or a “bad day” is our chances of making it are almost 100%

Unless, a bad day was you getting hit by a bus and dying

That would suck ROYALLY.

But hopefully, if you are reading this- you have made it through the hard times & you didn’t get hit by a bus?! (WINNING!)



Seriously though!

Congratulations for going through a bunch of shit and getting through it

It’s not easy and you are NOT alone.

Give yourself the credit you deserve!


Here are some things I do to stay positive during hard times:

Grateful list

Example of my current list:

This week I’m grateful for my health- it allows me to workout and do the things I love. After meeting with the salon lady that mentioned her struggles with breast cancer this year. I feel very fortunate to have my health.

True friends- I talked to my girlfriend for a whole hour on the phone the other night and I’m not even a phone person. I love that I have true friends that make the time to call me and check in with me. That’s old fashioned shit right there and I appreciate the effort and love.

Boyfriend- after a crazy year of many life changes (career change, body change, vehicle change(s), and unexpected changes & struggles) he stood by my side and supported me like the amazing, incredible person that he is. I couldn’t have asked for a better person to share another year with and I feel so blessed and grateful for his presence in my life. Gahh, I’m more in love with him than ever. And I can’t wait to spend another year by his side.


I’ll keep the above list at 3 but you get my point. You automatically feel better after writing down about your week and the things you are grateful for.


Motivational White Board

I have a white board in my room with self-love reminders to myself.

After reading over 10 books of living a positive/happy/fulfilled life- the self-love reminder stuck with me the most

I think we all need to remind ourselves of our awesomeness

 Example of my board:

Words to say everyday- I am…

(write 5 things you are OR need to believe you are on the board)

“Beautiful, caring, loving, hard-working, deserving of all good things the Universe has to offer”

Those things are important to remember!!

Send positive signs to the Universe and the Universe will return positive things back to you

You will start to believe that you are deserving! Because well, you are!

I found the white board VERY crucial for me this year

In the beginning, I remember reading it every morning and tears would run down my face because I didn’t believe it

I didn’t believe I was all those wonderful things, I didn’t believe I was deserving

And now I read it and I smile. 🙂



Ahh- sooooo damnn crucial this one.

I’m still working on it!

This is specially tough because maybe you have those people in your life already but maybe you don’t

What happens when you have negative, Debbie downers, complainers in your life?

They’ll bring you down with them. And THAT ISN’T GOOD!

Sounds harsh? Well, it is but it’s true!

And how do you go about finding people that think and see life the same way as you do?

Or better yet, someone that has already accomplished so much due to their approach on life (a mentor, possibly)

If you surround yourself with successful people, you are bound to be successful

Same goes for positive, motivating, funny, whatever qualities you are seeking or seeking more of.

So attend that networking event, approach someone at work you admire or message that long lost friend

This is YOUR life! You don’t get to do it twice!!

At least not that I know about




Giving back is not only for the wealthy.

There are many ways to give back without spending a dime.

You can volunteer somewhere you are passionate about

You can write a letter to someone in need of your support or spend a day with someone that needs your company

You can adopt an animal or care for one for the weekend

All these things and many more can help bring meaning to your life and help you find yourself.


It’s easy to think back to 2016 and say, “I DIDN’T DESERVE ALL THE CRAP THAT WENT ON!

It’s hard to look back and say, “Ok, xyz happened.. what did I learn from it? Or how could I have avoided that situation? What will I do going forward to make things better for myself? Do I blame the bird for the poop or is it myself I have to blame (for the poop?)” WORST ANALOGY, EVER! HAHAHAHAH

Those are hard things to evaluate. Because it will make you feel like shit, facing the honest truth sometimes is hard!

I’ll give you guys an example of one of my shitty situations in 2016:

I bought a car from a “so called friend” that would “never do me wrong.”

The car cost me over 5k to fix and still kept breaking on me.

It’s caused me headaches and sleepless nights- and to top it off, I found out it had a salvage tittle when trying to get rid of the piece of shit.

I went back and the same guy screwed me over again, and again, and again.

Three times to be exact!

Worst experience car shopping of my entire life- not to mention the amount of disappointment, stress and so on that came with it.

I can sit here and say, it’s HIS FAULT. He is a heartless/ lying son of a gun that only thinks about money, and saw an opportunity to take advantage of me because I don’t know much about cars.

OK- maybe I did think that at first and maybe it is true. But you know what else is true?

I should’ve done more research on the dealership, in the car, I should’ve asked more questions and not jumped into buying it so fast. I shouldn’t have trusted him solely because he said he wasn’t going to screw me over. That was terrible judgement from my part.

Although, now I know a lot- back then, I didn’t. And I placed my trust in the wrong person. It’s really my mistake.

Going forward, will I ever jump into buying a car again? FUCK NO.

Going forward will I trust someone just because I believe in the human race? Absolutely not.

Going forward will I buy from the piece of shit asshole again? Guy, please!

I’ve learned my lesson the hard way.


You want a better year 2017?

Start putting the above into practice.

Let go of all things after writing them down, letting them out by venting with a friend or a therapist.

OUT with the old, IN with the new.


Positive thoughts

And wiser approaches!


We are ready for you!