Positive Mind, Positive Life: Turn your week around

Positive mind, positive life!

How to turn your week around with one simple step:


This week, focus your energy on the daily positives

So many people choose to focus only on the daily negatives

They take ONE negative experience, and feed off of it for the day

Nothing” can make their day better now

Oh, and it’s Monday! “Of course it’s a bad day!”

Can you think of at least one person that plays that role in your life?

We all know at least one. And sometimes, we fall for their trap, too.

But how can we not let ourselves join in their misery?

How can we not let our minds be controlled by a negative day?

First and foremost, we must understand bad habits die hard

This won’t be an easy habit to trick our minds with

And just like everything else, practice makes perfect.

With that being said…

Here’s an easy practice for you to utilize when having a bad day/week/month:


  1.  Think of something negative that happened to you recently. Bad day at work, a nasty client, fight with a significant other, your favorite team lost..

Now think of a positive that came out of it. I’ll give you my positive of the day.

My negative: Bad day at work

My positive(s): I helped many customers today.

I have a job that I enjoy most days.

Opportunities: Not let it consume my energy next time.


This exercise will help you debrief your day, better your mental health, and deal with problems differently the next time around.

It’s simple and effective.

Life is short. Invest your energy on positive people and experiences

Learn from the negatives, and live your best life!

Positive mind, positive life.

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