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Less is more: Shop Smart

Raise your hand if you like to shop! *hands and feet in the air* Lately, however, I’ve been very cautious with my money I feel it’s 10x more important to have cash in the bank than to wear a brand name This weekend, I was talking to a girlfriend of mine about it We both […]

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How to Accept REAL happiness?

Let’s talk about what’s real at Fear Ordinary. Online, we see so much “real” happiness, “real” relationships, “real” moments. But how real are they really? A BIG part of the reason many people are depressed today is due to social media. Social media perceives this image of, what shall I call it? Perfection? Everyone’s lives […]

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Today’s “Normal” isn’t Normal: Find Your Happiness; Escape The Trap

Hey lovelies! V-day weekend is over. On my previous post, I was talking about being very much against it, for the reasons I had listed and still agree with. However, I will have to admit, it was quite nice to have a special day to celebrate “us.”  In a world full of distractions and selfishness, […]

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