Gift Ideas For Him: Who’s your type?

Although, I don’t like to think of myself as an expert in this category

After speaking to a few folks, I’ve realized I’m better than I thought at gift shopping

So I want to share some creative ideas with you ladies

Because guys are so damn hard to shop for


But before figuring out the gift, you gotta figure out the guy! 

What type of guy are you dating?

Is he the sentimental type? The materialistic type? The dgaf type? Laid back?

I’ll break it down by types for you, so don’t sweat it! I just need you to know which type we’re “dealing” with

Secondly, LISTEN to him

What is he complaining about lately? Or what’s something he’s been wanting to do or buy for a while?

If you think back to your conversations, I’m sure you will think of a thing or two he has mentioned in the past.

And FINALLY, don’t make this stressful on yourself.


Black Friday, Cyber Monday are great days to get some of that shopping out of the way without spending so much.

OK! So here we go!


Sensitive Type:

Think memories

Last year I gave my boyfriend a desktop calendar, customized with our pictures from throughout the year

I also added quotes or notes under each picture to make it extra thoughtful.

I might have enjoyed that calendar more than him, but it’s so nice to look back and think about the future together.

Right now, you can make your own for less than $10 @ VISTAPRINT

(They have up to 60% OFF everything)

And maybe you will find other cute ideas from their website, as well. 🙂


I also LOVE the idea of customized ORNAMENTS.

I got one last year and it was probably the sweetest, most thoughtful gift that I will cherish forever.

And isn’t that what Christmas is all about?!

And lastly, volunteering together.

Plan something you both can do to give back to the community you live in!

There’s no better gift than to give to those in need and experience that together.


Materialistic Type:

So you’re dating “Mr. Burberry Benz

“Brand guys” are the most difficult to shop for

These guys normally have everything already.

If they want that new Burberry trench coat, they buy it.

Oh, the new iphone 8 is coming out, they’ve already pre-ordered it.

You may think it’s all about showing off with them but they just want to know you get them

So get them something small like the new Burberry fragrance, “Mr. Burberry Eau de Toilette


And maybe a spa day in a resort to get his head out of work.

Because let’s face it, if he can afford what he wants- he’s working those long hours for it.

Show him you care about his well-being.

I live in New England, so a mountain view resort is probably the most relaxing winter destination I can think of.

Take a peek at this one > Mountain View Grand.

$179 a night for one of our top resort destinations.

He will thank you!


Laid Back/DGAF Type:

These guys are the best! They don’t care either way.

Which doesn’t mean don’t put any thought into their gifts. But no need to stress over it either.

These are the guys you buy shirts, and socks for.

Wait, was that too harsh? haha!

But in all seriousness, it’s fact.

I’m a sentimental girl, so I always incorporate something like a picture of both of us framed.

Or his favorite video game (sorry, no clue what’s out right now- my guy doesn’t play video games)

But you get my point.

H&M would be IDEAL for guys clothing- They are stylish and have all you need 😉

And by the way, today they have huge discounts on mens wear!



Whatever type your guy may be, I hope this was somewhat helpful or opened your mind up to something different.

And let’s not forget, Christmas is about giving back to those in need.

Incorporating a little something in between the festivities will make the World a better place.


Happy Shopping babes!