Is it possible to lose muscle after a week or two of not working out?

Today I had one of those days that I’m sure you’ve all been through

After working out consistently, and trying to eat healthy- my daily routine had to be on hold last week

I got two wisdom teeth removed and I was in pretty bad shape for a while

I still forced myself to go to the gym on “day 2” but it wasn’t as intense

Actually, as I type this, I still have a headache from a week ago when I had the oral surgery

And I’m still taking HEAVY meds to fall asleep without pain

(it’s been a super rough week trying to work and workout with the same energy as I normally have)

Anyway, I woke up super bummed that I’ve been “slacking” for a week

They say after 3 days of not working out you start losing muscles

(Click here for a study that shows you can lose up to 80% of muscle in as little as 2 weeks)

I’m not new to exercising but I am new to strength training, so a week definitely did it

I noticed a huge body change when looking in the mirror today =\

I honestly couldn’t have felt more discouraged if I tried

You put in so many hours and so much effort for a week to ruin it?

That’s just not fair. I didn’t choose to have oral surgery, I had to.


I wanted to share this with you guys because this is reality

Even the most driven/motivating fitness models get discouraged

Even them will from time to time look in the mirror and not be pleased with what they see

It’s called being human

Or it’s also called shit happens.

So if you feel that way

Let yourself feel

Maybe give yourself a day off

But then get back at it like a hungry lion/lioness !

Go so hard that you crush every record in your book

Every day you will look slightly different, it’s normal

But this fitness mission we are in is not impossible

A week off or not, the important winning factor is NOT TO GIVE UP

Don’t let your mind fool ya!

It wants you to think it’s not possible. You’re not capable

Fuck those thoughts! 

It is possible and you are capable. And you WILL prove it!

xx Talita