Bucket list of joy

Once upon a time…

The Holidays were the happiest time of the year for me

I think a lot of my readers can relate to a time they felt the same

Every year since I moved to the United States, all I’ve done is feel sorry for myself

Every end of November is a reminder of what I no longer have

A huge family to celebrate the holidays with like I used to growing up.

This year, you could say it’s a bit worse

My mom/best friend won’t be here this year either

She traveled to Brasil to be with her mom, brothers and sisters

But I want to change my mindset this year and challenge you to do the same

We can’t change what’s changed (pun-intended)

HOWEVER, we CAN start new traditions

Start new traditions to look forward to that fit your CURRENT life

Because everyone deserves to feel joy this time of the year!

So here are some new traditions I will start this year

Let’s call it my Holiday Bucket List of Joy:

  • Try a holiday baking recipe every year!
  • Go to at least ONE holiday party that a friend throws (no exceptions!)
  • Donate to a homeless shelter or volunteer
  • Invite TWO people in your life to see one Christmas movie at the theaters
  • Wear Christmas PJ’S on Christmas morning or Christmas Eve
  • Go to Mass and thank God for all your blessings (at least once)

YES! So the plan is to have this list on my fridge as a daily reminder

And also, so I can check it off as I complete my traditions.

Obviously, yours may be different than mine

Or you may like what I have.

Either way, I hope this year- you transform your thinking and find joy.

(above pictures from Legacy Place in Dedham)

Great shopping plaza 😉



National Friendship Day: Lularoe Style

It was National Friendship Day yesterday

So today, I would like to write a post about a friend I admire DEARLY!

This year is a big year for her

She’s always been the one to support and be there for all her friends

So I want to show my support back (my own way?)

She’s the sweetest/kindest person & quite frankly, she deserves the World.

She has shown me what true friendship is about by simply being herself 🙂


And today, I am happy to show her off to you guys!

This year, she started selling clothes from Lularoe.

If you never heard of Lularoe…

Lularoe is a company that empowers all women from all sizes to be anyone they want to be! 🙂

They also offer limited prints, so you are less likely to walk into a party wearing the same outfit as “that girl”

Check out this amazing, fitted dress from them that I’m wearing!

2016-08-05 23.22.56

If you believe in women empowerment and have a hard time finding the “right size” for you

Check her facebook page here!

She will love to hear from you and walk you through the process of choosing the right style for you 🙂

2016-08-05 23.50.27

This pencil skirt is also one of her outfits

Isn’t it so beautiful?!

I wish I had a white or red crop top for it because it would’ve looked even better!

2016-08-05 23.07.33

I’m also obsessed with their comfy shirts.. it’s long, so you can tie it up like I did (just not HOW I did it) haha

Or you can wear it as is!

For a girls night in (movie night) or just simply for a casual look- this shirt is all you need

You can also give it a statement look by throwing in a necklace (like the picture above).

2016-08-05 23.22.51

Hope you ladies enjoyed Lularoe’s looks

Don’t forget to follow my girl and check out other beautiful outfits HERE.

Have a great week babes!

And don’t forget to recognize a friend that’s always been there for you! 🙂