Read this if you are discouraged by your results in the gym

Hey babes

Turns out I won’t be able to write a blog post daily like I wanted to =\

I got promoted to this very self-driven, challenging, awesome job last year and it’s taking me a while to adjust

I really want to mostly focus my energy on learning everything I can in the next three months

And because it’s been so stressful, I figured why not add a picture of me in Venice, Italy from last year 🙂

It’s always great practice when you’re going through a stressful time, to look back at something you are grateful for

Specially, something you were able to do because of why you’re stressed

(ex. because of my job, I can afford a trip to Italy)


Today I wanted to drop a quick reminder that it’s YOUR journey!

I think we all need this reminder sometimes

I see and follow so many amazing fitness models or fitness bloggers

They look perfect, but we can’t forget we are looking at the “finished” project

We also can’t forget what they have sacrificed to get there…

Pizza nights, wine, ice cream, pasta and much more!

I’ll be the first to admit it, I’m the first to complain and wonder why I don’t look a certain way

I tell myself, “You workout so much! You should be there by now. This is pointless!”

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve said EXACTLY that

And then, I remind myself of the entire pizza I had to myself the week before

The “cheat day” not “cheat meal” I had ‘that other weekend’

I mean, how can I say I’m doing everything right?

I’m NOT fully invested if that’s what’s happening, and neither are you

It sucks to hear it but we need to hear the truth to start getting in the right track!

I’ve started eating 100% healthy, and hitting my macros not even a month ago

Before that, I was killing myself at the gym

But guess what?

I wasn’t getting the results I wanted

What you eat is 80% of your results

So FIRST, stop the pity party you are throwing yourself (have self compassion)

TWO, re-evaluate what you have eaten or start a food diary of what you eat everyday

THREE, start over again!

YES! Start over but this time, be wiser

We fall and we get back up again

We don’t give up on our dreams

We only live once and if we’re lucky, we live a full life

And guess what?

A big part of that is how we treat our bodies.


You got this! 😉

Please feel free to email me ( if you are not sure how to go about your diet

 Or text me if you know my number!

I’ll be happy to stir you in the right direction 

We’re in this together!

xx Talita