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Fall Look 2017: Raw

                      Hi there babes! Holy shit, it’s been a minute- I want to apologize for the inconsistency with the blog I took a good chunk of time off to figure out how I can be my true-raw-self and deliver only quality stuff So for the […]

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Black Friday: Top 3 Online Stores You Need To Check Out

Hi loves! It’s Black Friday and I still don’t understand why people shop at the mall and other stores when we can do it from home? I lay in bed and avoid the aggravation and stress of long lines and fights over a laptop, camera, shoes or whatever it may be. If you agree, let’s toast – […]

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Wedding Season

“I’m getting married!” If you are reading this and you are in your mid/late twenties – you definitely understand the struggle that comes when you hear those three magical words. I have gone to 5 weddings so far – 4 alone between the months of June and September. So the question is this: How do […]

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