Holiday Drinks & Desserts To Wow Your Guests

Hey loves! It’s that time of the year again- Ugly sweaters, lots of yummy holiday drinks and time with family and friends!

I don’t know about you but I love to throw a good Christmas party, everything from decorating, to cooking/baking, and planning is just so much fun! But can also be super overwhelming. Soooo, I wanted to make YOUR lives easier with some fun/yummy recipes that was a HIT at my party yesterday. Are you ready?!

We’ll start with an EASY recipe for this brazilian drink that everyone absolutely ADORED & commented on tasting NOTHING like it before. Note: You will like this drink if you like sweet drinks.

IMG_0138[1] (2)


A bottle of red wine (sweet or dry- your preference)

Half or a can of condensed milk

Strawberries (as many as you’d like)


Everything goes in the blender

Add some ice so it’s not too thick

And it’s ready to serve!  

IMG_0136[1] (2)

I’ll also leave you guys with this awesome orange cake with coconut cream. This cake is served cold and is sure to make your guests fall in love and ask for more!


To make the cake you will need:

3 eggs

3 tea cups of flour

2 glasses of orange juice (not the ones you buy at the supermarket, buy oranges, squeeze them in a cup and add water)

1 tablespoon of baking powder


Half a liter of milk

1 can of coconut milk

1 bag of shredded coconuts

1 can of condensed milk

How to prepare:

First, mix part 1 until it’s ready to go to the oven (225 degrees)

Then mix part two, wait until cake is ready, take cake out of the oven, make holes with a fork on entire cake and pour the cream all over the cake- make sure cake is not hot out of the oven before pouring the cream- give it a few minutes to cool down.

After pouring the cake with cream, cut the cake and individually place them in foils, fold them and put them in the fridge (suggested overnight).

Next day, your cake will be ready to serve and taste like heaven. =)

IMG_0139[1] (2)

I hope you ladies enjoyed my two favorite recipes from last night. Let me know how you make out! And enjoy this holiday season with your loved ones! I’ll be posting soon on Ugly sweater outfit ideas and more! Stay tuned;) xoxo – Tali