“What Doesn’t Kill You, Makes You Stronger”

Recently on my instagram page, I have been posting a lot of workout selfies and videos (sorry about the selfies haha! I deleted some to spare the aggravation- I hate when people post selfies all day like “calm down Queen B, you ain’t all that” haha). So I wanted to share a little bit about what I am doing since the gym has recently become my second home.

In January, after the holidays shenanigans, I was back at the gym hardcore- ready to be better than I was last year and hopefully start the journey to accomplishing my goals (will it happen this year? It damn better!). I knew, however, that one thing would get in the way, which was my surgery. My doctor had said I would be out for just one month. Well, one month turned into 3 months. I ended up having another unexpected surgery that really took a tow on me (as I’ve mentioned in my earlier posts).

Now, here I am ONCE AGAIN trying to get back into a gym routine that I love. This time, HOPEFULLY, no more surgeries that I don’t plan myself. And no,  I am not planning any ( in case you are wondering haha!).

My biggest goal right now is to tone and lose belly fat. And as we know, cardio is a pretty big factor on that (I know, the assh*le cardio is the key to our dream body, or part of our journey to get our dream body- as weights is the other half).

What I found has worked for me is taking classes. Classes are so fun, you are in a group setting, you get to meet people with the same passion/goals as you and time just flies.

Today I started taking “spin & strength” class again. I am going at 5:40 am, before work. And I will let you guys know how that goes. I really enjoyed being done with my workout, showered, have had breakfast and ready to go to work before 7am today. And then being able to go again after work because “Never skip leg day!” =) it felt GREAT! i swear I am not bullshitting here. LOL!

My goal is to go 3x a week, do cardio in the morning then workout at night. And the other 2x, keep going in the morning but for my regular workouts and take the night off to write on my blog, read or do something for myself.

I don’t really know why I never considered this before. Probably because I’m not a morning person but honestly, you are whoever you tell your mind to be. Tell yourself you will get up,  and you will get shit done. And trust me, you will do it and you will love it. Because you told yourself so.

I find it’s super important to have a plan. I highly suggest if you have a busy week like I do, to write down your workout plan for the week and the time you will be doing your workouts.

Summer is around the corner. But we got this ladies! 😉 Let’s get that body looking right, and most importantly, let’s feel great naked. Because that’s the goal =) Once you are completely satisfied, then you will love yourself in any outfit or bikini. And there’s really no better feeling. Find your motivation and let’s get it done!!

“What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.”


(Me last year at my first Spartan Race)



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