Sports Bras Post Breast Augmentation

Let’s talk sports bras! Not the ones you purchase to match your workout pants at the gym but the ones you want to feel comfortable in post breast augmentation. Shall we? 

I, myself, struggled greatly this past week to find a sports bra that provided me the support I needed and continue to need, as well as the comfort I need to move around and not feel like my boobs are getting squeezed like when you get a mammogram lol! Tad dramatic? Maybe. I haven’t gotten a mammogram done, but have only heard horror stories. If you have, feel free to leave a comment and let us know! haha

By the way, if you are worried about getting a mammogram done post breast augmentation, please don’t. It does not cause any complications. However, it is a bit harder to get the shots they need, so they may squeeze those babies slightly more than usual (this is why women should be super heroes. We carry a human being for 9 months inside our bodies, we go through our periords once a month aka a week of our usual crazy hormones x a trillion- making us feel all sorts of ways. We wax in areas men would never dare to or get laser removal done in areas men would never dare to. Plus, we get our boobs squeezed to death every now & then. What is up with all the pain & suffering that we do?). I hope you give yourself a pat in the back for being a superstar, it’s not easy being you. But back to sports bras..

There are two types of sports bras you can buy post breast augmentation, whichever you DO buy, make sure they are wire free, and non padded. Secondly, make sure they have enough support (if it feels like you’re not wearing anything, it’s probably not a good fit for you). Lastly, make sure it’s something you can easily put on!

Post breast augmentation, it will be very hard for you to raise your arms and change– so make your life easier and don’t make the same mistakes that I did. Also, keep in mind your size might change. You may fit into a large today and a medium tomorrow. So please don’t buy anything expensive, it’s not necessary & don’t forget you just dropped a good chunk of money for those babies.


Sports Bra # 1

Zipper front (easier to put on)

Non-padded (a must!)

Wire free (another must)

Observation: At first, I felt there was no support with this bra due to wearing a very different one prior that was squeezing my boobs too much. But once I took the sports bra off for a little and had zero support, I could tell a huge difference. This sports bra (in my opinion) is perfect post surgery. It feels so light and it’s so comfortable & easy to put on. I also compared this to the ones doctors normally give you and they are pretty much the same (only slightly better looking, less “grandma-ish” haha).

By the way, I am writing this post because my doctor never gave me a sports bra to take home. Yours may or may not.


Sports Bra # 2

Full support

No-Bounce (you may be thinking, “well- it’s hard as a rock right now anyway.” But any movement, it hurts a bit or a lot. This no-bounce will help tremendously)

Observation: It does not say whether it comes with padding or not, so my advice to you is if it does come with padding, just take it off. Keep in mind, you are not looking for cute bras, you are looking for a sports bra that will help make your recovery easier. The reason why I prefer Bra #1 is due to the zipper front. The bra #2, you can switch to later on when you are moving a little easier and can raise your arms without feeling pain. You don’t want to force any movements because it will only prolong your recovery time.


I also wanted to show you guys the difference in support between the zipper front (picture on the left) and the regular sports bra on the right. At first, I had no idea and started off with the one on the right. The one on the right has too much support, to the point to where your boobs almost have no room to “fall into place.” Please make sure when you purchase your sports bras you consult with the nurse that is helping you to see what the best fit may be for you, as your surgery may go differently and your size may also be different, not to mention the type of implants. Again, this post is based upon my personal experience and opinion. I hope this was helpful to you! Feel free to leave comments with any questions or advice. =)

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