Sleeping Positions after Breast Augmentation

(Picture is 8 months post surgery 08/16)


It will be 3 weeks this Wednesday after my breast augmentation surgery.

And since then, I have heard many different opinions on how one should sleep a few weeks post surgery.

It’s really aggravating that you can’t find the answer anywhere because of how much they vary!

So let me give you the advice I received directly from my surgeon, as well as some knowledge I’ve gained after doing some research.

Please keep in mind, I started researching different positions to sleep after 3 weeks of my surgery, as you are supposed to sleep upright post breast augmentation in the amount of time recommended by your doctor. And all the below information is research, plus my personal opinions. So please refer to a professional to make sure you do what is right for you.

Alright! Let’s get to it!

First, there seems to be a confusion as to why you should sleep upright post breast augmentation surgery.

Some say it’s because it will help the breasts drop

(sleeping upright will not help your breasts drop, time will and time varies anywhere from 3 weeks (where you begin to notice your breasts drop) to 6 months.

And for your breasts to look completely “natural,” we are looking anywhere from 6-12 months).

It’s not what I want to hear, it’s not what YOU want to hear. But I’m here to tell it how it is.

In addition, depending on your implants, some surgeons will advice you to massage your breasts to help them fall into place faster (please reach out to your doctor for professional advice and to find out if massaging your breasts will help you achieve faster results). Here’s a video if you are curious as how to massage your implants if directed by your surgeon:How to massage your implants.

On the same note, some think they have to sleep upright because if they sleep in any other position (on their tummy, sides) their breast implants will be prone to rupture.

Here is a fun fact I found atย Dallas Plastic Surgery Website:

“Although, occasionally, implants have been known to rupture after being subjected to excessive forces (i.e. seatbelt injury or mammograms), they are designed to withstand tremendous force. The amount of force required to induce breast implant failure has been demonstrated to be greater than one thousand pounds; as a point of reference, the average mammogram exerts approximately 32 pounds of force. When implants break after being subjected to force, the likelihood is that those implants were likely going to fail for other reasons. Given that, it is fair to say that sleeping on your stomach will not make you more likely to break your breast implants.”

I will have to say, after all this exhausting research on what’s right and what’s wrong.

And even with the above statement, I would still withhold from sleeping on my tummy for a while.

I’d rather be safe than sorry. And sleeping on your sides is a lot more recommended than sleeping on your tummy.

It’s also said that with breast implants, sleeping on your tummy is very uncomfortable.

An important part of recovery is getting a good night’s sleep. Because if you can’t sleep well throughout the night, it can prolong your recovery period.

If you are having a hard time sleeping upright on your first few weeks like I was, please reach out to your surgeon for alternatives.

Remember- every surgery is different, therefore, every implant type is instructed to be treated differently.

My surgeon may suggest different things for my recovery than yours may for you.

At 3 weeks, I feel great! Tonight will be the first night that I will be sleeping on my side and I can’t wait.

I did notice one side dropped faster than the other, making it seem like one boob look bigger than the other- which is scary.

However, this is also completely normal.

What I would observe carefully is if you feel your implants moving as they may need to get looked at for possible infection.

2016-02-07 01.48.15

Let me know if you have any additional questions or would like to share your journey to recovery!

xox- Until Next Time



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