Revolve: The Handbag Event

 If you love designer handbags and clothes like I do but refuse to spend thousands on them, this consignment boutique is right up your alley.

Revolve is a consignment boutique located  in 5 different cities, including their newest boutique site right on Newbury Street, Boston. The location couldn’t be more perfect, near all the hot spots for you to enjoy a nice evening with your girlfriends on a nice day/night out.

I was honored to attend their launch party and meet their wonderful/overwhelmingly friendly staff last week. Not to mention the owner, Lisa Castagno who is the sweetest, kindest person you will ever meet. 

Lisa Castagno shared with me her love for designer bags/clothes, and how she opened her first store five years ago. She added the importance of having a close relationship with her clients whom her store manager (Chelsea) will go above and beyond for to get their clients their dream designer shoes/bags/clothes for the best discount possible!!

Chelsea, her manager, said a lot of her clients request specific items to where she keeps an eye out for. And when the item arrives in the store, she takes a picture of it and sends it to the client. I thought that was such a sweet/caring touch that shows they truly care about their customers.



Their bags are from all top designers, including but not limited to: CHANEL, LV, GUCCI. My jaw literally dropped when I saw the prices (ask Nina from http://www.ninalnguyen,com) haha! She was my partner in crime that night.

I had such a great time exploring Revolve with her, and finding out what’s new for our Boston ladies;) We also got to meet another amazing blogger, her name is Aracy. And we’ll soon be going to a brunch event together and share some more exciting news with you.



Above is Lisa Castagno (the owner), and I also added the store event, as well as the cute bar sign with some HUGE discounts which was a sweet touch to the event (if I MUST say so myself) *wink wink*


If you follow me on insta, you have taken a quick peak of my look and outfit details. But if not, this is what I decided to where for the event.


The dress I bought in Italy, Rome. The jacket is from F21. And the shoes are from ClothesEnvy. Click on the links to get the same look;)




Sorry for the bad quality photo. I tried to zoom in for you guys to see more of the shoes details because I am obsessed with them & think everyone needs a pair. haha! 😉


Also, don’t forget to check out REVOLVE or follow them on IG: “RevolveBoutiques” to get some more pictures and ideas of what kind of goodies you can treat yourself with.



Hope you all had a great Memorial Day Weekend! Stay tuned for more posts and events! I’m also on snapchat now: Fear_ordinary. If you want to follow me live! =D










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