Relationships: How Choosing The Right Partner Is Crucial For Your Health…

Often times, when choosing a partner we tend to not care as much as we should about their eating tendencies, such as how often they workout, or if they care at all about their health. I understand that this may sound extreme to you. However, before choosing a partner, you want to make sure they will add value to your lifestyle if staying fit and healthy is important to you. Otherwise, that person will only make your life more difficult as you will start to pick up some of their bad habits and it will start to affect you negatively. Here are just some reasons why you need to choose wisely..



You want someone that is to your level. Motivated, driven, and has or wants to live a healthy lifestyle. If you are reading this you are probably wondering “who doesn’t want to live a healthy lifestyle?.” But how many people do you know that cares about what they eat on a consistent basis, goes to the gym religiously or at least 3x a week and takes their daily vitamins? …Not many huh? Specially, with obesity being at an all-time high in America..


If you end up living together with someone that doesn’t care about their health, you will not agree on meals, you will not understand why the other person is at the gym and not with you, watching “Dancing With The Stars.” And one person is going to start feeling pretty terrible about their image as their partner keeps looking better and better and they don’t. And with that comes many other issues, which takes me to reason #3.


Now, you start to look at your partner as not so attractive. Because what’s attractive about a person that doesn’t take care of themselves? And now you are thinking, can this person even take care of anyone else if they can’t even take care of themselves? I think not, it always starts with you. Your body is your temple.


This is thinking way down the road but if you are in a relationship, you most likely see yourself with that person long term and if you don’t, you need to re-think your relationship. But back to the subject, if you end up having kids with your partner, don’t you want this person to be active with them? Is your partner going to have enough energy to run around and play with them or will he/she be drinking beer in the backyard, sitting in a chair because he/she can’t run without running out of breath?


Sometimes we need to be selfish. There are tons of great people in the world but it doesn’t mean they are great for you. You only live once, be selective because it’s YOUR life, and you want to live a happy, and for the most part STRESS FREE life with someone you are most compatible with and share the same values and interests that are most important to you!


You will never find a perfect person, we all have that one thing that isn’t so great and that we could improve on but you don’t have to settle for someone you KNOW you won’t be happy with. You can find someone that fits the things you find most important to you and your life. And if it takes you a long time to find that person, that’s ok. Because you rather be alone and happy than with someone and completely miserable. Choose your partner wisely.


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