A happy life starts with a happy mind: My steps to living a happier life

A happy life starts with a happy mind

So here are some tips, as I share this look of the week on how I maintain a happy mind

Let me start by saying, I have challenges and struggles just like everybody else

Life throws so many lemons at you and sometimes you just don’t feel like making a freaking lemonade!

 But it’s important to keep in mind that no matter how we react to our challenges, it’s our ACTION that will give us the end result we so desire

Worrying, stressing, yelling, crying, or depressing over ANYTHING is really only going to make matters worse

So anytime I am stressing, I try to first vent it out with someone that genuinely cares about me

Vent it out, BE OPEN about your problems

Once we say things out loud and they are no longer just in our heads, the problem tends to seem smaller

Talk it out with a friend, family member or someone you trust

That’s what having a support system is for! And it’s crucial for sanity. TRUST ME.

Step number II: FIND YOUR ZEN

If you are overwhelmed or filled with anxiety. You need to find your zen!

For some, like myself, it’s the gym! I work out 10x harder when I’m stressed out

The gym becomes my temple. It’s a place I can leave all my anger inside and walk out feeling renewed

For others, it can be yoga, daily meditation, a walk in the park, reading a book…

What’s your zen?

Step III: Fuel your soul

This is an important one. Most people don’t stop to find their zen (step II).

Therefore, they are not in tune with their soul

When I say “soul,” I mean your inner-self.

We have all jobs. Some that we love, some that we don’t love.

And because of that, it’s important to find time during the week to dedicate to something that makes you soul smile

Mine is blogging, being one with nature. Giving back in some sort of way.

I notice anytime I’m outdoors near nature, I feel re-energized.

I get the same feeling when I give back or make a difference in someone’s life.

Find what fuels your soul.

And lastly, find something to be grateful for everyday.

We may think this is an easy one or we think about it at least once a day, therefore, we are grateful

I used to think the same way but it’s not the same

Dedicate time, whether in the morning before you have breakfast or at night before you sleep

And say your prayers or thank God (the Universe), whoever you believe, for the things you are grateful for

It’s life changing.

These are some of the steps I take to have a happy mind, so that I can therefore, live a happy life.

I hope you enjoyed it!


Oh, and if you liked this cute romper. Don’t worry! I didn’t forget to link it for you.

CLICK HERE to check it out 🙂





Look of the week: Denim everything, please!


After a long week of rain, all I’ve been thinking about is how we finally get beach weather this weekend


Yesterday, I was so inspired by how nice the weather was that I re-organized my entire closet with summer clothes

It took me over four hours, and 3 bags of clothes I never use. Which is now donated.

I feel like my room lost 100 pounds LOL!

I’m also moving in a few months, so I like to slowly get myself ready. You know, so I don’t drive myself insane.

BUT that’s a story for another day

As I was going through my summer clothes..I found this denim gem and needed to share!

Denim anything is worth sharing, specially when it comes with a choker and is perfect for a beach party 😉

This denim gem can be found HERE.

Of course, prior to these double d’s, they would’ve looked more “descent”

So pick your crop tops wisely or show off what you got.

Whatever makes you comfortable!

This is something I’d feel comfortable wearing to a pool or beach party at night

It definitely fits the role

You can also pair it with a white flowy skirt, too

IMMEDIATE HIT, no doubt.

Lately, I’ve been really adventurous with my style

I want to try different things and see what works and what doesn’t work for my new body

It can be a stressful process or a pleasing process

It’s all in how you look at it

I get girls everyday checking my posts from my surgery

So this one is for you, ladies!

Don’t be afraid to explore your new style.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s look!

Again, find this crop top HERE.

Also, check out this cute bodysuit HERE. Another major obsession of mine.

Have a great weekend babes!



Top shorts trending for 2017: Wishlist



Obviously, we are never getting summer weather in Boston until a month before summer is over

So really, what is the point? LOL!

Just kidding (kind of)

But shorts have become such a big fashion staple lately

And since I’m currently seeking out some new shorts for this year

I figured I’d share some of the top shorts trending for this summer! 🙂

Let’s start with PRINTS ON PRINTS ON PRINTS. And did I say, prints?

Oh, and pom pom everything this summer.

From colorful to all one color, you can’t go wrong.

Just perfect for summer!


Ripped frayed denim shorts


These are a must for everyone’s closet

You can pull this style off with anything and look hot AF


Lace ups are not just for shirts and shoes anymore

Lace up shorts are becoming the HOTTEST trend this summer

This site has many styles to choose from

But I love the details on this one.


Low rise distressed denim shorts

Could you die?

How do I not have this in my closet yet?

Need this in my life. And so do you.


Contrast fishnet shorts

You know you saw this coming!

Fishnets are finally in again

I tried bringing them back for so long

And they are finally back in style.

Another tip for fishnet usage: Wear them under your ripped jeans.


And last but NOT least, appliques are BAAAAAAACK

Remember when you were a kid and obsessed over them?

Or was it just me?


2017 brought it back

It’s hippie, it’s fun, we love it.



Which one is your favorite?!?




When someone tells me they still drive to the mall to shop…

Whyyy thoughhh?!

The older I get, the wiser I get with my time

Time cannot be bought, nor wasted

I get the same “high” shopping online, as I would going to the mall, minus the stress of waiting in lines

It’s a no-brainer, for me.

I believe the main reason a lot of people hesitate to shop online is the fit

And I agree. You have to pick your stores wisely.

This satin wrap dress was risky

I didn’t know if a medium size would fit or be slightly loose

But it fit like a glove

Wrap dresses are the new sexy trend, they just hug your body in all the right places

I paired mine with nude heels, beige bag and a turquoise necklace.

So freaking cute (I know I know. I’m bias)

Your next date or date night would probably DIE if you showed up in this dress

Let’s be honest

You’d be WINNING the moment you walk up to him.

Okay. You’re probably tired of hearing me talk about this sexy piece and want to check it out for yourself!

So CLICK HERE for the link, girl!


Happy Shopping!



Balance: Business & Pleasure

2017-05-16 00.18.57

Let’s talk life balance today. Because business and pleasure, please!


I’ve had a job since I was legally able to work in the U.S (age: 16 years old)

After graduating High School, I needed more than a PT job to pay the bills though

So “adulting” began in the summer of ’06

I found a full-time job and turned it into a career of now twelve years

And throughout those twelve years, I’ve learned a thing or two on work/life balance


Don’t let those twelve years fool you though!

Although, I’ve been managing the work/life balance since ’06. It wasn’t that long ago since I finally mastered it.

That’s right. It’s truly taking me quite a bit of time to figure the solution we all seek

So let me start you guys off by the root of the problem or at least the root of MY problems

And hopefully you can relate and start making some changes to improve your lifestyle


These were the things that kept me from achieving a work/life balance I so desired:


  1. I NEVER said “no.”

I’d come home from work, exhausted AF and I’d get a text from a friend asking to grab dinner/drinks that night and I’d say yes! I’d say yes without thinking twice about it.

If you want to have balance, you must learn when to say NO.

Learn HOW & WHEN to say no, so you can focus on you and other tasks that are important to you. Be selfish, sometimes. It is OK!!!

This was such a huge lifestyle change for me and made me feel so much lighter.

It truly gave me back time I never thought I had. And allowed me to focus more on my goals & what needed to get done.

2. Communicate!

Learn to speak up about your challenges with the people you care about.

My boyfriend and I understand our schedules and what’s important to us.

We both workout 4-5 times a week, we work 9-5 jobs.

Therefore, we mostly see each other on weekends. And maybe once a week.

We get it and we understand it.

Supporting each others’ hobbies is what has made our relationship strong.

Same goes with my friendships. We all have different schedules but we still maintain a tight friendship.

We don’t see each other every weekend but we are there for one another.

Communicate the “why” and those who matter, will understand.

But make it a point to see your friends, too.

My friends and I see each other at least once or twice a month. Don’t disappear.

Which brings me to my next point…

3. Plan your month out

Planning your month out will leave you with much less anxiety about not being there for your friends, family, boyfriend/girlfriend.

Let them know you need a month’s notice with your schedule to make sure you can be there for them.

This gives you time to plan around those events, and also give yourself some “me” time.

Not to mention, it takes away all that stress from “not knowing” and not planning.


And finally, don’t overwhelm yourself or be too hard on yourself because you are busy trying to build the life of your dreams!

There is nothing wrong with that!

Finding the right balance that fits YOUR life can take time.

But if you learn to say no, communicate and plan ahead. You will be just fine. 🙂


Hope these tips are helpful to your new lifestyle change!

Time is priceless, don’t abuse it and give it your utmost attention.



Floral Fever: Who’s got it?


I know I certainly do!

I love myself anything overly feminine LOL

So when I found this jumpsuit, I had to do what had to be done

Do you have your floral prints yet for this season?

If not, definitely check this look out


First of, the details in this jumpsuit are freaking amazing you guys

I literally CANNOT

You have the open back criss-cross going on

But then you also have the details in the front

It’s so sexy, yet not too aggressive. Which is what I strive for in fashion.

I want to look like I give a shit, but not too much that it’s taken over my life

Know what I mean? 😉

I’m also not gonna lie

I’m already picturing myself wearing this jumpsuit to my next girls brunch

This is such a Sunday outfit, don’t you think?

Like, who wants to think about what they are going to wear on a Sunday?!


Jumpsuits are so effortless!

If you don’t know what to wear. NO PROBLEM!

It’s one item you put on and out the door you go

The best part of it all, you look fabulous in seconds!

It’s LIFE.

Anyway, all this talk is making me want to plan a girls brunch now 😉

Hope you guys enjoyed this look!


Get a similar look HERE.


Catch you later!



Color me pretty: Pompom Trim Blouse

Color me pretty with this off the shoulder colored pompom trim blouse, PLEEEEEEASE!

I don’t know how your Spring is currently but Spring in Boston has been super questionable this year

One day you may be okay with wearing a crop top but another, you may need to cover up a bit more (a lot more)

Today was an actual super nice day but not that long ago, I still had my heat on (yes, the struggle is definitely real)

Which is why I always have some “safe” options in my closet 😉

I wouldn’t be able to pull off a cute outfit every time without my safe options, they are LIFE.

This is my first pompom blouse by the way and I am OBSESSED!

I didn’t know if I’d like it at first because it almost seemed to childish for me

But it actually isn’t at all. It’s just super feminine and cute

It’s so Spring. Not to mention, so in trend right now.

Pompoms were so HAPPENING last year. And believe me, pompoms and ruffles are still happening this year, as well

So go get yours ASAP!

I paired my trim blouse with a cute pair of patriotic shorts for Memorial Day weekend and lace up open toes

I’m not sure where the shorts are from, it was a gift from Ryan

But the shoes are from Charlotte Russe (a couple of years back)

And the bag is Michael Kors.

On a different note, my calves need some work haha!

(sorry, major distraction right now)

I seriously just don’t work them out, so I can’t complain

Anyway, hope you guys have some fun plans for Memorial Day Weekend!!

And that this look sparked some fun outfit ideas for your celebrations

I’ll hopefully be chilling by the beach somewhere, soaking up the sun after the barbecues.




Catch you guys later!



My guide to Chicago: The Do’s & Don’ts

Ok! I’m so excited to share our trip to CHICAGO with you all!

a.k.a CHI-TOWN! (Ryan is cooler than me, so he calls it “Chi-town”)

Let me start off by saying, I always thought I was more of a beach vaca type of gal

I love the beach, a nice tropical drink and doing absolutely nothing

Why? Because my job requires a lot out of me

So at least 1 week out of the year, I would like to not plan anything, not worry about anything and just relax

Ideally, by the beach, with a pina collada in hand, getting a nice tan, reading a great book.

So before Ryan, my vacations were Cancun, Vegas, Miami, Brasil

Technically, mostly places where I got to chill by the beach or pool all day

Here’s where life gets interesting

You end up meeting someone the complete opposite of you as far as planning goes

And you meet somewhere in the middle after some vaca struggles of learning each others ways.

Compromising is so key if you want to make a relationship work, as no two people are the same.

Ryan loves to plan out details

He will read books about the places we’re traveling to, map the places out, search the hot spots, you name it

It’s exhausting just thinking about all the hours he puts into planning everything. But he loves it!

It’s his thing. And I am totally okay with letting him have it!

So rewind to last year, he surprised me for my birthday with tickets to Chicago for this May

It was pretty damn awesome and I didn’t even know how to react. I thought it was a joke for like 5 minutes..

Probably the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for me (thank you again baby!)

Cheesy shit aside and getting to what you guys want to know…

Last Friday was the big weekend

We got there around 12:30-1ish?

The flight was only 2 hours long from Boston, which is unbeatable and not tiring (check check)

We had all day to explore, so we first explored “The Loop,” which is the area we stayed in

We ended up at a restaurant called, “The Gage

What can I say about my first eating experience in Chicago..

I was blown away.

If you are in Chicago, go to The Gage and order their poutine dish.


Their drinks were definitely descent and the service was incredible

We ordered pountine as an appetizer (although, it could’ve definitely been an entry, as you can see above)

And then I ordered tacos because cinco de mayo and Ryan ordered their burger.


Our next mind blowing experience was just sight-seeing downtown Chicago

I mean, it’s so damn gorgeous!

I was so blown-away by how much green you see everywhere compared to Boston

And Ryan was blown-away by how modern every building looked and how everything just went together like a puzzle

The water was a gorgeous green by the museums and The Navy Pier but I wouldn’t recommend going that way

We did because I was super curious to see why the hype was non-existing there LOL!

And basically, it’s because there’s not much there, aside from the ferries wheel and some okay restaurants


But let’s go back to some must-do’s

Chicago is known to have some of the best rooftop bars

LH Rooftop is definitely one of them

I highly recommend dressing up for this hot spot, if you’re going there at night

We went there during the day and as you can see below, some people definitely dressed casual

Here, you will mostly find old money or new money

Gucci/Versace boys and girls all day and night

The views are to die for and they also have an indoor bar that is super sick

Crowd is pretty good-looking, too.



Another hot spot with amazing views

RAISED saved our night with their heated lamps

Which keep in mind, Chicago was still pretty freezing cold in May

So I’d try going in the summer, if you don’t mind the crowds

The weekend we went was so cold and windy, every day

Thankfully, we were loving Chicago so much that we almost didn’t mind

But it’s obvious that the experience would’ve been enhanced if the weather was warmer

The good thing about it not being a busy tourist season, was we didn’t deal with the lines everywhere

We also lucked out with no rain 🙂

But back to Raised, winter or summer, they got you covered.

Great vibes, you don’t need to get too decked out there

Everyone is just chilling and enjoying the views


River Walk

Umm..I’d say we may or may not have done this river walk the right way

We walked it a bit. It wasn’t anything out of this world but then again, it was freezing

I think in the summer, it must definitely be popping

The restaurants around there are all amazing, too

I’m not completely turned off by it yet and would definitely give it another look.


Three Dashes and a Dot

I’ve never been to a place like it.

It’s a secret entrance to a basement that turns into a Hawaiian themed restaurant/bar

It’s so hard to even explain it but it’s a must if you’re in Chicago

We went there for the cool cocktails but the food looked very inviting, too.

I think the food is mostly Asian

As I’m typing this, I wish I could go back in time and order some food there


So yeah, definitely go to Three Dashes and a Dot. You will NOT regret it!

Make sure you reserve a table ahead of time to enjoy their dining experience, as well.



Holy deep dish pizza

I could have a slice or five right about now.

Their deep dish looks like a thick pie

It was by far, the best pizza I’ve ever had and I’ve been to Italy before.

Need more convincing?

Didn’t think so.


The Chicago Bean

I mean, I’m not going to lie. I don’t get what the hype is about

I guess it’s cool to look at for a minute and take a picture but that’s about it

I’d say go for a walk downtown and walk by it, so you don’t get “fomo” (fear of missing out)

Otherwise, you’re looking at it.

Truthfully, I was shocked by the amount of people just standing there looking at it

Maybe I just don’t have the same creative mind to appreciate it

I don’t know

Either way, not the greatest thing we saw in Chicago, in my opinion.


Willis Tower

You know, the place you go and take this infamous picture to show you are brave 😉

This was a place I really wanted to check out

I think what’s good to know ahead of time is that you will be in line for at least an hour

You will be in line to get inside to buy tickets and once you get inside there’s another line to get to the elevator

And once you get to the elevator, there is YET another line of people lining up to take pictures

SOOOOO, if you don’t have a lot of patience- skip this spot.

I don’t regret it but I wouldn’t go again

And Ryan was running on fumes because it was very frustrating to just stand there for a picture


The Field Museum

You can literally spend an entire day here and still not have seen everything.

From dinosaurs and mummies, you will really never run out of things to explore at this museum

Ryan and I spent a good amount of time there

I don’t even remember how long we stayed, I just remembered we both couldn’t feel our legs at some point

And that was our cue to leave.



Wrigley Field

The last thing we did in Chicago was go see a baseball game at “The home of the cubs”

This was my gift to Ryan

He loves baseball, so what’s cooler than actually watching a Cubs vs Yankees game in Chicago?

We loved Wrigley Field you guys!

It was so huge compared to Fenway Park and the fans were super awesome

Everything about it, aside from the freezing cold weather was perfect

I highly suggest planning vacations around some awesome event that will be happening that week

I think it’s definitely something we will do going forward.


Chicago is enormous

I can write about it for days.

But I hope this was helpful and gave you guys a little taste of what it would be like to travel there

And some ideas of places to check out and not to check out 😉

Thank you for stopping by!

Until next time


Jord Watch


Hand-crafted, wood timepieces.

Jord focuses on creating watches not only for people who have somewhere to be, they have somewhere to go.

They have a variety of brains (artists, designers, marketers) behind the scenes to design JUST the right timepiece

They focus on modern styles and value sustainability, efficiency and experiential living.

What I love about their watches?

You can’t find one like it by walking in to any local store.

They are truly unique, beautiful, wood-watches.

I love how stylish their designs are, too.

You can literally wear it out to a fancy dinner or to a casual get-together

I got Ryan the “Frankie series” called “Dark Sandalwood & Smoke”

It’s pretty sick but just one of their various designs

Check them out HERE, if you’re bored with the usual styles and looking for something that stands out.

Accessorize it any way you want!

I love the bracelets Ryan has here, it’s just the right finishing touch to make it look more modern!

But they are so cool looking, that you don’t need to accessorize at all and it will still be eye-catching.

I’ve always been a watch lover.

And a HUGE believer that every men’s BEST accessory is a good watch

It says so much about what you like and who you are

I always looked for the watch when I was dating


If you’re a guy reading this, and you don’t have a nice watch…

GET ON IT and thank me later!

If you’re a girl reading this and looking for gift ideas for the man of your life…

GET ON IT and thank me later!

Direct link is HERE.



Transparency: Discover your RAW self again!

Look at me smiling from the inside out in the picture above

And ask yourself, “When was the last time I truly felt deep/meaningful happiness?”

Like the type that you almost feel like you want to cry from finally arriving to that state of mind


Today, I want to share a little more about me with you

And I want to thank Ellie Active Wear for actually giving me the inspiration to do so.

A few days ago, I was going back and forth with the representative of Ellie

You know, we were talking details, such as when my box will arrive and what to expect (stay tuned for more deetz)

And the representative was telling me every detail because they pride on TRANSPARENCY

They want their clients to KNOW what they are getting

And not hide any changes or details that might surprise them

I thought that was very cool and this week, it just so happens “transparency” came up a lot

I don’t know if it was just because that word was already on my mind about Ellie Active Wear

Or if it was pure coincidence!

But I had back to back meetings this week

On Monday, I met my new boss and he used that word pretty often when describing his way of managing

On Tuesday (yesterday), I had an all day meeting in Boston with the top leadership team

And again, that word came up a lot

And it got me to thinking, “How TRUE to myself am I everyday?

How authentic am I being around my colleagues, friends, family, clients?

And, “Is that adding or removing stress from my day-to-day life?”

When you’re not being your authentic self, you are not fooling anyone but yourself

The joke is really on you

Why? Because you’re the one suffering. You’re the one stressing and you don’t even realize why

You don’t recognize the cause because you’ve been acting for so long!

We were brought up to believe we have to act a certain way to please people around us

We have to say, look, and act a certain way to be loved, to FEEL loved

We get caught up in what Miguel Ruiz from “The Four Agreements” would say, in our own “hell”

Yes, those are harsh words to describe where MOST of us are living today

(I don’t care how much money you have, how successful you are. Your mansion isn’t bringing you true happiness)

Think about the last time you didn’t care ONCE in an entire day of what someone thought of you?

Man, I don’t even think I can say I lived a day without worrying about it at least once

And that’s after being AWARE of my own “HELL”

You LIVE to please others and forget to please yourself.

And the sickening part is we think that’s normal!


After reading “The Four Agreements”, it brought a lot of things to light for me

Its made me more aware of my day-to-day actions that led to unhappiness

And it is molding me back to my five-year old self

Remember when you were five?

Did you care what anyone thought?

You were FREE, genuinely happy, didn’t listen to other’s opinions of you because you believed in your own

You were your true AUTHENTIC self

I know what you are thinking

“Talita, I was five. I didn’t have a job or a single worry in the World. How can I come to that same happiness now?”

WELL, Mr. or Ms. reader, you are absolutely right!

Life today versus life when you and I were 5 has DRASTICALLY changed

However, that happiness and being authentic to self is still very much attainable!

I am living proof that my happiness rate has RAISED to a different level after I understood “The Four Agreements

Don’t believe me?

Please pick up the book and read it

Find out more about this small tease I just wrote

I want you to understand why life is so difficult for you today

And how you CAN turn it around by simply changing FOUR things.


Thank you Ellie Active Wear for this inspiration through our brief email exchange

And guys, please check out Ellie Active Wear for your monthly box of gym-wear goodies!

Above is an example of May’s Box which were alternate items to promote everyone’s uniqueness

It comes with 5 workout items every month

This month, I got an arm phone holder, stress balls, those ridiculously amazing leggings, sports bra & shirt

Guess for how much?!

ONLY $49.95 a month

And you can cancel or skip any month!

As you all know, fitness is a huge passion of mine. But staying motivated is hard, even for me!

A cute box full of amazing gym goodies will get any girl excited to show their new gym-wear off 😉


Find them on Instagram: @EllieActiveWear

Or check out their site HERE.

Til next time my loves!