Ombre Hair: Black To Ombre

How hard is it to find a hairdresser that just GETS YOU? Like REALLLY really gets you!?

     I’ve had the same hairdresser for a long time and she rocks at dyeing hair and blow drying (brazilian style- it’s hard to explain but brazilian hair is only blow dried right by a brazilian hairdresser, there’s a specific way to do it. If you’re brazilian, you know what I mean.. haha).

Anyway, in the past year I went from brown to completely blonde to black. And now to ombre (Ombre is so trendy and looks so stylish, Sombre and Balayage are also trending & give you a great edgy look). You are probably having a hard time knowing the difference between them, I know I had no idea what the differences were for a while- Here’s a link to tell you the exact difference between them.

And some hollywood stars rocking these looks to the core, because why not?


They all look great, right?! The problem with Ombre/Sombre/Balayage, however, is they are not every hairdresser’s forte (to say the least), so it’s CRUCIAL that you do your research.

Take my hairdresser for an example that just didn’t get it. I also tried a completely new hairdresser based on a referral, and guess what happened? -She fried my hair in 15 minutes. It was bad, and needless to say- I was traumatized.


Three years later, I took a leap of faith on this random hairdresser, in a somewhat sketchy location. And he nailed it! So if you’re ever in Boston & you had the same experience as I did with ombre. Go see Carlos at Carlos Hair Designs in Somerville, MA. He’s the salon owner, he has great hair, a great sense of humor, he will freak you out with the way he does hair but it will turn out amazing. Very talented guy. =)




Anyone of you dolls have had a good experience in the Boston area with Ombre and would like to share? Please comment below! 😉

xox-Until Next Time 



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