My New Year’s Resolution & Why You Should Make One Too

Hey loves! I hope everyone had an amazing start to the year. I couldn’t have asked for a better one =)

A lot of us see a New Year as a great way to start over and set new goals. But remember, every day of the year you can do that. Don’t let the “title” of a new year fool you or stress you. Nevertheless, why not start from day one.

So you’ve been thinking about starting a New Years Resolution List but don’t know quite how to get started. Let me first say, congratulations! Not a lot of people take the time to write their goals down on paper or even think about what their goals are. If you want to have a successful year, you will have to brainstorm a little.

I think it’s extremely important for us to stay grounded and not stress ourselves out with too many goals and expectations (it’s so easy to do so once you start writing). Think back to last year, did you have a list of goals you wanted to accomplish? How many did you accomplish? And how many didn’t you? Did you write those goals down?

Writing your goals down is crucial to helping you achieve them. Tip: Make sure you have your list up somewhere that you can see everyday (I have mine on the fridge door). The reason why I asked all the questions above is to hopefully help you figure out what did and didn’t go well for you last year.

Here’s my list from 2015 as an example:

  • Take my branch to the #1 spot of the District (we came second 2/4 quarters)
  • Get promoted by Sept (didn’t happen)
  • Live in the present (It was hard and I caught myself living in the past a few times but I think I did a good job here)
  • Finish classes by end of summer (didn’t happen)
  • Buy my own place by end of year (I’m not sure that is the route I want to take anymore)
  • Try a new sport (I ran the Spartan Race TWICE)
  • Give more (could have done more)
  • Reach my fitness goal (I didn’t but it was a focus for me all year- so I will say this did its job)
  • Eat clean, less crap (although I still had my cheat days, I did better than most years)
  • Go to church frequently (worst year at attending mass)
  • Read more books (I read more books than the year before but not nearly enough)
  • Save more (eh)
  • Enjoy every moment as if it was your last (I try everyday)

So, as you can see- my list is way too long. I would say 4/13 things were accomplished and now I feel shitty about it. Therefore, this year I narrowed it down to a less stressful, more doable and to the point list of 5 main things I want to work or focus on, this time with much more detail. Here it is:

  • Go to the gym 3+ x a week while eating clean (good diet)
  • Before finishing classes-figure out where you really see yourself so you don’t waste money
  • Read 2 books a month (I know, my life is hectic though- 2 books will be a challenge)
  • Save (“x” amount) out of my paycheck every paycheck
  • Do not give a fck. Giving a fck causes stress, my goal is to have the least amount of stress possible

Although, my list of 2015 was not detailed enough and too long- I can’t stress enough of how important it is to have one. It keeps you focused and motivated to work towards your goals. And with our hectic lives, it’s always nice to have a reminder here and there.


I hope this was helpful to you all!

I wish you a successful year and hope you reach all your goals this year!

See you next time! ๐Ÿ˜‰ xox- T


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