Look of the week: Slaying off the shoulder tops

You know you’re a basic bitch when you own a pair of “off the shoulder tops.”


But let’s face it, we’re not sorry. Because we’re slaying. And we’re making it our own.

I see a lot of the “off the shoulder tops” with the preppy look, but zero attitude. And fashion to me, has to

come with attitude. It has to be tailored to your persona. Which is why I added this sick hat to give my outfit

the character it needed. 😉 It gave it the edge I was looking for to feel bad ass.

Because some days, you just want to feel bad ass.


This off the shoulder top is particularly different with the strap support.

I find I need the support due to being busty. To me it looks ten times better.

But that’s just my own opinion based on my body type.


     Get a similar look here:


Lace-up Shoes

Slay Hat

Hope you guys enjoyed this week’s look!




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