Look of the week: Older, yes. Desperate, never.

So the other day I woke up and realized, “holy mac & cheese, I’m 29 years old

Almost two months later, it finally sunk in

Twenty-nine is my last year in my twenties!

Looking back in my teens, I had envisioned my late twenties so differently

Anyone else ever feel this way?

99% of my friends are where I always thought I needed to be at my age

I think a lot of women feel the same way as I do, which is why I’m writing about it

It’s scary not knowing the future or living a very different life than everybody else

But it doesn’t mean it’s wrong or that you are in the wrong path

Once I stopped to think of where I am in my life right now

I realized it’s exactly where I need to be

We are programmed to follow what society wants us to do

And we are taught from a young age that it’s what’s expected of us

Here’s why I think freaking out about age is only going to lead you to the wrong path:

You will get desperate

Desperate women fall for anything & everything

Therefore, settling for the next worst thing

And then having to live with the consequences

I don’t know about you but I rather wait and be with someone who truly makes me happy.

Worrying in general sucks. I hate worrying, and trust me, I worry about enough things that I shouldn’t.

This isn’t one of them (surprisingly enough)

I’ll give you one good reason why I don’t:

I decided to put my happiness first

I am where I am because it’s a choice I made

I chose to wait until I was ready. I chose to find my own happiness first. I chose to lead, not follow.

And it’s liberating!

You can choose those same things if that’s what your heart desires

There is nothing worse than “doing it” just to do it (insert ANY example here)

It never ends well.

In 2017,

I choose to worry less in general.

My biggest resolution for 2016 was to live in the moment and I think I could’ve done a better job at it

My past still very much haunts me. I choose to let it go, all the horrible things, I choose to let them go.

I also need to be less harsh on myself

Life is too short to beat yourself up for everything. I choose to be kind to myself.

I also choose to wear more leather! 😉

See how I worded my list this year?

Saying you choose to do something is a lot more powerful than saying you will try to..

Your brain captures everything you say, so be very careful on how you word things, even thoughts.

I have tested myself all last week on how positive/negative my thoughts are

And when they went to negative, I fought with my mind until it was all positive

It takes work, you win some battles and you lose some.

I’ve lost some this weekend but I also won many last week.

Stay persistent

You don’t get a do-over in life

Work on being as happy as you can be.







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