Look Of The Week: ‘Dress’ To Impress!

Us women, want to be stylish and beautiful everyday.

It’s almost powerful to know you look great.

It brings you a sense of control.

A sense of power.

Like, you can conquer the World in those heels? LOL!

It sounds silly, but you know it’s true..

That’s just how we feel

And there ain’t no shame in that 😉

Making a statement at work, everyday, can be hard.

I always find that using bright/fun colors make any outfit go from BORING to STYLISH.


Above is my favorite outfit worn last week.

Dress (different options, as my dress is n/a)



Shoes (also n/a, but other options)


I hope you ladies feel beautiful everyday

Because you are.

With or without the clothes you wear.

But if it makes you feel better like it makes me..

Then, there’s no harm in looking fashionable everyday!


P.S. Watching Game of Thrones right now! =O)

I won’t say anything in case you haven’t watched. But holy sht!!

Have a wonderful week loves!



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