Look of the week: Are you a choker girl?

Haha! I couldn’t help myself with that title 😉

But by now, you know I’m full of wise comments!!

For real though..

I’m a choker girl

And this choker I got at AMAZON got me like..

“Where we going tonight?!! Cause I have a choker to wear”



CLICK HERE to get the same choker.


CLICK HERE for a similar crop top look.


BTW- How COOL is this museum?! Cool & scary, actually. haha! I was afraid to walk in.


I did touch the door knob though, so that kind of counts, right? LOL!!!


I also discovered these cool stairs! =O)

It really made me think of how much SOO MANY people have suffered due to being “different.”

LOVE IS LOVE, damn it!

I hope one day we can all see each other as brothers and sisters, no matter our color, religion

or beliefs.

I’ve gone through a lot due to being “different.”

I was bullied in school and talked down on because I looked different or maybe had an accent

It took me many years to feel confident again due to the comments of others..

When are people going to stop being so cruel?

This world is getting scarier and scarier- everyday.

My situation is nothing compared to what is going on today.

But it does make me sad to think of so many people continuing to suffer everyday,

and go through similar things I’ve gone through or worse.

The thought of people committing suicide due to others comments make me sick to my stomach.

I hope one day all this hatred ends & only love remains.


But if you’re reading this & you are going through a lot..

Remember, you are not alone.

And those that hurt others, only do it because they are broken

Ignore their comments, or go talk to someone that can help.

It’s ok to ask for help

We can’t do it all alone

And it’s only by speaking up that we can make a difference.




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