Life Without Social Media For A Month

Last November, I deactivated my Facebook. I thought I was temporarily plugging off like I do every year around the holidays. But I was in for quite the realization.

At first, it’s always tough not being able to log in. I’d forget I deactivated my page and would click on my FB phone app to try and log in at least 3x a day (3x a day!!!). Your mind gets used to that useless information and constant nonsense feeding your brain on a daily. So I decided to delete the app (step 1).

A week passed by, and I started forgetting about it. I started slowly but surely focusing on the things I wanted to feed my brain with more & the things I wanted to work on a bit more (step 2). But my time was still dedicated to social media. I still had Instagram. 

Instagram kept me VERY busy. I love pictures, so I would post from 1-3 pictures a day. And of course, it doesn’t stop there. You go back and check your comments, likes, and so on. I was back to zero again. I spent hours wasting time on Instagram. I would wake up and check Instagram first thing. It was sickening and time-wasting. I needed to cut IG out and fully focus my energy on a better lifestyle. It was time.

I had 14k followers, and my followers from IG were my primary source to my blog. It wasn’t an easy decision to make but I wasn’t happy being unproductive. I also found myself comparing my lifestyle to others and it didn’t feel great. Now I knew what I had to do! If I wanted that lifestyle, if I wanted a life change, I needed to get my butt out there and work for it. Not sit on my phone feeling sorry for myself.

A month ago, I deactivated IG. And boy was it hard! The withdrawals were bad and I almost activated it back a few times. But I am glad I didn’t.

Since last month, I can’t stress enough how my life has changed for the better. I am happier, a lot more focused. I work out almost daily now, I read everyday, I finally signed up to volunteer for the next 6 months, I updated my résumé. I am a better Manager/Leader/Coach/friend.

 Not being on social media has given me back TIME, and time is PRICELESS. 

Will I be back to IG or FB one day? Possibly! But I am committed to making this year the best year yet. I am committed to continue improving my lifestyle. And inspire others to do the same! When and IF I do go back, I want to go back to show others how my life has changed and how theirs can, too.  Wish me luck! Until then, some snaps and blog posts will do =)


xox- Until Next Time



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