Liebster Award: Discover New Blogs!

Today, I am super flattered and beyond honored to announce my blog won the Liebster Award!


Thank you so much, Nina for nominating my blog for this wonderful award. Nina is an incredible

person, with the sweetest personality. Her style is truly girly and unique. Check out her blog! 🙂

My blog is a place where I write all my thoughts and passions, and post all sorts of events. And

I am so touched to know others enjoy it, too. 🙂


Liebster Award is an award given to all new up-and-coming bloggers,

whose page is admired and valued

by other bloggers within their community.

If given the award, you must:

  • state 11 random facts about yourself
  • answer 11 questions the blogger who nominated you has selected for you
  • pass on the award on to other bloggers you admire
  • ask the bloggers 11 random questions
  • thank and give recognition to the blog that nominated you, as well as link back to them.


Here goes nothing!

11 Random Facts About me:

  1.      I eat eggs everyday (it’s one of those things I could never get sick of eating)
  2.      I sing in my car, everyday. Music is life!
  3.      I meal prep every Sunday for the week
  4.      I hate cardio, with a passion but I still do it
  5.      I only turn on the tv for two shows (The Bachelor on Mondays, and Game of Thrones on Sundays)
  6.      UFC girl right here (love it!)
  7.      I kick ass in soccer! I’m a great goalie! Challenge me;)
  8.      I started wearing heels when I was 5 years old
  9.      Spiders, no matter how small, will make me scream and run for my life
  10.      Amazon is my weakness
  11.      I am super sensitive. I get all teary eyed when I see a cute movie/commercial. I just love happiness.


Questions, Ms. Nina asked me:

What inspired you to start blogging?

A: Honestly, I’ve always talked about it with my friends and family for years but never did anything about it.

Until, last year, I mentioned it to my boyfriend and as a gift for my birthday- he created this blog for me.

It took him hours & hours of his time to make it look the way it is, to my liking. And it was truly the

best/most thoughtful gift anyone has ever given me. To this day, he still helps me with it. He’s amazing.

One place you would like to travel to?

A: I LOOOVE to travel, I want to travel the World. There are just too many beautiful places out there.

I guess my next destination would have to be either Dubai or Greece. I can’t decide between the two.

What’s your favorite make-up brand- high end and drugstore?

A: Anastasia Beverly Hills all day. I love their eyebrow pencil- it’s perfection,

and MAC for eye-shadows, and lipsticks.

As for drugstores, L’oreal. My favorite mascara is from L’oreal, it’s called Telescope, definitely check it out.

I get asked if my eyelashes are fake all the time, thanks to Telescope. 🙂

What advice would you give someone new to blogging?

A: I consider myself pretty new. But, I would say stay true to who you are-above all things. And network!

What’s your favorite perfume and why?

A: Blue by Dolce & Gabbana. It’s heavenly. But I am currently looking for a new perfume to win my heart.

I hear Chance by Channel is incredible. It might be my summer scent. 🙂

Heels or Flats?

A: Heels all day. Flats are great but I’m a heels girl. It goes with my style a lot more.

Are you a morning person?

A: Helll noo, sister! But I still manage to wake up at 5 am a few times a week to workout.

Iphone or Android?

A: Iphone, but I never had an Android to compare.

What is one goal you are trying to achieve this year?

A: I am trying to save as much as possible, that’s my personal goal.

Lisptick or lipgloss?

A: Lipstick. You can’t kiss with lipgloss on, guys hate that. haha!

But even for girls night, I always go for lisptick.

What is your most recent fashion purchase?

A: Lace-up summer shoes from clothesenvy. My all-time favorite store, featured in

one of my latest ig posts.

I nominate the Liebster Award to:

Crista from

Libby from Life with Libby

Christina from Christinabeex3



11 Random Questions for you beauties:

  1. What gets you inspired to start writing? Do you have a schedule in place?
  2. What message are you trying to send to your readers?
  3. What are you most passionate about and why?
  4. How do you engage with your followers?
  5. Do you collaborate with companies? If so, do you reach out to them or do they reach out to you?
  6. What is your goal with your blog?
  7. What’s your go-to outfit when you don’t know what to wear?
  8. What inspired you to start blogging?
  9.  What’s one tip you can give bloggers starting out right now?
  10. Do you love your job? If not, what’s your dream job?
  11. Tell me about the most life changing experience you’ve ever had..








Welcome to Fear Ordinary! I hope you enjoy my world of positive messages, fashion and realness. I love to share my life experiences and challenges. And hope that by sharing them, you will find you are not alone. Thanks for stopping by! xx Talita

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Welcome to Fear Ordinary! I hope you enjoy my world of positive messages, fashion and realness. I love to share my life experiences and challenges. And hope that by sharing them, you will find you are not alone. Thanks for stopping by! xx Talita