Let’s get risky!

Have you ever just felt like being a bad ass biotch?

Someone that gave zero f’s?

Clearly, I am not that person because I can’t write a swear word without feeling weird about it


However, getting risky sometimes is SO GOOD FOR YOUR SOUL!

It EXCITES you and almost gives you this new edge you’ve been craving


Alright, so now promise not to judge

Because RISKS are called risks for a reason

SPECIALLY, when it comes to fashion 😉

So, I’ve been kind of dying to try the “high slit” dress that every Hollywood star has successfully pulled off

Key word: successfully

And so I went ahead and gave the high slit a shot

I mean, what’s the harm if it’s THIS PRICE?

The worst that could happen is I don’t look like Angelina Jolie with it on, right?


And this is what happened…


My face seriously can’t hide anything, EVER!

I don’t want to “trash” on this style because I still love it on others

It MAY just be THIS specific dress, and THIS specific size that didn’t go well with my measurements, my size, my style.

You just never know, sometimes!

Women tend to be so hard on themselves when something that’s “supposed” to look good, doesn’t.

I am so guilty of that, just ask my friends!

But we need to remind ourselves that not everything will look the way it does on the cover of a magazine

We are not photo-shopped, we are REAL. And we should be PROUD of that!



I just felt like I couldn’t walk without showing off WAY TOO MUCH of EVERYTHANG with this on x)

So I was a bit disappointed

SammyDress is however, one of my favorite online stores for dresses, coats, shirts, etc…

So I was really hoping to wear this on my birthday

But that won’t be happening anymore, which is ok!

This is my first not-so-great experience with them.

Plus, the shipping was 3 days or less which is also fantastic!

And again, for THAT price- you can never be that disappointment.


This is supposed to be a club dress

Which my club days are officially over outside of maybe 5 days out of the year

I will say though- If you wear this to the beach over a bathing suit- you can ROCK it

What happens in Vegas or Miami is a lot of times more acceptable than what happens in Boston


So there you have it!

CLICK HERE to check this baby out and find similar/BETTER styles

Or get this baby to sex it up at the beach on your next “bae-cation”

Style is what you make of it.





Welcome to Fear Ordinary! I hope you enjoy my world of positive messages, fashion and realness. I love to share my life experiences and challenges. And hope that by sharing them, you will find you are not alone. Thanks for stopping by! xx Talita

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