Latino Family Festival 2016

Every year, at Fenway Park, Boston- the Latino culture is celebrated by thousands and thousands of people.

I don’t think I can emphasize THOUSANDS enough.

The one-day features big name Hispanic recording artists (This year, Jerry Rivera was everyone’s favorite).

They also have many exhibitors, and lots of fun games for the families to enjoy with their kids.

Below is myself, totally amused by these two.

I’m a BIIIIG X-MEN fan.

I was basically in heaven. But how cool are their costume?!!! =O)

Ahhh! (great idea for a Halloween costume, too)


I was so honored to take over El Mundo Boston social media for the day!

Yesterday, I got to interview so many incredible people and fans.

Take some awesome pictures to share with you guys!

And most importantly, support the Latin community of Boston.

Below is the El Mundo Boston Crew that I got to work with all day =)

Left to right: Lady (from adventurself), Ana (from Anagoesfit), Elvis (from El Mundo Boston), MEE, Maritza (El Mundo Boston).

They are all amazing people who I loved meeting & working with.

And hope to collab with again in the near future.

Check them out!!


My favorite part about the event was the concert when Jerry Rivera & Jonathan sang together.

*inset heart eyes here*

GUYSS.. it was magical.


Jonathan & Jerry Rivera yesterday- killing it on stage.


The crowd was going LOCOOO!!!

Everyone was having a BLAST.

The picture below was taken towards the end of the event. =(

Ana and I were sad it was over but had such an amazing time.


Like, no joke.


(Ana (left), Wonder Woman, Batman, and I)


‘Til next time, Jerry and Latino Family Festival.


Thanks again for having me. =)

Lesson learned this week:

You will NEVER learn what you are CAPABLE of doing, until you go out there and DO IT.

Get out of your comfort zone and go after your dreams.

Time isn’t kind. Time does not wait until you’re ready.

This year I have done and accomplished things I never thought possible.

I have taken chances, and failed.

I have taken chances, and succeeded.

What have you done this year that was out of your comfort zone?

What steps have you taken to accomplish your goals/dreams?

It’s never too late to start.




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