Honey Girl Organics

July 19, 2016

Hayy there, green beauties!!

If you follow my IG

You know my love is real for Honey Girl Organics

I tell all my friends about them!

So I am SO excited to share my experience with you all, as well!

It’s EASILY- my top organic choice *hands down*

Their products are handcrafted in Hawaii

The ladies involved are just fabulous, and so hardworking!

Not to mention, they truly love what they do and it shows!

^ Above is the example of how to be successful. 🙂


So far, I’ve tried their “After Sun Face & Body Lotion

Their After Sun works like NO OTHER.

I used it many times now after spending all day in the sun


and not once did my skin peal or get dry.

It renews your skin cells and keep your skin nice & moisturized.


I also continue to see results by using their “face and eye creme.”

The face and eye creme helps to reduce fine lines & wrinkles, while renewing your skin

cells and giving back its natural glow.

I use it normally before bed, but sometimes in the morning, as well.


Right now, these two are my ALL TIME FAVORITES from Honey Girl Organics.

But click here to check out their website for other AMAZING products.





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