Feel Good About Where You Shop

Hey all, so lately I’ve been pretty busy crushing books

Specifically, ones that EMPOWER women, ones that lift spirits and make you want to conquer the World


Those are my types of books

And coincidentally enough (or not, because I believe everything has a reason to happen)

An incredible company called “Shabby Apple” reached out to me about a month ago

They wanted to see if I would take part in collaborating with them

And just like any other collaboration I’ve ever done, first I needed to know their story

Second, I needed to be sure it was something I believed in.

And it couldn’t be more right on ladies (I say “ladies” because this post is for you)

So let me tell you their story, while I show off one of their incredible dresses ๐Ÿ˜‰


Shabby Apple resonated with me as they are a company that is over 90% women owned/operated

Now that is a pretty damn large percentage and something to be super proud of!

Athelia (co-founder) believes that all women are beautiful, powerful and have unique distinctions.

And we can all use our beauty and power to change the world in our own unique ways.

I believe we can, too. ๐Ÿ™‚


They design and sell vintage-inspired clothing.ย 

Which, anyone that’s ever known me for a while have heard me say at least once that I was born in the wrong era

Classy clothing from the past is something I’ve always being in awe of and wish I could wear today

Now I can! A more modern style but it still makes you feel like such a lady.

When I wore this dress, I felt like I was in the series of “Westworld

Is anyone watching HBO’S new show?

I always obsess over their dresses



And that is not all ladies

They also help women WORLDWIDE.

They connect with other organizations around the World to help women with a safe-living environment,

micro-loans, and so forth!

How awesome is that?!


So yes, you get to look beautiful, feel comfortable in your own skin, and proud of your purchase.

And if you fell in love with this company like I have?

You get a CHANCE to win a $50 gift card from them by following these 3 simple steps:

Follow me on instagram, if you haven’t already:


Like” my latest picture

And tag a friend!

WINNER will be picked from a website which picks a name randomly, so it’s fair

And will be announced on my BIRTHDAY, November 6th

So I can share my day with you!


Hope you guys are AS excited as I am about this GIVEAWAY!

Now, run over to my instagram & enter for your chance to WIN!



Click here for DRESS details

Click here for BOOTIES

BAG & WATCH are from Michael Kors

P.S. Thank you Shabby Apple for sending me this beautiful dress! ๐Ÿ™‚




Welcome to Fear Ordinary! I hope you enjoy my world of positive messages, fashion and realness. I love to share my life experiences and challenges. And hope that by sharing them, you will find you are not alone. Thanks for stopping by! xx Talita

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