The dirtier, the better: Hair Goals


Today, I want to share my dirty little secret with you

But promise not to judge until you try?

Alright, so!

Achieving “hair goals” is a lot of girls dream 

We all want the “long hair don’t care” look

Because, we care 😉

My girlfriends are all amazed at how fast my hair has grown

Some of them were convinced I had extensions on!

Which is crazy, because if I did I would tell them

(they should know by now I’m not the type to hide beauty secrets, hence my blog)

I won’t lie to you..

I’ve had extensions before

(clip-ins, braids)

You name it, I had it

As a matter of fact, I have about 3 different color extensions in my room right now

I have nothing against them, in fact, when my hair was short they were my everything

But I’ve learned to be patient and grow my hair out..

I notice when I leave my hair alone

(i.e. don’t dye it, straighten, curl it all.the.time- it thanks me)

And it will thank YOU, too!

In marvelous ways, I promise.

I used to wash my hair every other day

And because my hair isn’t naturally straight

I’d go through the process of blow-drying, straightening or curling it

It DESTROYED my hair.

The secret to long, healthy hair is “dirty hair

That’s right!


Dry shampoo HAS to be your best friend for a while

(You can find dry shampoo in any local pharmacy. Pantene is my favorite)

If you never used dry shampoo before, it’s basically powder that you apply to your hair roots

Not only does it make your hair smell AMAZING

But it also makes it less oily and shinier.

You MUST try it.

Talking about “trying”

Try cutting the amount of times you wash your hair by half

YES!.. by half

I, now, wash my hair once a week (twice the most)

Everything else is dry shampoo, oils, and towards the VERY END.. I’ll curl it for an extra day without washing

I know, it sounds nasty

But honestly, it isn’t at all

Your natural hair oils start to come back

You feel your hair getting thicker, healthier

And with all those positives, your hair will naturally grow faster


There is seriously no huge secret!

And it truly works.

I hope this was helpful to you ladies!

Happy Thursday!




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