Dehydration: How It Set Me Back

Dehydration can absolutely DESTROY your fitness goals.

Water is obviously essential for our survival but our daily intake is vital when trying to lose weight or enjoy an overall healthier lifestyle.

I hate the taste of water.

I’ve have struggled all my life to drink water on a daily basis. I would go days drinking only juice, iced coffee, tea – anything but water.

I couldn’t tell the difference between being hydrated or dehydrated anymore. Needless to say, my situation was bad’ my energy levels were low, my skin was suffering and I just felt out of it.

8347045597_63a7580b56_zBecause I had zero knowledge on fitness, I would still go to the gym 4-5x a week and would never see any results! I couldn’t wrap my head around it. Here I was,  working so hard and not reaching my goal at all.

It was very discouraging.

And like many, when discouraged, after I thought I had given my all, I would give up. That was my mindset for many years, until very recently. I finally found an alternative to my dislike of plain water.

I now drink Propel – it has zero calories per bottle, is sugar free and low in sodium.

Every since I started drinking at least 4 bottles of water a day, I have seen a tremendous difference in how I feel during the day (more energy!) and the results I see from my workouts (again more energy)!

I am always aware when my body needs to be hydrated, and I do whatever I can to systematically drink all day long. It really makes all the difference and is CRUCIAL to your fitness journey.

12079324_10153922899356091_6900074524777942941_nSo if you are like me, and you don’t like plain water, give Propel a shot.

See if it can help you as it did for me.

You can buy them cheaply in 12-packs (I get mine at a local grocery store called Market Basket). They should be available in your local supermarket or warehouse store.

If not, their website has a “where to buy” link in the top right hand corner.

I can’t stress enough how drinking your daily water intake will be the best investment you’ve ever made in yourself.

Thirsty yet?




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