New Years Resolution 2018: How to accomplish your goals

New Years Resolution 2018

Β Every year, most of us come up with a list of goals we want to accomplish

But many of us never follow through

So how do we make sure 2018 is different?

What keeps us from accomplishing our goals?

Are our goals too unrealistic?

Last year, my goal was to get in shape before 30

I give myself a C- for trying

A+ for meal prepping all year round

F for planning my workouts

D for consistency

This year, I’m not adding anything new to the plan

I’m simply accomplishing what I couldn’t last year

And I’m doing it by noting what went wrong.

Ex: I meal prepped every week. But ate whatever I wanted on weekends.

So this year, I will plan my weekends better.

As far as consistency, I know with school & work.. I can’t overwhelm myself

Therefore, I will work out on Saturdays, Sundays, and twice during the week

Knowing this will help me gain control over my week (less anxiety)

In order for your resolution to be successful, you must know why it failed to begin with!

You must understand the things you need to work on

And finally, put a plan in place to make sure you don’t make the same mistakes

It’s honestly THAT easy!

Be realistic and honest with yourself this year

Don’t add new goals to an existing list, unless you’ve reached all your 2017 goals

Lastly, don’t be too hard on yourself about last year’s goals

With everything we do, there is a lesson learned

This year, you are wiser and better prepared

Believe in yourself, and go after it!


Balance: Business & Pleasure

2017-05-16 00.18.57

Let’s talk life balance today. Because business and pleasure, please!


I’ve had a job since I was legally able to work in the U.S (age: 16 years old)

After graduating High School, I needed more than a PT job to pay the bills though

So “adulting” began in the summer of ’06

I found a full-time job and turned it into a career of now twelve years

And throughout those twelve years, I’ve learned a thing or two on work/life balance


Don’t let those twelve years fool you though!

Although, I’ve been managing the work/life balance since ’06. It wasn’t that long ago since I finally mastered it.

That’s right. It’s truly taking me quite a bit of time to figure the solution we all seek

So let me start you guys off by the root of the problem or at least the root of MY problems

And hopefully you can relate and start making some changes to improve your lifestyle


These were the things that kept me from achieving a work/life balance I so desired:


  1. I NEVER said “no.”

I’d come home from work, exhausted AF and I’d get a text from a friend asking to grab dinner/drinks that night and I’d say yes! I’d say yes without thinking twice about it.

If you want to have balance, you must learn when to say NO.

Learn HOW & WHEN to say no, so you can focus on you and other tasks that are important to you. Be selfish, sometimes. It is OK!!!

This was such a huge lifestyle change for me and made me feel so much lighter.

It truly gave me back time I never thought I had. And allowed me to focus more on my goals & what needed to get done.

2. Communicate!

Learn to speak up about your challenges with the people you care about.

My boyfriend and I understand our schedules and what’s important to us.

We both workout 4-5 times a week, we work 9-5 jobs.

Therefore, we mostly see each other on weekends. And maybe once a week.

We get it and we understand it.

Supporting each others’ hobbies is what has made our relationship strong.

Same goes with my friendships. We all have different schedules but we still maintain a tight friendship.

We don’t see each other every weekend but we are there for one another.

Communicate the “why” and those who matter, will understand.

But make it a point to see your friends, too.

My friends and I see each other at least once or twice a month. Don’t disappear.

Which brings me to my next point…

3. Plan your month out

Planning your month out will leave you with much less anxiety about not being there for your friends, family, boyfriend/girlfriend.

Let them know you need a month’s notice with your schedule to make sure you can be there for them.

This gives you time to plan around those events, and also give yourself some “me” time.

Not to mention, it takes away all that stress from “not knowing” and not planning.


And finally, don’t overwhelm yourself or be too hard on yourself because you are busy trying to build the life of your dreams!

There is nothing wrong with that!

Finding the right balance that fits YOUR life can take time.

But if you learn to say no, communicate and plan ahead. You will be just fine. πŸ™‚


Hope these tips are helpful to your new lifestyle change!

Time is priceless, don’t abuse it and give it your utmost attention.



Color me pretty: Pompom Trim Blouse

Color me pretty with this off the shoulder colored pompom trim blouse, PLEEEEEEASE!

I don’t know how your Spring is currently but Spring in Boston has been super questionable this year

One day you may be okay with wearing a crop top but another, you may need to cover up a bit more (a lot more)

Today was an actual super nice day but not that long ago, I still had my heat on (yes, the struggle is definitely real)

Which is why I always have some “safe” options in my closet πŸ˜‰

I wouldn’t be able to pull off a cute outfit every time without my safe options, they are LIFE.

This is my first pompom blouse by the way and I am OBSESSED!

I didn’t know if I’d like it at first because it almost seemed to childish for me

But it actually isn’t at all. It’s just super feminine and cute

It’s so Spring. Not to mention, so in trend right now.

Pompoms were so HAPPENING last year. And believe me, pompoms and ruffles are still happening this year, as well

So go get yours ASAP!

I paired my trim blouse with a cute pair of patriotic shorts for Memorial Day weekend and lace up open toes

I’m not sure where the shorts are from, it was a gift from Ryan

But the shoes are from Charlotte Russe (a couple of years back)

And the bag is Michael Kors.

On a different note, my calves need some work haha!

(sorry, major distraction right now)

I seriously just don’t work them out, so I can’t complain

Anyway, hope you guys have some fun plans for Memorial Day Weekend!!

And that this look sparked some fun outfit ideas for your celebrations

I’ll hopefully be chilling by the beach somewhere, soaking up the sun after the barbecues.




Catch you guys later!



Fitness Goals: My Fit Before 30 Journey and how you can benefit

Holy macaroni, it’s been a while you guys!

Since my last post, so much has changed in my life

I’m no longer focusing on fashion primarily but more so on fitness/wellness

While I enjoy fashion, and find it to be something I’m passionate about. It’s not my “first love”

My “first love” is fitness

But just like any “first love,” it has disappointed me many times, left me feeling lost and with no sense of direction

See, I’ve been on this fitness journey of mine since High School

I remember, when the first Gold’s Gym in my area opened. I was the first to sign up

I’m not exaggerating either! The gym wasn’t even done yet and I walked in to sign up


However, little did I know that fitness is not that simple

It’s not, “oh I love you dear one” and it replies by saying “I love you too” and you live happily toned ever after

You don’t just sign up and go play guessing games everyday for an hour

You HAVE to know what you are doing

And that takes research, following the right people, reading, and so on

No wonder I’ve never seen results before!

Have you also been working out for years and seen no results?

Girl, then this is what my site will be about

I’ll be recording my do’s and don’t’s. My mistakes will not be your mistakes!

I’ll share my diet as I’m cutting for the first time

And I’ve already started sharing my workouts on Instagram: Fear_Ordinary

I’m really excited to be able to share this so very important journey with you guys

I think most people struggle to feel confident and sexy

As a woman, there’s nothing worse than feeling anything less than the beautiful person you are

We like to say it’s what’s inside that counts. But it doesn’t hurt to look good on the outside, as well πŸ˜‰

Am I right?! πŸ˜‰

Stay tuned for more very soon!

xx Talita

Look of the week: Older, yes. Desperate, never.

So the other day I woke up and realized, “holy mac & cheese, I’m 29 years old

Almost two months later, it finally sunk in

Twenty-nine is my last year in my twenties!

Looking back in my teens, I had envisioned my late twenties so differently

Anyone else ever feel this way?

99% of my friends are where I always thought I needed to be at my age

I think a lot of women feel the same way as I do, which is why I’m writing about it

It’s scary not knowing the future or living a very different life than everybody else

But it doesn’t mean it’s wrong or that you are in the wrong path

Once I stopped to think of where I am in my life right now

I realized it’s exactly where I need to be

We are programmed to follow what society wants us to do

And we are taught from a young age that it’s what’s expected of us

Here’s why I think freaking out about age is only going to lead you to the wrong path:

You will get desperate

Desperate women fall for anything & everything

Therefore, settling for the next worst thing

And then having to live with the consequences

I don’t know about you but I rather wait and be with someone who truly makes me happy.

Worrying in general sucks. I hate worrying, and trust me, I worry about enough things that I shouldn’t.

This isn’t one of them (surprisingly enough)

I’ll give you one good reason why I don’t:

I decided to put my happiness first

I am where I am because it’s a choice I made

I chose to wait until I was ready. I chose to find my own happiness first. I chose to lead, not follow.

And it’s liberating!

You can choose those same things if that’s what your heart desires

There is nothing worse than “doing it” just to do it (insert ANY example here)

It never ends well.

In 2017,

I choose to worry less in general.

My biggest resolution for 2016 was to live in the moment and I think I could’ve done a better job at it

My past still very much haunts me. I choose to let it go, all the horrible things, I choose to let them go.

I also need to be less harsh on myself

Life is too short to beat yourself up for everything. I choose to be kind to myself.

I also choose to wear more leather! πŸ˜‰

See how I worded my list this year?

Saying you choose to do something is a lot more powerful than saying you will try to..

Your brain captures everything you say, so be very careful on how you word things, even thoughts.

I have tested myself all last week on how positive/negative my thoughts are

And when they went to negative, I fought with my mind until it was all positive

It takes work, you win some battles and you lose some.

I’ve lost some this weekend but I also won many last week.

Stay persistent

You don’t get a do-over in life

Work on being as happy as you can be.






Fall Must-Haves!

My Fall Wishlist

brought to you by



Leaf Applique Rhinestone Design Spliced Knitwear

This Leaf Knitwear, please & thank you!!

I’ll take the pencil skirt, too πŸ˜‰

*heart eyes*


Winter Warm Cold Shoulder Sweater

Cold shoulder, you guys will be seeing a lot cold shoulder sweaters this Fall.


Bell Sleeve Off The Shoulder Knitwear

And don’t think off-shoulder season is over just yet! πŸ˜‰

How beautiful is this color?! I-can’t-even.


V Neck Tassel High Low Sweater

And of course, tassels are sticking around this Fall,too.

I love me tassels everything.


Stylish Collarless Bat-Wing Sleeve Solid Color Cloak Women’s Cardigan

And last but NOT least, my go-to casual wear.

What’s YOUR favorite Fall wear this year?