Balance: Business & Pleasure

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Let’s talk life balance today. Because business and pleasure, please!


I’ve had a job since I was legally able to work in the U.S (age: 16 years old)

After graduating High School, I needed more than a PT job to pay the bills though

So “adulting” began in the summer of ’06

I found a full-time job and turned it into a career of now twelve years

And throughout those twelve years, I’ve learned a thing or two on work/life balance


Don’t let those twelve years fool you though!

Although, I’ve been managing the work/life balance since ’06. It wasn’t that long ago since I finally mastered it.

That’s right. It’s truly taking me quite a bit of time to figure the solution we all seek

So let me start you guys off by the root of the problem or at least the root of MY problems

And hopefully you can relate and start making some changes to improve your lifestyle


These were the things that kept me from achieving a work/life balance I so desired:


  1. I NEVER said “no.”

I’d come home from work, exhausted AF and I’d get a text from a friend asking to grab dinner/drinks that night and I’d say yes! I’d say yes without thinking twice about it.

If you want to have balance, you must learn when to say NO.

Learn HOW & WHEN to say no, so you can focus on you and other tasks that are important to you. Be selfish, sometimes. It is OK!!!

This was such a huge lifestyle change for me and made me feel so much lighter.

It truly gave me back time I never thought I had. And allowed me to focus more on my goals & what needed to get done.

2. Communicate!

Learn to speak up about your challenges with the people you care about.

My boyfriend and I understand our schedules and what’s important to us.

We both workout 4-5 times a week, we work 9-5 jobs.

Therefore, we mostly see each other on weekends. And maybe once a week.

We get it and we understand it.

Supporting each others’ hobbies is what has made our relationship strong.

Same goes with my friendships. We all have different schedules but we still maintain a tight friendship.

We don’t see each other every weekend but we are there for one another.

Communicate the “why” and those who matter, will understand.

But make it a point to see your friends, too.

My friends and I see each other at least once or twice a month. Don’t disappear.

Which brings me to my next point…

3. Plan your month out

Planning your month out will leave you with much less anxiety about not being there for your friends, family, boyfriend/girlfriend.

Let them know you need a month’s notice with your schedule to make sure you can be there for them.

This gives you time to plan around those events, and also give yourself some “me” time.

Not to mention, it takes away all that stress from “not knowing” and not planning.


And finally, don’t overwhelm yourself or be too hard on yourself because you are busy trying to build the life of your dreams!

There is nothing wrong with that!

Finding the right balance that fits YOUR life can take time.

But if you learn to say no, communicate and plan ahead. You will be just fine. 🙂


Hope these tips are helpful to your new lifestyle change!

Time is priceless, don’t abuse it and give it your utmost attention.



Transparency: Discover your RAW self again!

Look at me smiling from the inside out in the picture above

And ask yourself, “When was the last time I truly felt deep/meaningful happiness?”

Like the type that you almost feel like you want to cry from finally arriving to that state of mind


Today, I want to share a little more about me with you

And I want to thank Ellie Active Wear for actually giving me the inspiration to do so.

A few days ago, I was going back and forth with the representative of Ellie

You know, we were talking details, such as when my box will arrive and what to expect (stay tuned for more deetz)

And the representative was telling me every detail because they pride on TRANSPARENCY

They want their clients to KNOW what they are getting

And not hide any changes or details that might surprise them

I thought that was very cool and this week, it just so happens “transparency” came up a lot

I don’t know if it was just because that word was already on my mind about Ellie Active Wear

Or if it was pure coincidence!

But I had back to back meetings this week

On Monday, I met my new boss and he used that word pretty often when describing his way of managing

On Tuesday (yesterday), I had an all day meeting in Boston with the top leadership team

And again, that word came up a lot

And it got me to thinking, “How TRUE to myself am I everyday?

How authentic am I being around my colleagues, friends, family, clients?

And, “Is that adding or removing stress from my day-to-day life?”

When you’re not being your authentic self, you are not fooling anyone but yourself

The joke is really on you

Why? Because you’re the one suffering. You’re the one stressing and you don’t even realize why

You don’t recognize the cause because you’ve been acting for so long!

We were brought up to believe we have to act a certain way to please people around us

We have to say, look, and act a certain way to be loved, to FEEL loved

We get caught up in what Miguel Ruiz from “The Four Agreements” would say, in our own “hell”

Yes, those are harsh words to describe where MOST of us are living today

(I don’t care how much money you have, how successful you are. Your mansion isn’t bringing you true happiness)

Think about the last time you didn’t care ONCE in an entire day of what someone thought of you?

Man, I don’t even think I can say I lived a day without worrying about it at least once

And that’s after being AWARE of my own “HELL”

You LIVE to please others and forget to please yourself.

And the sickening part is we think that’s normal!


After reading “The Four Agreements”, it brought a lot of things to light for me

Its made me more aware of my day-to-day actions that led to unhappiness

And it is molding me back to my five-year old self

Remember when you were five?

Did you care what anyone thought?

You were FREE, genuinely happy, didn’t listen to other’s opinions of you because you believed in your own

You were your true AUTHENTIC self

I know what you are thinking

“Talita, I was five. I didn’t have a job or a single worry in the World. How can I come to that same happiness now?”

WELL, Mr. or Ms. reader, you are absolutely right!

Life today versus life when you and I were 5 has DRASTICALLY changed

However, that happiness and being authentic to self is still very much attainable!

I am living proof that my happiness rate has RAISED to a different level after I understood “The Four Agreements

Don’t believe me?

Please pick up the book and read it

Find out more about this small tease I just wrote

I want you to understand why life is so difficult for you today

And how you CAN turn it around by simply changing FOUR things.


Thank you Ellie Active Wear for this inspiration through our brief email exchange

And guys, please check out Ellie Active Wear for your monthly box of gym-wear goodies!

Above is an example of May’s Box which were alternate items to promote everyone’s uniqueness

It comes with 5 workout items every month

This month, I got an arm phone holder, stress balls, those ridiculously amazing leggings, sports bra & shirt

Guess for how much?!

ONLY $49.95 a month

And you can cancel or skip any month!

As you all know, fitness is a huge passion of mine. But staying motivated is hard, even for me!

A cute box full of amazing gym goodies will get any girl excited to show their new gym-wear off 😉


Find them on Instagram: @EllieActiveWear

Or check out their site HERE.

Til next time my loves!



Best practices to get you hyped up for 2017: Look of the week!


I can’t even begin to share my excitement for ALL of us

We have 365 days to do whatever it is we set ourselves out to do

However, as much as I love the concept of thinking of the entire year ahead of us to reach our goals

There’s nothing like taking it one day at a time

Don’t you think?


“Patience & persistence” are my two focus words this year

Or as Ry would say, “your two peas (p’s)” haha!

I need to always go back to them when I get discouraged

So I’m writing them down in my room’s white board as an everyday reminder

 I feel I always reach more of my goals when I think of them more often

And that’s one way I found has worked best for me in 2016

What are you doing this year to keep yourself accountable for your goals?

Another best practice is planning out your week on a Sunday

That’s one best practice I didn’t do in 2016. And that I am almost 100% sure would’ve made ALL THE DIFFERENCE

The saying,“If you don’t plan to succeed, you plan to fail” is beyond true!

If I had a consistent gym schedule,and meal schedule planned out- I’d be in better shape today

I could sit here and beat myself up for it and be upset

(I kind of already did do all that)

But I should just take it as a lesson learned and not repeat the same mistake again!

LASTLY, this year will be the year I use my cell phone THE LEAST!

I plan to use my cell the least amount of time as possible, mostly just to blog and make important calls.

Cell phones are the reason relationships are failing, friends aren’t communicating and ideas are not being born

I want to let my mind wander, I want to listen more, to live more, to love more.

I’ve already started this rule with a few friends

I went out with two of my girlfriends and we didn’t have our cell phones on us

We had the BEST conversations with zero distractions and were able to fully enjoy each other’s company

I also did that with Ryan this weekend and we had the best weekend talking about everything imaginable

It was truly wonderful to be in the moment with the people I love

When was the last time you were truly present?

It’s sad to think of all the people sitting at a dinner table with their family/friends, texting someone who’s not there

It’s sad to think of how our generation has changed (for the worst when it comes to self-confidence & happiness)

But it takes one person to make this world a better place

And I hope this gets you inspired to do the same!


Oh and if you like this look…

CLICK HERE to check out this maxi asymmetric skirt

Belt & shoes from Love Culture.

I am so excited to share so much more with you guys this year!

Stay tuned

And thank you again for all the love and support 🙂


Breast Augmentation Part II: The Aftermath, ups and downs

Since I’ve started my blog back a year ago, my top post has been “Sleeping Positions After Breast Augmentation

And because I’m getting readers from literally all over the world looking for answers, I figured let’s talk about it

(P.S. Thank you to all my readers for your love and support. You guys keep me motivated!)


Breast Augmentation Part II


It will be a year this January since I’ve gotten my breast augmentation done

Some girls actually celebrate that shit. I’m not about that life LOL

Although, I’m not throwing a party for my babies. I must say, it was THE BEST DECISION I’ve ever made

So if you are in the fence about it, try to think about WHY?

When I first thought about getting it done- here are some things that stopped me:

People I was dating at the time (didn’t like their experiences with past “fake boobs”)

Let me clarify the above:

A LOT has changed with surgeries today- if you want them NATURAL, you can get them natural. They will feel natural, bounce around like yours do, if yours is saggy now, they will be saggy then- only bigger. And if you want them fake looking (Pamela Anderson version), then you can get those too!

Just make sure you go to the right surgeon, someone with 20+ years of experience with track record to prove it.

My doctor was Dr. Jeffrey Darrow, he was absolutely fantastic.

He has the experience, education and track record. Feel free to look him up if you are in Boston!

He asked me many questions to make sure I would be 100% happy when everything was “said and done,” and in addition, Ryan and I spent HOURS looking at girls with my height, weight, and boob size (prior to surgery and post surgery) to figure out how it would look on me. It was at times, super nerve wrecking.

But research is needed in order for you to choose what is right for you!

I was also afraid I’d lose sensitivity but it’s so rare to happen. And thankfully, it didn’t.

The procedure itself was super smooth and quick (1 hour and a half tops?).

The recovery period is 1 week, yes one week before you’re back to work with your babes!

But during that one week, you will need someone around to help you out.


They don’t start looking 100% natural until I would say at least 3-6 months in.

(depending on the person)

I’d ask your doctor, as it also depends which surgery you’ll choose to do (under boobs, through the nipples, or arm pit).

I was told through the nipples is a no-no, that’s when you are more likely to lose sensitivity.

I did under the boobs, it was the best decision as the cut fades so much, you can hardly see it. And it’s the one likely to heal better and look more natural. Again, consult with your doctor as this was my experience.

Sleeping Positions from MY experience, the first 3 months you need to be very careful.

Sleep upright or on your sides with a sports bra on- don’t go to bed in your birthday suit haha!

At least not for a while.

At the same time, if you are not sleeping well in those positions, you need to consult with your doctor as sleep is a big factor for the healing process.

I now sleep in any position I wish. I honestly have certain positions that are needed for me to fall asleep, otherwise I won’t. So I can’t do without them. But my boobs feel 100% healed.

Keep in mind, it will still feel super weird sleeping with them. Before, I’d sleep on my belly and I wouldn’t really feel any discomfort, but now I do a little because I have these big boobs that are in the way haha!

Also, keep in mind, bathing suit shopping will be SUPER tough depending on the size you choose. Mine is impossible. I literally had the hardest time this summer. And lingerie, don’t get me started. It will have to be all Victoria’s Secret. And I was fortunate to find a great store in Italy, where they have super sexy lingerie in my size. And it’s actually affordable (win win).

Comment below if you’d like suggestions on stores for a future post and I can talk more about that.

Also, dresses you normally can pull off with no bras? Say goodbye to all of them.

You won’t be able to pull it off anymore.

Those are all things you must consider prior to surgery.

I knew most of these things but not to the extent that I know now.

Do I regret it? Absolutely not.

I’d do it again and again and again.

And maybe, I’d even go bigger.


But I’m tiny so that’d probably not be the best decision.

Keep in mind though,

When in DOUBT, go bigger.

Never smaller.

No one ever regrets going big 😉

Your Doctor will always suggest a “moderate” size. I was suggested to go 2 sizes smaller, and I would’ve hated it.

I want it to be noticeable!

I understand not everyone will feel the same way.

I have friends that wanted no one to notice.

So they went just a size up.

I like drama when it comes to my image. I’m exotic and bold, so I wanted my boobs to match my personality.

And to be honest, at work its super unnoticeable. It depends on what you wear.


One last tip- don’t worry about “the noise” and don’t look for approval.

Do what makes YOU happy.

People will hate all day or they will support you but you will NEVER make everyone happy.

And that should not matter anyway. Because the only person who needs to be happy is YOU.

And loving your body is the best thing in the world.

If it’s something that only surgery can do for you, I support 100%.

Boobs won’t grow by working out but your butt will, for example.

There are some things we have no control of and others we have full control of. 😉

Any questions, please comment below and I’ll be happy to answer them! 🙂 xx


How to let go of 2016 and start fresh-Beyonce Style

How do we LET GO of 2016 baggage and start fresh?!

Let’s start by saying…


(insert Beyonce’s “bye face” here)

I think so many of us feel the same way about this year

The Universe must have had a lot of negative energy all throughout to send us back all these challenges

But here we are- the good thing about a “bad year” or a “bad day” is our chances of making it are almost 100%

Unless, a bad day was you getting hit by a bus and dying

That would suck ROYALLY.

But hopefully, if you are reading this- you have made it through the hard times & you didn’t get hit by a bus?! (WINNING!)



Seriously though!

Congratulations for going through a bunch of shit and getting through it

It’s not easy and you are NOT alone.

Give yourself the credit you deserve!


Here are some things I do to stay positive during hard times:

Grateful list

Example of my current list:

This week I’m grateful for my health- it allows me to workout and do the things I love. After meeting with the salon lady that mentioned her struggles with breast cancer this year. I feel very fortunate to have my health.

True friends- I talked to my girlfriend for a whole hour on the phone the other night and I’m not even a phone person. I love that I have true friends that make the time to call me and check in with me. That’s old fashioned shit right there and I appreciate the effort and love.

Boyfriend- after a crazy year of many life changes (career change, body change, vehicle change(s), and unexpected changes & struggles) he stood by my side and supported me like the amazing, incredible person that he is. I couldn’t have asked for a better person to share another year with and I feel so blessed and grateful for his presence in my life. Gahh, I’m more in love with him than ever. And I can’t wait to spend another year by his side.


I’ll keep the above list at 3 but you get my point. You automatically feel better after writing down about your week and the things you are grateful for.


Motivational White Board

I have a white board in my room with self-love reminders to myself.

After reading over 10 books of living a positive/happy/fulfilled life- the self-love reminder stuck with me the most

I think we all need to remind ourselves of our awesomeness

 Example of my board:

Words to say everyday- I am…

(write 5 things you are OR need to believe you are on the board)

“Beautiful, caring, loving, hard-working, deserving of all good things the Universe has to offer”

Those things are important to remember!!

Send positive signs to the Universe and the Universe will return positive things back to you

You will start to believe that you are deserving! Because well, you are!

I found the white board VERY crucial for me this year

In the beginning, I remember reading it every morning and tears would run down my face because I didn’t believe it

I didn’t believe I was all those wonderful things, I didn’t believe I was deserving

And now I read it and I smile. 🙂



Ahh- sooooo damnn crucial this one.

I’m still working on it!

This is specially tough because maybe you have those people in your life already but maybe you don’t

What happens when you have negative, Debbie downers, complainers in your life?

They’ll bring you down with them. And THAT ISN’T GOOD!

Sounds harsh? Well, it is but it’s true!

And how do you go about finding people that think and see life the same way as you do?

Or better yet, someone that has already accomplished so much due to their approach on life (a mentor, possibly)

If you surround yourself with successful people, you are bound to be successful

Same goes for positive, motivating, funny, whatever qualities you are seeking or seeking more of.

So attend that networking event, approach someone at work you admire or message that long lost friend

This is YOUR life! You don’t get to do it twice!!

At least not that I know about




Giving back is not only for the wealthy.

There are many ways to give back without spending a dime.

You can volunteer somewhere you are passionate about

You can write a letter to someone in need of your support or spend a day with someone that needs your company

You can adopt an animal or care for one for the weekend

All these things and many more can help bring meaning to your life and help you find yourself.


It’s easy to think back to 2016 and say, “I DIDN’T DESERVE ALL THE CRAP THAT WENT ON!

It’s hard to look back and say, “Ok, xyz happened.. what did I learn from it? Or how could I have avoided that situation? What will I do going forward to make things better for myself? Do I blame the bird for the poop or is it myself I have to blame (for the poop?)” WORST ANALOGY, EVER! HAHAHAHAH

Those are hard things to evaluate. Because it will make you feel like shit, facing the honest truth sometimes is hard!

I’ll give you guys an example of one of my shitty situations in 2016:

I bought a car from a “so called friend” that would “never do me wrong.”

The car cost me over 5k to fix and still kept breaking on me.

It’s caused me headaches and sleepless nights- and to top it off, I found out it had a salvage tittle when trying to get rid of the piece of shit.

I went back and the same guy screwed me over again, and again, and again.

Three times to be exact!

Worst experience car shopping of my entire life- not to mention the amount of disappointment, stress and so on that came with it.

I can sit here and say, it’s HIS FAULT. He is a heartless/ lying son of a gun that only thinks about money, and saw an opportunity to take advantage of me because I don’t know much about cars.

OK- maybe I did think that at first and maybe it is true. But you know what else is true?

I should’ve done more research on the dealership, in the car, I should’ve asked more questions and not jumped into buying it so fast. I shouldn’t have trusted him solely because he said he wasn’t going to screw me over. That was terrible judgement from my part.

Although, now I know a lot- back then, I didn’t. And I placed my trust in the wrong person. It’s really my mistake.

Going forward, will I ever jump into buying a car again? FUCK NO.

Going forward will I trust someone just because I believe in the human race? Absolutely not.

Going forward will I buy from the piece of shit asshole again? Guy, please!

I’ve learned my lesson the hard way.


You want a better year 2017?

Start putting the above into practice.

Let go of all things after writing them down, letting them out by venting with a friend or a therapist.

OUT with the old, IN with the new.


Positive thoughts

And wiser approaches!


We are ready for you!

Get Holiday Inspired: All Things Red & Nude Please!

I want to start by saying a heartfelt THANK YOU to those who served and continue to serve our Country

I was not born in the U.S. but I take pride in being a U.S. Citizen

And with that, I try to learn as much as I can about its history.


So here are some facts I’ve learned that you may or may not already know:

  • 2 million veterans are women
  • Of the 16 million Americans who served during WWII (1941-1945), about 620,000 are still alive
  • There are about 21 million military veterans in the United States

I also find it so important to thank our veterans regardless of what day of the year it is.

Whenever you meet a veteran, please thank them for their service.

It’s the least we can do to show our respect and appreciation.


In banking, I’ve had the privilege to get to know so many people from various backgrounds

People from all over the world.

And out of those wonderful beings, I’ve had the pleasure of hearing many stories

Including stories from veterans.

And it saddens me so much to see the amount of HATRED we are seeing with this election

Because one party didn’t get their way.

The amount of VIOLENCE we are seeing

It’s truly embarrassing & shameful how this Country is dealing with the outcome of this election

I hope at one point, we can all come together as one to make this Country better than it already is

We have a lot of work to do

And one president will not solve it all. That’s for damn sure.

But TOGETHER, putting our differences aside…

We CAN make this Country one that our veterans would be PROUD of.


Thankfully, I think we all want peace.

We just need to learn how to send that to others by our own actions.


Honestly, a simple smile sometimes will do.

Other cultures that are being judged and many times “looked down” on, fear simply taking a walk on a Sunday

I always make it a point to smile and say “good morning!” to those who least expect it

And not surprisingly, they are always shocked by an act of kindness by hearing a simple “hello”

It’s so unusual today.

FEAR has taken over our hearts.


Now, enough of me venting to you guys!

I’m sure you hear enough about this on Facebook 😉

Let’s get HOLIDAY inspired!

I was SO FREAKING EXCITED to share this look with you 🙂

This winter coat is EVERYTHING

And the red heels with a bowl? I mean, *insert jaw dropping reaction here*

I can’t deal.


I wore this coat under faux leather leggings (YESS! Pleather is my newest obsession can’t.get.enough)

I think my cat woman outfit from Halloween is to blame. 😉


Wear this if you want to make a bold statement this holiday season.

And please, spread love not hate.







Have a great weekend loves!



Give Monday the cold shoulder with me!

Mondays done right are Mondays you can conquer with a smile on your face

A Monday you can give the “cold shoulder” to.

Because a day of the week can’t “tell” you what kind of day to have.

Neither can anyone.

You are in FULL control of your mood and of your day, today and everyday.


And as I am typing this, don’t think for a minute I’m not also lecturing myself

I need this pep talk as much as anyone else.



 Since this Monday was a beautiful one here in Boston..

You might have decided to attack it with that cold-shoulder dress you thought you wouldn’t see again for a while



I mean, you only live once!

Am I, right? 😉

And life is all in the details…


This cold-shoulder maxi dress got just the right amount of details to make you fall deadly in love.

CLICK HERE to see more 🙂


Nature has always had a place in my heart

It’s my drug

I know I always say it. But is there anything more beautiful and peaceful?

Nature leaves me as breathless as anytime I look up to see the moon

There is something so comforting knowing that there are still so many things science can’t explain

I mean, look in the mirror. You’re one of them.


So if Monday is the day you dread the most

Start something new today, and do something that turns it around

Whether it’s taking a walk to a beautiful lake

Or listening to your favorite podcast before you head out to work.

Make it a point to make the most out of everyday by doing something you love


Life is beautiful

But it’s up to you to see the beauty in everything and everyone.

Happy Monday beauties and Happy Shopping!


Oh, and don’t forget!

The drawing to win $50 off one of my all-time favorite stores is still going on!

Comment on my latest pic and tag a friend

Make sure you are following me to qualify.

The drawing will take place this Sunday, November 6th- so I can celebrate my birthday with you all!


I’m also getting my make-up professionally done and I can’t wait to share more with you ladies!

Wish you could all be there

But I’ll make sure I take lots of pictures to share with you.

Oh, and…

Shop my look HERE.




Appearance, Comparison, Self-Talk: Let’s Talk About It

Aw man, this convo is about to get lit before it even gets lit


The title pretty much explains the subject I’m about to discuss

But let me break it down for you

First, let’s talk appearance because appearance will link to everything else.

And don’t you DARE tell me you’ve never compared yourself to anyone else

Because if you didn’t, you’re either lying or an alien

Pick one ;P

(I pick alien!!)

Just kidding….maybe? 😀


We all have compared ourselves to others, don’t be ashamed- it’s totally normal!

But when do we cross the line from normal to unhealthy?

And how do we know when that line has been crossed?

Let’s talk about it, shall we?

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably know I just finished reading “#GIRLBOSS

(in just 3 days. Because SO BOSS)


#GIRLBOSS is an incredible book. If you are a female- get on it, sista!

Prior to reading #GIRLBOSS, I read “Girl Code” and  “You are a badass

Two bad.ass.books (pun intended)

And I believe they all led me to sharing my thoughts on this post with you ladies

They all have very similar advises to all “girl bosses” out there

One advise that I found needed to be shared is our reaction to other girl bosses successes

Our first reaction should be happy, proud, excited

But instead, it’s jealousy, envy, and sometimes even hatred.

Ex.: “Damn, is that btch really living overseas now with her dreamy European boyfriend?”

You get my point..

(And no, I don’t know a “btch that lives overseas with a dreamy European boyfriend”)


And don’t feel bad if you HAVE felt that way before. Because GIRL, you are NOT alone

After all, we are all humans, right?

Let’s be kind to our souls here.

Unless, you picked alien up top. Then I can’t help you.

But lessbeehonest here..

Now that we are self-aware, we can change how we react towards one another!

Positive vibes lead to a positive life and same goes for negative vibes..

And I’m assuming you want the positive life.


Here’s what I suggest you do next time you see a girl kicking ass


Get genuinely excited for her. Be sure to make it a point to tell her!

And if you look up to her, ask her for advise on how she got there!

(I’ve recently done that with a blogger I admire and I was surprised she even wrote back to me! It was awesome!)

That’s women empowerment & YES, it feels so empowering to support other girl bosses!

And trust me, by doing so, you are sending the Universe a great message, a positive message.

And oh, does the Universe listen.


We all have our time to shine, and we all have our own unique skills to share with the World

And the World is big enough to spread love to ALL OF US, with some leftovers to spare!




I bet you never thought of success that way, did you?

And if so, you go girl!

It’s easy to get caught up on someone else’s life

But remember,

just because she’s got it, it doesn’t mean there’s nothing left for you to get.

Take the positives

And put them into action.

Fight for your own dreams and goals.

And remember,

Nothing happens overnight.

(It’s easy to forget if you’re like me and you WANT everything to happen overnight)

But remember,

You don’t know how many nights of zero sleep “that btch” had to get through- to get to where she is in Europe

And you don’t know how many dating websites she signed up for to meet her dream guy!

You don’t know!!

So the question here is..

Are you willing to put in the hours?

If you’re reading this, I am sure you are!

And if you are,

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P.S. The way we think won’t change overnight, you’ve got to train your mind and thoughts to react differently to those situations we talked about. And you will catch yourself feeling some type of way, but when you do, think back to this post and switch your mindset. Work on a better you! And give back only positive vibes to the Universe. TAKE WHAT’S YOURS! 

Life Of An Immigrant: Step in our shoes

Imagine you are back in Middle School

You are going through a VERY awkward stage of your life a.k.a. puberty

Or maybe you “bloomed” early and skipped right through puberty

And your parents actually gave you money to get your hair done and buy nice clothes

Maybe you even had a cell phone

(nothing wrong with that!)

But let’s just think back to those days for a minute..

Because no matter what “stage” you were in..

Everyone was measuring you up

And trying to see if you were “cool” enough in their eyes.


You are now walking to your first class..

Everyone is starring, making comments, whispering..

“Who is that?”

“What is she wearing?”


“Are those PIMPLES in her face?!”

“Let’s cross her right off our list”

NOT cool.

*snap snap*

Fun times, right?

Now, add a different skin color and a BIG.FAT.ACCENT

Like, something that screams “I don’t belong here

You are now an immigrant in a foreign country, going through Middle School

And guess what?!


It wasn’t your decision, but you are stuck in this foreign place where you don’t speak the language

Where your childhood friends are now just a memory, as you don’t know when you’ll see them again

I mean, those friends get you- they get your style, your weirdness, your ways

But now you gotta start over, so SNAP OUT OF IT


(oh and by the way, your name screams “I don’t belong here” and NO ONE knows how to pronounce it)

Someone’s calling your name but you don’t know how to respond in their language

It’s your teacher

She wants you to read this chapter of the history book out loud…so everyone can hear!

So you try your best..

But you never took English classes before coming to the United States

And all you know are these words: Water (insert British accent here), dog, cat, and hello.

Now everyone starts laughing

They are not being TOO loud and obvious but you can hear them

They are kids, they don’t get what you’re going through.

But so are you.

This is only the beginning of lots of humiliations, getting made fun of..

Not to mention, you are also seeing how hurt your parents are

They are also getting humiliated by their peers at work.

And they start to wonder why they even decided to move here.

Is all this even worth it?

They HATE the fact they had to put their kids through this

But they did it for them (for you!)

They want YOU to have a better future

You can’t give up, right?

You must keep it together.


Now, that was a Middle School example.

But that’s something many immigrants deal with everyday

Adults are looked at differently everyday, therefore treated poorly

Judged because they don’t look like they belong

Judged before even being spoken to

Being HUMILIATED at work by their peers because of their accents

And the list goes on.


Still today, October 10th of 2016-

17 years later..

Kids are going through what I went through in school

 Being bullied, talked down on, laughed at because they are “different”

And here we are, having TRUMP as one of the candidates for President, next to Hillary.

Why do we think he’s up there?

Racism still very much exists.

I know that’s only one of the reasons people are supporting him. But you get my point.


Now, answer me this:

When will everyone be treated and looked at the same?

What WORLD are we creating for our current and future generation?

When will enough, finally be enough?


The point of me telling you this story comes from a quote I very much believe in..


We tend to point fingers when it comes to all the terrible things we see and hear about everyday in this World.

But if everyone started with themselves, started changing maybe one thing here and there that could

make THEM a better person. The World would ultimately start being a better place.



“If you change yourself you will change your world. If you change how you think then you will change how you feel and what actions you take. And so the world around you will change. Not only because you are now viewing your environment through new lenses of thoughts and emotions but also because the change within can allow you to take action in ways you wouldn’t have – or maybe even have thought about – while stuck in your old thought patterns.” -Gandhi

I hope this helps you think differently.

It’s never too late to be a better version of ourselves.



Fun day shooting at Castle Island


Hey there babes!!

I’m back with another awesome photoshoot sesh that I did with the one & only Nick!

CLICK HERE to check out his website & some of his work!

We went to Castle Island in Southie…

And this is my Southie “don’t mess with me” look



Or maybe not..haha!

I don’t think I can have a “mean look” if I tried =\

(Although…Ryan may differ) =X


How about this cute “meet me at the bar” shirt, though!!

I love wearing cute stuff to a workout

I find that I stay longer when I feel good about my style

Is that weird? haha


I’m trying NOT to use the gloves all the time

But it does help with lifting heavy weights..

And by “heavy,” I mean 15 pounds (maybe!)


One day I’ll lift heavy like a superstar

Don’t believe me, just watch *insert embarrassing dance moves here*


All jokes aside

We all gotta start somewhere

And seeing the slightest improvement helps to keep us motivated

Don’t you think!?


It’s always important to celebrate the small wins, just as much as the big wins 😉

Winning is winning- after all




Hope you guys enjoyed the photos!

I couldn’t post all on here for some reason- so I’ll share others on my IG 🙂

Happy Monday!!!

Stay Beautiful!