Dynamic Stretching vs. Static Stretching Explained

Hey guys!

As I’ve progressed with my workouts, I’ve started to research the most proactive ways to stretch.

Let’s face it – nobody has ever said “I can’t wait to stretch” after (or even before) an intense workout, haha!

Since stretching isn’t our favorite thing in the world – let’s at least make sure we are doing it right. Sound good?

There are two types of stretching:


Lets look at the differences between them and how these stretching techniques affect your workout.

Dynamic vs. Static Stretching

Static Stretch

Requires holding a stretch for 10 or more seconds while motionless (previously the most popular type of warm-up).

  • Focuses more on relaxing muscle & promoting flexibility.
  • Static stretch will benefit you post-workout as studies show that static stretching prior to a workout may decrease athletic performance.

Dynamic Stretch

Requires moving as you stretch (today’s most popular type of warm-up).

  • This stretch is beneficial pre-workout as it increases your heart rate, meaning it is essentially a form of cardio – bi-winning!
  • It warms up your muscles. Therefore, it improves athletic performance.

Although we may not love it, stretching should always be a part of our workouts.

Keep in mind, stretching, whether post or pre-workout, will not eliminate soreness.

Soreness is caused by micro-tears in the muscle and surrounding connective tissues which won’t be repaired through stretching.

Let’s avoid injuries, improve our performances and continue on our quest to a healthier lifestyle! =)

Don’t forget to comment below with any questions you may have on this subject – I’ll be happy to answer them!



Gym Outfit: Look & Feel Great…

Hey loves!

So as you know, I am slightly obsessed with health & fitness.

But sometimes, it can get a bit boring if we don’t make it fun, especially what we wear at the gym.

We always want to look our best because if we feel great, chances are we are staying there longer and working extra hard.

Below is a gym outfit I wore for my cycling class this week. Below the pictures I provide some links to sites where you can find something similar.




Check out these sites for similar offerings!

The goal is simple – cute outfits and great workouts!



Relationships: How Choosing The Right Partner Is Crucial For Your Health…

Often times, when choosing a partner we tend to not care as much as we should about their eating tendencies, such as how often they workout, or if they care at all about their health. I understand that this may sound extreme to you. However, before choosing a partner, you want to make sure they will add value to your lifestyle if staying fit and healthy is important to you. Otherwise, that person will only make your life more difficult as you will start to pick up some of their bad habits and it will start to affect you negatively. Here are just some reasons why you need to choose wisely..



You want someone that is to your level. Motivated, driven, and has or wants to live a healthy lifestyle. If you are reading this you are probably wondering “who doesn’t want to live a healthy lifestyle?.” But how many people do you know that cares about what they eat on a consistent basis, goes to the gym religiously or at least 3x a week and takes their daily vitamins? …Not many huh? Specially, with obesity being at an all-time high in America..


If you end up living together with someone that doesn’t care about their health, you will not agree on meals, you will not understand why the other person is at the gym and not with you, watching “Dancing With The Stars.” And one person is going to start feeling pretty terrible about their image as their partner keeps looking better and better and they don’t. And with that comes many other issues, which takes me to reason #3.


Now, you start to look at your partner as not so attractive. Because what’s attractive about a person that doesn’t take care of themselves? And now you are thinking, can this person even take care of anyone else if they can’t even take care of themselves? I think not, it always starts with you. Your body is your temple.


This is thinking way down the road but if you are in a relationship, you most likely see yourself with that person long term and if you don’t, you need to re-think your relationship. But back to the subject, if you end up having kids with your partner, don’t you want this person to be active with them? Is your partner going to have enough energy to run around and play with them or will he/she be drinking beer in the backyard, sitting in a chair because he/she can’t run without running out of breath?


Sometimes we need to be selfish. There are tons of great people in the world but it doesn’t mean they are great for you. You only live once, be selective because it’s YOUR life, and you want to live a happy, and for the most part STRESS FREE life with someone you are most compatible with and share the same values and interests that are most important to you!


You will never find a perfect person, we all have that one thing that isn’t so great and that we could improve on but you don’t have to settle for someone you KNOW you won’t be happy with. You can find someone that fits the things you find most important to you and your life. And if it takes you a long time to find that person, that’s ok. Because you rather be alone and happy than with someone and completely miserable. Choose your partner wisely.

Dehydration: How It Set Me Back

Dehydration can absolutely DESTROY your fitness goals.

Water is obviously essential for our survival but our daily intake is vital when trying to lose weight or enjoy an overall healthier lifestyle.

I hate the taste of water.

I’ve have struggled all my life to drink water on a daily basis. I would go days drinking only juice, iced coffee, tea – anything but water.

I couldn’t tell the difference between being hydrated or dehydrated anymore. Needless to say, my situation was bad’ my energy levels were low, my skin was suffering and I just felt out of it.

8347045597_63a7580b56_zBecause I had zero knowledge on fitness, I would still go to the gym 4-5x a week and would never see any results! I couldn’t wrap my head around it. Here I was,  working so hard and not reaching my goal at all.

It was very discouraging.

And like many, when discouraged, after I thought I had given my all, I would give up. That was my mindset for many years, until very recently. I finally found an alternative to my dislike of plain water.

I now drink Propel – it has zero calories per bottle, is sugar free and low in sodium.

Every since I started drinking at least 4 bottles of water a day, I have seen a tremendous difference in how I feel during the day (more energy!) and the results I see from my workouts (again more energy)!

I am always aware when my body needs to be hydrated, and I do whatever I can to systematically drink all day long. It really makes all the difference and is CRUCIAL to your fitness journey.

12079324_10153922899356091_6900074524777942941_nSo if you are like me, and you don’t like plain water, give Propel a shot.

See if it can help you as it did for me.

You can buy them cheaply in 12-packs (I get mine at a local grocery store called Market Basket). They should be available in your local supermarket or warehouse store.

If not, their website has a “where to buy” link in the top right hand corner.

I can’t stress enough how drinking your daily water intake will be the best investment you’ve ever made in yourself.

Thirsty yet?



5 Things To Know Before Taking Your First Gym Class

Hello everyone!

As you may or may not know- I have taken on the challenge to try every single class my gym has to discover what pushes me the most. I want to get the perfect class (or two) that will get me the best results.

But before taking a class, it’s important to know these 5 things:

1. What is the class about exactly?

I tried “Hatha Yoga” for the first time this year.

I, based on commonsense, knew it involved yoga, but it is clearly different.

What makes hatha yoga different from traditional yoga? What should I expect?

Research your class before taking it so that you feel more at ease and a lot more confident about what you’re walking into! (P.S. YouTube helps a lot).

2. What are the benefits?

This is an obvious one but many times, we just go to a class to go.

We go to try it and hope it will help us get results.

Try researching the benefits ahead of time so that you can better understand why you are doing the workout.

Example: A single Kickboxing Cardio class can burn anywhere from 750-900 calories per hour.

Say you’ve taken this class twice this week. You are planning to do an extra hour of cardio on the treadmill.

Given the calories you’ve already burned – does that make sense?

Maybe, but chances are, you are not getting the best results out of your workouts.

Work smart – plan ahead.

3. Go at your own pace!

Hey, it’s your first time taking the class you decided to try!

Give yourself some props but listen to you body!

Trust me, trying to look like a pro at your first time taking a class will only make you look foolish. The instructor is there to make sure you understand the workout at your own pace and to make sure you still get a kick as* workout, regardless.

4. Dress the part

It’s important to be in something comfortable – most workout clothes will normally be fine for any classes.

However for classes such as cycling (where you will sweat a lot) have something that wicks moisture away.

Do some research and make sure you are comfortable for best workout results. And of course, it doesn’t hurt to wear something you feel confident in.

5. Have Fun!

Yes, you are there to workout.

Yes, you don’t know what you are doing yet.

But so what?

Go to the class with the mindset that it will be a productive time regardless.

Let your worries and stress fade away. Have fun, enjoy, it is your “me time” after all.

Now, go dominate that class while looking great and feeling confident at the same time!

You got this! 🙂