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Dynamic vs. Static Stretching

Dynamic Stretching vs. Static Stretching Explained

Hey guys! As I’ve progressed with my workouts, I’ve started to research the most proactive ways to stretch. Let’s face it – nobody has ever said “I can’t wait to stretch” after (or even before) an intense workout, haha! Since stretching isn’t our favorite thing in the world – let’s at least make sure we are doing […]

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Cute Workout Clothes - Fear Ordinary

Gym Outfit: Look & Feel Great…

Hey loves! So as you know, I am slightly obsessed with health & fitness. But sometimes, it can get a bit boring if we don’t make it fun, especially what we wear at the gym. We always want to look our best because if we feel great, chances are we are staying there longer and working extra […]

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Relationships: How Choosing The Right Partner Is Crucial For Your Health…

Often times, when choosing a partner we tend to not care as much as we should about their eating tendencies, such as how often they workout, or if they care at all about their health. I understand that this may sound extreme to you. However, before choosing a partner, you want to make sure they […]

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Dehydration: How It Set Me Back

Dehydration can absolutely DESTROY your fitness goals. Water is obviously essential for our survival but our daily intake is vital when trying to lose weight or enjoy an overall healthier lifestyle. I hate the taste of water. I’ve have struggled all my life to drink water on a daily basis. I would go days drinking only juice, iced coffee, […]

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5 Things To Know Before Taking Your First Gym Class

Hello everyone! As you may or may not know- I have taken on the challenge to try every single class my gym has to discover what pushes me the most. I want to get the perfect class (or two) that will get me the best results. But before taking a class, it’s important to know these 5 […]

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