Let’s get real

Man, as I am sitting here sipping off a glass of “Prophecy” red wine. I think it’s super ironic that I’m about to share my favorite online store for active wear.

But truthfully, balance is key. If you enjoy a glass of wine. It’s okay to have it every now and then. I haven’t had wine in months, and today I’m celebrating, you know? =)

Do I really need a reason? No. But I got plenty.

For starters, this comfy Ellie Active Wear for this month’s box is insanely comfortable. I can’t seem to take it off. The over-sized hoodie is kinda everything.

I’m all about the deets. So I needed to show them off for you.

Can I also say that this sports bra is THE MOST COMFORTABLE sports bra I have EVER owned. Even by Ellie. And I went with a size small everything this month. I rather wear it all day than any of my bras. It’s LIFE.

The pants by the way are high waist, but like really. They are.

P.S. They really tighten the belly and lift the butt. It’s a must have in every girls’ closet.

In case you also wanted to know, Boston is “Chicago windy” today…

So the below pic will have to do (without my face showing). Let’s just imagine that’s in right now LOL!

On a serious note (sort of), check out Ellie and find out why I freaking love them.

Every month, you get the cutest box delivered to your door, with another 3 reasons to hit the gym HARD. I mean, if cute gym outfits don’t motivate you to workout, I don’t know what will.


CLICK HERE for direct site link. 





Transparency: Discover your RAW self again!

Look at me smiling from the inside out in the picture above

And ask yourself, “When was the last time I truly felt deep/meaningful happiness?”

Like the type that you almost feel like you want to cry from finally arriving to that state of mind


Today, I want to share a little more about me with you

And I want to thank Ellie Active Wear for actually giving me the inspiration to do so.

A few days ago, I was going back and forth with the representative of Ellie

You know, we were talking details, such as when my box will arrive and what to expect (stay tuned for more deetz)

And the representative was telling me every detail because they pride on TRANSPARENCY

They want their clients to KNOW what they are getting

And not hide any changes or details that might surprise them

I thought that was very cool and this week, it just so happens “transparency” came up a lot

I don’t know if it was just because that word was already on my mind about Ellie Active Wear

Or if it was pure coincidence!

But I had back to back meetings this week

On Monday, I met my new boss and he used that word pretty often when describing his way of managing

On Tuesday (yesterday), I had an all day meeting in Boston with the top leadership team

And again, that word came up a lot

And it got me to thinking, “How TRUE to myself am I everyday?

How authentic am I being around my colleagues, friends, family, clients?

And, “Is that adding or removing stress from my day-to-day life?”

When you’re not being your authentic self, you are not fooling anyone but yourself

The joke is really on you

Why? Because you’re the one suffering. You’re the one stressing and you don’t even realize why

You don’t recognize the cause because you’ve been acting for so long!

We were brought up to believe we have to act a certain way to please people around us

We have to say, look, and act a certain way to be loved, to FEEL loved

We get caught up in what Miguel Ruiz from “The Four Agreements” would say, in our own “hell”

Yes, those are harsh words to describe where MOST of us are living today

(I don’t care how much money you have, how successful you are. Your mansion isn’t bringing you true happiness)

Think about the last time you didn’t care ONCE in an entire day of what someone thought of you?

Man, I don’t even think I can say I lived a day without worrying about it at least once

And that’s after being AWARE of my own “HELL”

You LIVE to please others and forget to please yourself.

And the sickening part is we think that’s normal!


After reading “The Four Agreements”, it brought a lot of things to light for me

Its made me more aware of my day-to-day actions that led to unhappiness

And it is molding me back to my five-year old self

Remember when you were five?

Did you care what anyone thought?

You were FREE, genuinely happy, didn’t listen to other’s opinions of you because you believed in your own

You were your true AUTHENTIC self

I know what you are thinking

“Talita, I was five. I didn’t have a job or a single worry in the World. How can I come to that same happiness now?”

WELL, Mr. or Ms. reader, you are absolutely right!

Life today versus life when you and I were 5 has DRASTICALLY changed

However, that happiness and being authentic to self is still very much attainable!

I am living proof that my happiness rate has RAISED to a different level after I understood “The Four Agreements

Don’t believe me?

Please pick up the book and read it

Find out more about this small tease I just wrote

I want you to understand why life is so difficult for you today

And how you CAN turn it around by simply changing FOUR things.


Thank you Ellie Active Wear for this inspiration through our brief email exchange

And guys, please check out Ellie Active Wear for your monthly box of gym-wear goodies!

Above is an example of May’s Box which were alternate items to promote everyone’s uniqueness

It comes with 5 workout items every month

This month, I got an arm phone holder, stress balls, those ridiculously amazing leggings, sports bra & shirt

Guess for how much?!

ONLY $49.95 a month

And you can cancel or skip any month!

As you all know, fitness is a huge passion of mine. But staying motivated is hard, even for me!

A cute box full of amazing gym goodies will get any girl excited to show their new gym-wear off 😉


Find them on Instagram: @EllieActiveWear

Or check out their site HERE.

Til next time my loves!



TIME OUT: When was the last time you gave yourself one?

They say Chicago is the windiest city of them all

But after this weekend, I beg to differ.

Can you blame me?

Hey guys!!

I hope you had an amazing Easter (if you celebrate)

I had a nice lunch with the rents

And wore this colorful dress and fun heels

But I’m actually here to talk about taking a “time out”


Last week, I took a break from the gym because my whole routine had gone “Gone Baby Gone

I was very upset and I didn’t know what I was doing wrong

I needed to step out of my routine, so I could look at it from a different perspective

Taking time off sometimes can be the greatest thing you can do


Because it allows you to think clearer

In my case, I discovered some of the reasons why living a healthy lifestyle all of a sudden wasn’t pleasurable for me

It felt like so much work and so much stress

And instead of feeling great about myself for taking care of my health, I was feeling quite the opposite

I was feeling down all the time. I felt like a failure.

And then, finally, after a week off from feeling shitty- something clicked!

I was focusing too much on the wrong things

And I bet you, you can relate to some of it

Here are some of the things I was focusing on:

-Weighing myself everyday after waking up

-Looking for body improvements everyday

-Not giving myself a break, ever

-Overly discussing my fitness goals in my relationship

Gahh.. Ok, I won’t lie. Reading what I just typed is making me depressed.

That’s how terrible all those things were to me.


I know, if you’ve been working out for years and you got this healthy lifestyle down.

You might want to weigh yourself. Because you already look fantastic, so those numbers won’t phase you.

To me, since it’s so new. Those numbers were devastating.

They were affirmation that nothing I was doing was working or at least that’s how I saw it when everyday, nothing would change..

So for now, I’m staying away from the scale and focusing on how I feel, on the positives.

I want to focus on how my energy level is, on lifting heavier. 

And less on looking in the mirror and stepping on a scale.


Looking in the mirror to see “what’s changed” is a horrific way to start your day

Instead, we should love our bodies for what they are right now

Own your body, your look.

Going forward, I will no longer look for changes. But be grateful for the body I do have.


Overly discussing/sharing my goals in my relationship was a mistake

This is obviously my personal experience

But to me, it started out great until it became negative

The message I kept hearing was, “You are not giving it your all, that’s why you’re not seeing results”

And that’s pretty shitty to hear from someone you care about

Sometimes, we need to hear tough love from our partners

But when it’s constant, you start feeling down and even worse, you start feeling let down

This was my mistake for trying to look for affirmation from anyone but me

I should be my biggest cheerleader.

So starting now, I’m my biggest cheerleader.


Some of these are pretty personal but I felt like many of us can relate.

We often times don’t give ourselves enough credit

And look for others to do it for us

We let ourselves down and many times don’t even understand why

It’s important to stop and think about what’s making us unhappy

That’s the only way you can improve your life, and your well-being.

I hope this post was helpful.

Let me know if you ever had an “AH-HA!” moment like the above, and what you’ve uncovered by digging deep =)



Sportswear: East Coast Style

Ok, so before I start. I’d just like to say how frigging happy I am it’s finally nice out in Boston!

Today was about 77 degrees and you know you’re from New England when you’re content with 77!

My job requires me to do a lot of driving, so the nicer the weather, the happier I am

But back to this sportswear that I’m rocking, because let’s face it- it’s pretty fab

I love that it represents my coast!

The East Coast!

Oh, and I also love THE PRICE!

CLICK HERE to find out.

I paired it with bombshell sportswear pants

You can find it by clicking HERE.

If you’re a guy and want to buy your girl something nice for the gym. This is it!


Missed the links?

CLICK HERE for crop top sweatshirt

CLICK HERE for pants

Shoes are converse

Until next time, babes 😉



Read this if you are discouraged by your results in the gym

Hey babes

Turns out I won’t be able to write a blog post daily like I wanted to =\

I got promoted to this very self-driven, challenging, awesome job last year and it’s taking me a while to adjust

I really want to mostly focus my energy on learning everything I can in the next three months

And because it’s been so stressful, I figured why not add a picture of me in Venice, Italy from last year 🙂

It’s always great practice when you’re going through a stressful time, to look back at something you are grateful for

Specially, something you were able to do because of why you’re stressed

(ex. because of my job, I can afford a trip to Italy)


Today I wanted to drop a quick reminder that it’s YOUR journey!

I think we all need this reminder sometimes

I see and follow so many amazing fitness models or fitness bloggers

They look perfect, but we can’t forget we are looking at the “finished” project

We also can’t forget what they have sacrificed to get there…

Pizza nights, wine, ice cream, pasta and much more!

I’ll be the first to admit it, I’m the first to complain and wonder why I don’t look a certain way

I tell myself, “You workout so much! You should be there by now. This is pointless!”

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve said EXACTLY that

And then, I remind myself of the entire pizza I had to myself the week before

The “cheat day” not “cheat meal” I had ‘that other weekend’

I mean, how can I say I’m doing everything right?

I’m NOT fully invested if that’s what’s happening, and neither are you

It sucks to hear it but we need to hear the truth to start getting in the right track!

I’ve started eating 100% healthy, and hitting my macros not even a month ago

Before that, I was killing myself at the gym

But guess what?

I wasn’t getting the results I wanted

What you eat is 80% of your results

So FIRST, stop the pity party you are throwing yourself (have self compassion)

TWO, re-evaluate what you have eaten or start a food diary of what you eat everyday

THREE, start over again!

YES! Start over but this time, be wiser

We fall and we get back up again

We don’t give up on our dreams

We only live once and if we’re lucky, we live a full life

And guess what?

A big part of that is how we treat our bodies.


You got this! 😉

Please feel free to email me (tali@fearordinary.com) if you are not sure how to go about your diet

 Or text me if you know my number!

I’ll be happy to stir you in the right direction 

We’re in this together!

xx Talita

The Importance of finding TRUE happiness: “The Happiness Project”

Hey babes!

On Instagram earlier today, I talked about the importance of finding true happiness

And how reading the book, “The Happiness Project” by Gretchen Rubin,  made me look at happiness in a different light

You might be wondering, “What does that have to do with fitness?”

Well, I don’t know about you but I don’t see unhappy/unmotivated people working out at my gym

Or if I do, they are hardly ever there

This is why mental health is so important in the journey of a healthy lifestyle

For example, to fully recover from a great workout, you must get a good night of sleep

But if you are stressed, you most likely won’t and that will interrupt your journey to a healthier you

So let’s start with a simple solution that author Gretchen Rubin came up with

12 Commandments of Happiness

So here goes nothing, I’ll start!

  1. Don’t be too hard on yourself
  2. Be Patient with work and the gym. Nothing happens overnight
  3. Name 1 thing you are grateful for everyday
  4. In hard times, thank God
  5. In good times, thank God
  6. Meditate daily (15 mins min)
  7. Go to church on Sundays
  8. Live in the present, BE present
  9. Make one person smile everyday
  10. Put your phone away when out with friends and family
  11. Surround yourself and give time to those that uplift you and make you better
  12. Take risks you normally wouldn’t out of fear


In the book, Gretchen started her own commandments to live by

And anytime she didn’t follow them, she reminded herself about them and tried to be better

She did it until she had all her commandments memorized and lived vigorously by them

She mentions how her relationship with her husband improved, her relationship with her kids and friends, as well

And overall, she lived a happier, more fulfilled life because of these little reminders

The book, of course, is a lot more than just these 12 commandments

And I’d highly recommend anyone to read it

But I thought I’d share this one little side note with my fellow friends on here

Because I truly believe, this will make a difference in my life and yours

And help us live everyday, a happier life.

P.S. CLICK HERE for a direct link to the book.

xx Talita

Is it possible to lose muscle after a week or two of not working out?

Today I had one of those days that I’m sure you’ve all been through

After working out consistently, and trying to eat healthy- my daily routine had to be on hold last week

I got two wisdom teeth removed and I was in pretty bad shape for a while

I still forced myself to go to the gym on “day 2” but it wasn’t as intense

Actually, as I type this, I still have a headache from a week ago when I had the oral surgery

And I’m still taking HEAVY meds to fall asleep without pain

(it’s been a super rough week trying to work and workout with the same energy as I normally have)

Anyway, I woke up super bummed that I’ve been “slacking” for a week

They say after 3 days of not working out you start losing muscles

(Click here for a study that shows you can lose up to 80% of muscle in as little as 2 weeks)

I’m not new to exercising but I am new to strength training, so a week definitely did it

I noticed a huge body change when looking in the mirror today =\

I honestly couldn’t have felt more discouraged if I tried

You put in so many hours and so much effort for a week to ruin it?

That’s just not fair. I didn’t choose to have oral surgery, I had to.


I wanted to share this with you guys because this is reality

Even the most driven/motivating fitness models get discouraged

Even them will from time to time look in the mirror and not be pleased with what they see

It’s called being human

Or it’s also called shit happens.

So if you feel that way

Let yourself feel

Maybe give yourself a day off

But then get back at it like a hungry lion/lioness !

Go so hard that you crush every record in your book

Every day you will look slightly different, it’s normal

But this fitness mission we are in is not impossible

A week off or not, the important winning factor is NOT TO GIVE UP

Don’t let your mind fool ya!

It wants you to think it’s not possible. You’re not capable

Fuck those thoughts! 

It is possible and you are capable. And you WILL prove it!

xx Talita

My secret to staying motivated at the gym

Let’s talk fitness

I make fitness a huge priority in my life

It’s so important for me to stay healthy and feel good about my body

And I know most of us feel the same way, even if we aren’t aware of it as much as others

Feeling good about ourselves has a lot more to do with action than it does with looks

Let me explain why…

Think back to a time you were most active in your life

 Maybe you didn’t LOOK the way you wanted to yet but you still FELT amazing

Because you were working towards that goal

You were doing something about it

So your body automatically reacted in a positive way

(Positive actions lead to positive things)


Makes sense?

Now, the same way…

Our mind reacts positively OR negatively to how we feel when we look in the mirror

Which is why ressing well before hitting the gym makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE IN THE WORLD

Let me repeat

Dressing well before hitting the gym makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE IN THE WORLD


Because if you feel SEXY, you feel CONFIDENT and if you feel CONFIDENT, you are in a CONQUERING mindset

NO ONE can stop you.

You don’t care who’s looking, you don’t look at the time as much, you don’t compare yourself to others

You are in the BEST mindset you could possibly be to DESTROY that GOD DAMN WORKOUT!

And start your journey to get in THE BEST SHAPE OF YOUR LIFE.


Now let’s reverse the story

Tonight, you plan to hit the gym because you are partying it up this weekend

And let’s face it

If you workout today, you won’t feel as guilty about that extra drink 😉

But you throw this old, unflattering t-shirt on that makes you look fat

And those baggy pair of sweats because whatever.

How do you feel right now?

Not great, I’m assuming. And DEFINITELY not motivated to kill a workout


You know the saying, “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have

Same goes for the gym!

Dress for the body you want, for the motivation you need to reach that goal!

That’s my secret to staying motivated

And these leggings got me super excited to hit the gym


High waist is my new favorite trend

Don’t you just love it?!

It hides all things unflattering 😉

Plus, the criss cross tie is super adorable


I’ll be sharing this blazer look with you ladies soon, too.

It’s super light, so I LOVE it for Fall in Boston

Plus, it’s symmetrical

My new obsession.


Because I’m a strange cat 😉


I hope this post got you ALL HIPPED UP to go kill a workout

And maybe ready to start your journey to a healthier lifestyle IN STYLE!

Shop this look HERE!

I bet you are blowen away as much as I was when I saw the price.

I don’t like to break my wallet when I shop

And you shouldn’t have to break your wallet to look great, etiher

That’s my motto.


Have a great weekend babes!




Find Out Why You’re Doing Groceries Wrong

Ever heard of the saying, “Abs are made in the kitchen?,” I love and hate that saying.

I love it because it’s so raw to it’s point and I hate it because it’s so damn hard to do. You know? Major struggle to eat healthy all day, everyday. Shout out to all the instagram models LOL! (for real though!)

I’ve tried many things, and looked up many websites to find the “secret” to staying on track. But the secret is simple: Eating Healthy Starts In The Supermarket! 

Yes! You’ve heard it here first!! It starts when you do your grocery shopping. And from the moment you step foot in that supermarket- you are in FULL control of how your week is about to go.

Have you ever looked around to see what people are buying for the week or month at the supermarket? :O) Please start to if you haven’t already. It’s terrifying. 12 packs of sodas, tons of bread, ice cream, cereals filled with sugar, processed foods on processed foods, etc…

Yuck. You get where I’m getting at! =|

Can we all agree that we want to max out our years of life? I know I do! But it can’t be real that 95% of the people shopping at the supermarket don’t see it. I just can’t wrap my head around that thought.

Anyway, once I moved out of my parents house a couple of years ago is when I started to have full control of the food I eat. I realized that knowing my obsession with “xyz” (example: bread). If I had bread in my possession, I would eat it all in a week or less- every week. So why not spare myself the temptation, and not have it around?

Sounds simple? That’s because it is! All you got to do is NOT buy unhealthy food.

With all that said- I decided to be “the girl taking pics of her groceries in the supermarket” this Sunday to give you guys some ideas of what to buy when you do your own shopping! 😉


  Yasss honeyy.. The lady behind me definitely wanted to ask me why. But she didn’t. LMAO!  healthygroceries

Let’s start with PROTEIN! My favorite.

Ryan makes fun of me for buying those packages of fish. But honestly, it’s the greatest thing ever for meal prepping. You have about 6 individual packages inside and all you have to do is season them!

I usually buy different types of fish every week. And this week I also bought chicken, as you can see below.

But I switch it up, so I don’t get sick of the same old. =)


And of course, when talking protein- we can’t forget the eggs. I have 3 eggs every morning, so I need lots of eggs every week.

 I also have a “Kashi” Organic Promise cereal (healthiest cereal you can have & great source of carbs).


I’m also slightly obsessed with Greek Yogurt (0%). I have it as a snack with chia seeds, banana, and granola.

If you follow me on insta, I must have posted a trillion pics of it by now haha! 


Milk! Guys- the Silk Soymilk below is EVERYTHING. I have it with my cereal every morning, it is DELICIOUSSSSS. I can’t emphasize it enough, I really can’t. I kind of want to have it right now. haha!

The 2% I normally get they didn’t have, so I bought the one below. I’ll have 2% with my protein shakes. Milk with 0% does absolutely nothing for you. Which is why I stir away from it.


Protein bars are honestly not my favorite thing in the world to consume. Buuut, sometimes if I need to hit my macros- a protein bar is an easy snack to have.

For instance, for breakfast if you’re running late. Pick a bar and go. Boom!

The one below is so far my favorite. I want to say I tried it all but that would be me exaggerating lol! I did try tons though and I should add I can be very picky with my bars. I like them not too sweet but sweet’ish..(I just made up a new word but you understand where I’m going here) 😉


Ok. So aside from being picky with bars, I HAAAAAAAAATE water. I know it has no taste, so I guess I hate the taste of no taste? But seriously, I really do. I have hated it all my life. Until I found propel. First, I used to buy the bottles but they got too pricey- so I buy the flavors and add it to my water. I bring 3 bottles of water to work everyday. And my mission is to finish it before I get home. It works for me =) Propel has every flavor but as you can see, kiwi strawberry is my favorite. Not sick of it yet. =)


Greenssss.. Must have! Olivia’s Organics all day. Soo soo good! This is also perfect for making green juice! Spinach & Kale is the perfect combo.


Sweet potatoes! They are A MUST HAVE in my book. People say it doesn’t matter if they are sweet or not. Well, for those people all I can say is I’m not taking chances and I love my sweet thangs.I usually cook them in the oven, fries shaped. I season it many different ways every week.

Add me on snap: “Fear_Ordinary” I usually share my prepping every week.


I love this pasta more than life. Ryan’s mom found this gem. It takes 10-15 minutes to prepare and it has 9g of protein and 48g of carbs. This is not to have everyday, obv. But if your macros fit, this baby is a 10.


This week I started buying this Starbucks unsweetened to save money on coffee. It’s less than $7 and will last me more than a week. Hollerrrrrrrrr! Energy booster, come to mama! =)


Lastly, I did want to point out the mixed veggies next to the bananas. Those are so yummy and it takes less than 10 minutes in the microwave. Easy way to get your veggies in and tastes AMAZE.



Soooooooo.. what did you guys think!!!? I hope I inspired you to start a healthy lifestyle. And to stir away from all the bad aisles in the supermarket. Start your healthy lifestyle when you step foot in the market and you will see how much progress you will have and how much healthier you will eat!

That’s all for now babes! 






“What Doesn’t Kill You, Makes You Stronger”

Recently on my instagram page, I have been posting a lot of workout selfies and videos (sorry about the selfies haha! I deleted some to spare the aggravation- I hate when people post selfies all day like “calm down Queen B, you ain’t all that” haha). So I wanted to share a little bit about what I am doing since the gym has recently become my second home.

In January, after the holidays shenanigans, I was back at the gym hardcore- ready to be better than I was last year and hopefully start the journey to accomplishing my goals (will it happen this year? It damn better!). I knew, however, that one thing would get in the way, which was my surgery. My doctor had said I would be out for just one month. Well, one month turned into 3 months. I ended up having another unexpected surgery that really took a tow on me (as I’ve mentioned in my earlier posts).

Now, here I am ONCE AGAIN trying to get back into a gym routine that I love. This time, HOPEFULLY, no more surgeries that I don’t plan myself. And no,  I am not planning any ( in case you are wondering haha!).

My biggest goal right now is to tone and lose belly fat. And as we know, cardio is a pretty big factor on that (I know, the assh*le cardio is the key to our dream body, or part of our journey to get our dream body- as weights is the other half).

What I found has worked for me is taking classes. Classes are so fun, you are in a group setting, you get to meet people with the same passion/goals as you and time just flies.

Today I started taking “spin & strength” class again. I am going at 5:40 am, before work. And I will let you guys know how that goes. I really enjoyed being done with my workout, showered, have had breakfast and ready to go to work before 7am today. And then being able to go again after work because “Never skip leg day!” =) it felt GREAT! i swear I am not bullshitting here. LOL!

My goal is to go 3x a week, do cardio in the morning then workout at night. And the other 2x, keep going in the morning but for my regular workouts and take the night off to write on my blog, read or do something for myself.

I don’t really know why I never considered this before. Probably because I’m not a morning person but honestly, you are whoever you tell your mind to be. Tell yourself you will get up,  and you will get shit done. And trust me, you will do it and you will love it. Because you told yourself so.

I find it’s super important to have a plan. I highly suggest if you have a busy week like I do, to write down your workout plan for the week and the time you will be doing your workouts.

Summer is around the corner. But we got this ladies! 😉 Let’s get that body looking right, and most importantly, let’s feel great naked. Because that’s the goal =) Once you are completely satisfied, then you will love yourself in any outfit or bikini. And there’s really no better feeling. Find your motivation and let’s get it done!!

“What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.”


(Me last year at my first Spartan Race)