Floral Fever: Who’s got it?


I know I certainly do!

I love myself anything overly feminine LOL

So when I found this jumpsuit, I had to do what had to be done

Do you have your floral prints yet for this season?

If not, definitely check this look out


First of, the details in this jumpsuit are freaking amazing you guys

I literally CANNOT

You have the open back criss-cross going on

But then you also have the details in the front

It’s so sexy, yet not too aggressive. Which is what I strive for in fashion.

I want to look like I give a shit, but not too much that it’s taken over my life

Know what I mean? 😉

I’m also not gonna lie

I’m already picturing myself wearing this jumpsuit to my next girls brunch

This is such a Sunday outfit, don’t you think?

Like, who wants to think about what they are going to wear on a Sunday?!


Jumpsuits are so effortless!

If you don’t know what to wear. NO PROBLEM!

It’s one item you put on and out the door you go

The best part of it all, you look fabulous in seconds!

It’s LIFE.

Anyway, all this talk is making me want to plan a girls brunch now 😉

Hope you guys enjoyed this look!


Get a similar look HERE.


Catch you later!



Jord Watch


Hand-crafted, wood timepieces.

Jord focuses on creating watches not only for people who have somewhere to be, they have somewhere to go.

They have a variety of brains (artists, designers, marketers) behind the scenes to design JUST the right timepiece

They focus on modern styles and value sustainability, efficiency and experiential living.

What I love about their watches?

You can’t find one like it by walking in to any local store.

They are truly unique, beautiful, wood-watches.

I love how stylish their designs are, too.

You can literally wear it out to a fancy dinner or to a casual get-together

I got Ryan the “Frankie series” called “Dark Sandalwood & Smoke”

It’s pretty sick but just one of their various designs

Check them out HERE, if you’re bored with the usual styles and looking for something that stands out.

Accessorize it any way you want!

I love the bracelets Ryan has here, it’s just the right finishing touch to make it look more modern!

But they are so cool looking, that you don’t need to accessorize at all and it will still be eye-catching.

I’ve always been a watch lover.

And a HUGE believer that every men’s BEST accessory is a good watch

It says so much about what you like and who you are

I always looked for the watch when I was dating


If you’re a guy reading this, and you don’t have a nice watch…

GET ON IT and thank me later!

If you’re a girl reading this and looking for gift ideas for the man of your life…

GET ON IT and thank me later!

Direct link is HERE.



Best practices to get you hyped up for 2017: Look of the week!


I can’t even begin to share my excitement for ALL of us

We have 365 days to do whatever it is we set ourselves out to do

However, as much as I love the concept of thinking of the entire year ahead of us to reach our goals

There’s nothing like taking it one day at a time

Don’t you think?


“Patience & persistence” are my two focus words this year

Or as Ry would say, “your two peas (p’s)” haha!

I need to always go back to them when I get discouraged

So I’m writing them down in my room’s white board as an everyday reminder

 I feel I always reach more of my goals when I think of them more often

And that’s one way I found has worked best for me in 2016

What are you doing this year to keep yourself accountable for your goals?

Another best practice is planning out your week on a Sunday

That’s one best practice I didn’t do in 2016. And that I am almost 100% sure would’ve made ALL THE DIFFERENCE

The saying,“If you don’t plan to succeed, you plan to fail” is beyond true!

If I had a consistent gym schedule,and meal schedule planned out- I’d be in better shape today

I could sit here and beat myself up for it and be upset

(I kind of already did do all that)

But I should just take it as a lesson learned and not repeat the same mistake again!

LASTLY, this year will be the year I use my cell phone THE LEAST!

I plan to use my cell the least amount of time as possible, mostly just to blog and make important calls.

Cell phones are the reason relationships are failing, friends aren’t communicating and ideas are not being born

I want to let my mind wander, I want to listen more, to live more, to love more.

I’ve already started this rule with a few friends

I went out with two of my girlfriends and we didn’t have our cell phones on us

We had the BEST conversations with zero distractions and were able to fully enjoy each other’s company

I also did that with Ryan this weekend and we had the best weekend talking about everything imaginable

It was truly wonderful to be in the moment with the people I love

When was the last time you were truly present?

It’s sad to think of all the people sitting at a dinner table with their family/friends, texting someone who’s not there

It’s sad to think of how our generation has changed (for the worst when it comes to self-confidence & happiness)

But it takes one person to make this world a better place

And I hope this gets you inspired to do the same!


Oh and if you like this look…

CLICK HERE to check out this maxi asymmetric skirt

Belt & shoes from Love Culture.

I am so excited to share so much more with you guys this year!

Stay tuned

And thank you again for all the love and support 🙂


“Feathers are reminders that angels are always near.”

As the holidays are near, I always think of those no longer around to celebrate these happy times with me

Not in a sad way, per say

But in a, “wonder what it’s like to celebrate next to the “big guy” kind of way”

Call me crazy, but I believe there’s a God

It brings me comfort knowing good people are in a good place

And maybe, even looking after us from “up there”

Like our own special angels 🙂

Talking about the holidays! What are you all wearing for these upcoming ones?!

I’m wearing this beautiful feather dress by LazyCaturday

 They have some pretty phenomenal collections, very worth checking out for that special occasion coming up!

They also carry a lot of casual looks, if you lean more towards the casual side.

This specific dress I’m wearing is one of their TOP sellers

The feathers have a beautiful green color that shines, and the off shoulder velvet top is so FESTIVE & fun!

It’s a fashionista’s dream come true!

I know I share a lot of international companies.

LAZYCATURDAY, however, is based in the U.S 🙂

(P.S. you can also find them on IG: “lazycaturday1”)

Which is pretty sweet 😉

This dress arrived in just a couple of days to me. Which was LIFE SAVING, as I needed a Christmas dress BADLY.

CLICK HERE for more details on this emerald feather dress!

I paired it with tights and a nice pair of black heels.

I also added my gold watch from Marc Jacobs (I call it my holiday watch because it’s so sparkly) and a cute bracelet

The best accessory you can wear though is definitely a killer smile 😉

So don’t leave it at home this weekend!

I hope you guys enjoyed this holiday look

And even more so, that you enjoy the holidays with your loved ones!

And thank you Lazycaturday for sending me this beauty! 🙂



Get Warm & Cozy With Me!

You guys, I can’t believe Thanksgiving was last week

I hope you all had an amazing time with family and friends

I loved every minute of it 🙂

So… I have a confession to make

I’ve totally been behind on showing you more fun holiday outfits

And I am SO SO sorry about it

I’ve been so sick these past two weeks

It’s just a cold but since it’s freezing in Boston, I couldn’t really risk going out and taking photos

EXCEPT today

I couldn’t wait any longer for this cold to pass

I want you guys to take advantage of Cyber Monday!

So I wanted to share one of my “can’t take off my body” outfits.

Let me start by sharing this Plaid Midi Wool Skirt

P.S. It has side pockets, too!

I’ve gotten endless compliments on this skirt

It’s warm, stylish, and super flattering



I wore it many different ways

I have done the super casual flats look, high heel boots but I love this look the most

These buckle design short boots are so freaking adorable

It says, “I’m not trying too hard but you know I’m rocking this look”




I would definitely suggest getting a size up from your regular size

These shoes run small.

And as far as shirts go, I loved pairing this outfit with this lace up lucky top 😉

I’m all about comfort in the winter and I love the material and of course, you can’t go wrong with lace ups!

It’s so flirty and daring.



The hat I bought in this cute store in Italy

It was surprisingly affordable but I see a lot of the same style hats in stores like “Love Culture” or “Forever 21”


It definitely adds an extra sense of style to the outfit.


I hope you guys enjoyed this week’s holiday inspired outfit!





Have a wonderful week!



Holiday inspired outfit: Look of the week!

HOLY smack in the face

The holidays are around the corner

And as usual, I am not SLIGHTLY ready

Can anyone else relate?

I wish I could help you guys with gift ideas, but I am the worst gift buyer

But I can help you impress your guests with some lovely holiday outfits! Deal?

So let’s start with this beautiful, romantic floral dress

Because I always associate holidays with romance

I don’t know what it is about it but I mean, look at how beautiful the trees are this time of the year

And then closer to Christmas/Hanukkah, we have winter wonderland

I love our seasons here in Boston, they are MAGICAL.


This spaghetti straps crochet flower cut out dress is perfection for hosting your guests

It’s elegant, beautiful, and extremely comfortable

But if you want a more laid-back look

Throw in this beautiful cardigan and you’ll be good to go!


I love that it makes it a bit more casual but adds on to the romantic look.


I paired this outfit with these lace up nude heels


But you can style this outfit with flats, red, black or silver heels just as well.

When it comes to style, there is no right or wrong

The important thing is to make your personality come alive and have fun with it!


Wearing something you won’t feel confident in is asking for a bad freaking night.

When you feel good, it shows!


Wear your biggest smile this holiday season

Be grateful for all the little things, for they are DEFINITELY the big things




And enjoy being the star of the party!

Love this look?






And stay tuned for more holiday inspired outfits!




Get Holiday Inspired: All Things Red & Nude Please!

I want to start by saying a heartfelt THANK YOU to those who served and continue to serve our Country

I was not born in the U.S. but I take pride in being a U.S. Citizen

And with that, I try to learn as much as I can about its history.


So here are some facts I’ve learned that you may or may not already know:

  • 2 million veterans are women
  • Of the 16 million Americans who served during WWII (1941-1945), about 620,000 are still alive
  • There are about 21 million military veterans in the United States

I also find it so important to thank our veterans regardless of what day of the year it is.

Whenever you meet a veteran, please thank them for their service.

It’s the least we can do to show our respect and appreciation.


In banking, I’ve had the privilege to get to know so many people from various backgrounds

People from all over the world.

And out of those wonderful beings, I’ve had the pleasure of hearing many stories

Including stories from veterans.

And it saddens me so much to see the amount of HATRED we are seeing with this election

Because one party didn’t get their way.

The amount of VIOLENCE we are seeing

It’s truly embarrassing & shameful how this Country is dealing with the outcome of this election

I hope at one point, we can all come together as one to make this Country better than it already is

We have a lot of work to do

And one president will not solve it all. That’s for damn sure.

But TOGETHER, putting our differences aside…

We CAN make this Country one that our veterans would be PROUD of.


Thankfully, I think we all want peace.

We just need to learn how to send that to others by our own actions.


Honestly, a simple smile sometimes will do.

Other cultures that are being judged and many times “looked down” on, fear simply taking a walk on a Sunday

I always make it a point to smile and say “good morning!” to those who least expect it

And not surprisingly, they are always shocked by an act of kindness by hearing a simple “hello”

It’s so unusual today.

FEAR has taken over our hearts.


Now, enough of me venting to you guys!

I’m sure you hear enough about this on Facebook 😉

Let’s get HOLIDAY inspired!

I was SO FREAKING EXCITED to share this look with you 🙂

This winter coat is EVERYTHING

And the red heels with a bowl? I mean, *insert jaw dropping reaction here*

I can’t deal.


I wore this coat under faux leather leggings (YESS! Pleather is my newest obsession can’t.get.enough)

I think my cat woman outfit from Halloween is to blame. 😉


Wear this if you want to make a bold statement this holiday season.

And please, spread love not hate.







Have a great weekend loves!



Not a jewelry girl? No problem!

Let me start by saying, I’m not a jewelry girl.

I go to work and I see co-workers that wear jewelry every-single-day

Their necklace matches their pants, or earrings match their necklace that then matches their shoes

You get the point.

And there’s nothing wrong with that!

But I just can’t do that every morning or any morning

Or night…..

Ok! You got me!

I just rather stick to wearing cute clothes and hoping that it’s good enough to show I look “put together” somehow

Until, I found Boston Baubles


Their collection is so delicate that you can wear their pieces to your day-to-day tasks without having to think twice!

Take for instance, this gold necklace!

No more worrying about matching my lipstick, pants, or shirt. Plus, it’s personalized JUST FOR YOU.

Not to mention, it makes a perfect gift to that special someone. 🙂


So if you are like me, and just don’t have time to look like “Ms. Put Together,” everyday.

This might be the answer for you too!


P.S. How awesome is my personalized bracelet?

Thank you Boston Baubles for the best first birthday gift! 🙂


By the way, how cute is this nude long sleeve crop top?


Shop this look here:

Mock Neck Long Sleeve Cropped Sweater for less than $15!

Skirt was last season: White House Black Market

Necklace & Bracelet




Give Monday the cold shoulder with me!

Mondays done right are Mondays you can conquer with a smile on your face

A Monday you can give the “cold shoulder” to.

Because a day of the week can’t “tell” you what kind of day to have.

Neither can anyone.

You are in FULL control of your mood and of your day, today and everyday.


And as I am typing this, don’t think for a minute I’m not also lecturing myself

I need this pep talk as much as anyone else.



 Since this Monday was a beautiful one here in Boston..

You might have decided to attack it with that cold-shoulder dress you thought you wouldn’t see again for a while



I mean, you only live once!

Am I, right? 😉

And life is all in the details…


This cold-shoulder maxi dress got just the right amount of details to make you fall deadly in love.

CLICK HERE to see more 🙂


Nature has always had a place in my heart

It’s my drug

I know I always say it. But is there anything more beautiful and peaceful?

Nature leaves me as breathless as anytime I look up to see the moon

There is something so comforting knowing that there are still so many things science can’t explain

I mean, look in the mirror. You’re one of them.


So if Monday is the day you dread the most

Start something new today, and do something that turns it around

Whether it’s taking a walk to a beautiful lake

Or listening to your favorite podcast before you head out to work.

Make it a point to make the most out of everyday by doing something you love


Life is beautiful

But it’s up to you to see the beauty in everything and everyone.

Happy Monday beauties and Happy Shopping!


Oh, and don’t forget!

The drawing to win $50 off one of my all-time favorite stores is still going on!

Comment on my latest pic and tag a friend

Make sure you are following me to qualify.

The drawing will take place this Sunday, November 6th- so I can celebrate my birthday with you all!


I’m also getting my make-up professionally done and I can’t wait to share more with you ladies!

Wish you could all be there

But I’ll make sure I take lots of pictures to share with you.

Oh, and…

Shop my look HERE.




Let’s get risky!

Have you ever just felt like being a bad ass biotch?

Someone that gave zero f’s?

Clearly, I am not that person because I can’t write a swear word without feeling weird about it


However, getting risky sometimes is SO GOOD FOR YOUR SOUL!

It EXCITES you and almost gives you this new edge you’ve been craving


Alright, so now promise not to judge

Because RISKS are called risks for a reason

SPECIALLY, when it comes to fashion 😉

So, I’ve been kind of dying to try the “high slit” dress that every Hollywood star has successfully pulled off

Key word: successfully

And so I went ahead and gave the high slit a shot

I mean, what’s the harm if it’s THIS PRICE?

The worst that could happen is I don’t look like Angelina Jolie with it on, right?


And this is what happened…


My face seriously can’t hide anything, EVER!

I don’t want to “trash” on this style because I still love it on others

It MAY just be THIS specific dress, and THIS specific size that didn’t go well with my measurements, my size, my style.

You just never know, sometimes!

Women tend to be so hard on themselves when something that’s “supposed” to look good, doesn’t.

I am so guilty of that, just ask my friends!

But we need to remind ourselves that not everything will look the way it does on the cover of a magazine

We are not photo-shopped, we are REAL. And we should be PROUD of that!



I just felt like I couldn’t walk without showing off WAY TOO MUCH of EVERYTHANG with this on x)

So I was a bit disappointed

SammyDress is however, one of my favorite online stores for dresses, coats, shirts, etc…

So I was really hoping to wear this on my birthday

But that won’t be happening anymore, which is ok!

This is my first not-so-great experience with them.

Plus, the shipping was 3 days or less which is also fantastic!

And again, for THAT price- you can never be that disappointment.


This is supposed to be a club dress

Which my club days are officially over outside of maybe 5 days out of the year

I will say though- If you wear this to the beach over a bathing suit- you can ROCK it

What happens in Vegas or Miami is a lot of times more acceptable than what happens in Boston


So there you have it!

CLICK HERE to check this baby out and find similar/BETTER styles

Or get this baby to sex it up at the beach on your next “bae-cation”

Style is what you make of it.