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“A girl should be two things: Who and what she wants”

Fashion is a way I get to express myself. It’s my art.

I also believe looking good shouldn’t equal to sacrificing your bank account

Save money and look good with me. I got you! ;)

Fall Look 2017: Raw

                      Hi there babes! Holy shit, it’s been a minute- I want to apologize for the inconsistency with the blog I took a good chunk of time off to figure out how I can be my true-raw-self and deliver only quality stuff So for the […]

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Dress like Kylie: SHEIN wish list

Let me start by saying I’m not a Kylie fan However, I know many of you guys are And so, I wanted to share an affordable way to dress just like Kylie (according to her latest episode) We’ll start with my fave- this rib knit lettuce edge crop bardot top She wore it when getting […]

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EllieActiveWear: August Box & more!

Okay-MAJOR NEWNESS going on today and a VERY exciting one, too! As some of you ladies who follow me know, I’m an Ellie Active Wear girl fan! I love their monthly box subscription and how they never cheat you with lame stuff you’ll never wear They’re bomb! But I also understand that not everyone can […]

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Less is more: Shop Smart

Raise your hand if you like to shop! *hands and feet in the air* Lately, however, I’ve been very cautious with my money I feel it’s 10x more important to have cash in the bank than to wear a brand name This weekend, I was talking to a girlfriend of mine about it We both […]

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Champagne Mama: Look of the week!

They call me “Champagne Mama” haha No, they really don’t but that’d be HILARIOUS! On all seriousness though, how much of a life saver is champagne if you’re into staying slim & fit?! Did you know four ounces of champagne is roughly 90 calories? That’s less than your average glass of wine Yes, bachelor lovers. […]

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A happy life starts with a happy mind: My steps to living a happier life

A happy life starts with a happy mind So here are some tips, as I share this look of the week on how I maintain a happy mind Let me start by saying, I have challenges and struggles just like everybody else Life throws so many lemons at you and sometimes you just don’t feel […]

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Look of the week: Denim everything, please!

DENIM EVERYTHING After a long week of rain, all I’ve been thinking about is how we finally get beach weather this weekend (PRAISE.THE.LORD) Yesterday, I was so inspired by how nice the weather was that I re-organized my entire closet with summer clothes It took me over four hours, and 3 bags of clothes I […]

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Top shorts trending for 2017: Wishlist

TOP SHORTS TRENDING FOR 2017 ______________________________________________ Obviously, we are never getting summer weather in Boston until a month before summer is over So really, what is the point? LOL! Just kidding (kind of) But shorts have become such a big fashion staple lately And since I’m currently seeking out some new shorts for this year […]

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When someone tells me they still drive to the mall to shop… Whyyy thoughhh?! The older I get, the wiser I get with my time Time cannot be bought, nor wasted I get the same “high” shopping online, as I would going to the mall, minus the stress of waiting in lines It’s a no-brainer, […]

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Floral Fever: Who’s got it?

FLORAL FEVER, WHO’S GOT IT?! I know I certainly do! I love myself anything overly feminine LOL So when I found this jumpsuit, I had to do what had to be done Do you have your floral prints yet for this season? If not, definitely check this look out I’m IN LOVE First of, the […]

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