Breast Augmentation Part II: The Aftermath, ups and downs

Since I’ve started my blog back a year ago, my top post has been “Sleeping Positions After Breast Augmentation

And because I’m getting readers from literally all over the world looking for answers, I figured let’s talk about it

(P.S. Thank you to all my readers for your love and support. You guys keep me motivated!)


Breast Augmentation Part II


It will be a year this January since I’ve gotten my breast augmentation done

Some girls actually celebrate that shit. I’m not about that life LOL

Although, I’m not throwing a party for my babies. I must say, it was THE BEST DECISION I’ve ever made

So if you are in the fence about it, try to think about WHY?

When I first thought about getting it done- here are some things that stopped me:

People I was dating at the time (didn’t like their experiences with past “fake boobs”)

Let me clarify the above:

A LOT has changed with surgeries today- if you want them NATURAL, you can get them natural. They will feel natural, bounce around like yours do, if yours is saggy now, they will be saggy then- only bigger. And if you want them fake looking (Pamela Anderson version), then you can get those too!

Just make sure you go to the right surgeon, someone with 20+ years of experience with track record to prove it.

My doctor was Dr. Jeffrey Darrow, he was absolutely fantastic.

He has the experience, education and track record. Feel free to look him up if you are in Boston!

He asked me many questions to make sure I would be 100% happy when everything was “said and done,” and in addition, Ryan and I spent HOURS looking at girls with my height, weight, and boob size (prior to surgery and post surgery) to figure out how it would look on me. It was at times, super nerve wrecking.

But research is needed in order for you to choose what is right for you!

I was also afraid I’d lose sensitivity but it’s so rare to happen. And thankfully, it didn’t.

The procedure itself was super smooth and quick (1 hour and a half tops?).

The recovery period is 1 week, yes one week before you’re back to work with your babes!

But during that one week, you will need someone around to help you out.


They don’t start looking 100% natural until I would say at least 3-6 months in.

(depending on the person)

I’d ask your doctor, as it also depends which surgery you’ll choose to do (under boobs, through the nipples, or arm pit).

I was told through the nipples is a no-no, that’s when you are more likely to lose sensitivity.

I did under the boobs, it was the best decision as the cut fades so much, you can hardly see it. And it’s the one likely to heal better and look more natural. Again, consult with your doctor as this was my experience.

Sleeping Positions from MY experience, the first 3 months you need to be very careful.

Sleep upright or on your sides with a sports bra on- don’t go to bed in your birthday suit haha!

At least not for a while.

At the same time, if you are not sleeping well in those positions, you need to consult with your doctor as sleep is a big factor for the healing process.

I now sleep in any position I wish. I honestly have certain positions that are needed for me to fall asleep, otherwise I won’t. So I can’t do without them. But my boobs feel 100% healed.

Keep in mind, it will still feel super weird sleeping with them. Before, I’d sleep on my belly and I wouldn’t really feel any discomfort, but now I do a little because I have these big boobs that are in the way haha!

Also, keep in mind, bathing suit shopping will be SUPER tough depending on the size you choose. Mine is impossible. I literally had the hardest time this summer. And lingerie, don’t get me started. It will have to be all Victoria’s Secret. And I was fortunate to find a great store in Italy, where they have super sexy lingerie in my size. And it’s actually affordable (win win).

Comment below if you’d like suggestions on stores for a future post and I can talk more about that.

Also, dresses you normally can pull off with no bras? Say goodbye to all of them.

You won’t be able to pull it off anymore.

Those are all things you must consider prior to surgery.

I knew most of these things but not to the extent that I know now.

Do I regret it? Absolutely not.

I’d do it again and again and again.

And maybe, I’d even go bigger.


But I’m tiny so that’d probably not be the best decision.

Keep in mind though,

When in DOUBT, go bigger.

Never smaller.

No one ever regrets going big 😉

Your Doctor will always suggest a “moderate” size. I was suggested to go 2 sizes smaller, and I would’ve hated it.

I want it to be noticeable!

I understand not everyone will feel the same way.

I have friends that wanted no one to notice.

So they went just a size up.

I like drama when it comes to my image. I’m exotic and bold, so I wanted my boobs to match my personality.

And to be honest, at work its super unnoticeable. It depends on what you wear.


One last tip- don’t worry about “the noise” and don’t look for approval.

Do what makes YOU happy.

People will hate all day or they will support you but you will NEVER make everyone happy.

And that should not matter anyway. Because the only person who needs to be happy is YOU.

And loving your body is the best thing in the world.

If it’s something that only surgery can do for you, I support 100%.

Boobs won’t grow by working out but your butt will, for example.

There are some things we have no control of and others we have full control of. 😉

Any questions, please comment below and I’ll be happy to answer them! 🙂 xx


Natural Mask: Mint Skin

Once upon a time, there was an all natural, non-toxic skin product without the “too much to handle” price tag

This skin care product was cruelty free, never tested on animals

And it came with this cute, stylish brush applicator so you didn’t get your hands dirty

Except this is no longer a dream

I found a company that I’ve been so excited to share with you guys!


Let me introduce you to “Mint Skin


Mint Skin is all the above and more

They are based in Australia but their products got to me fairly quickly, with the cutest package

When I got home and saw their cute package last week- I knew

I had to try it right there and then

My face needed to look ALIVE

(I’m so done being sick)

I think most girls when they get sick need a “pick me up”

And this was definitely mine.


I used their green “MUD” mask to purify, refine and balance my skin.

And the results were glorious.

Find more about their masks here.

I can’t wait to try their “pink” mud mask to brighten, hydrate and restore my skin.

I couldn’t be happier with the results

This would make such a great girls night in, too.

Maybe that’ll be my next hosting party 🙂


When doing a mask, don’t forget to use a moisturizer right after

If you are in search for a great all natural moisturizer, check out my latest post about mine here.

I’ve used that moisturizer and serum every day, twice a day and continue to swear by the results

Thank you again, Mint Skin for sending me these amazing masks!

CLICK HERE to check out their products ladies 🙂

Because beautiful skin in the winter takes constant care!




Gift Ideas For Him: Who’s your type?

Although, I don’t like to think of myself as an expert in this category

After speaking to a few folks, I’ve realized I’m better than I thought at gift shopping

So I want to share some creative ideas with you ladies

Because guys are so damn hard to shop for


But before figuring out the gift, you gotta figure out the guy! 

What type of guy are you dating?

Is he the sentimental type? The materialistic type? The dgaf type? Laid back?

I’ll break it down by types for you, so don’t sweat it! I just need you to know which type we’re “dealing” with

Secondly, LISTEN to him

What is he complaining about lately? Or what’s something he’s been wanting to do or buy for a while?

If you think back to your conversations, I’m sure you will think of a thing or two he has mentioned in the past.

And FINALLY, don’t make this stressful on yourself.


Black Friday, Cyber Monday are great days to get some of that shopping out of the way without spending so much.

OK! So here we go!


Sensitive Type:

Think memories

Last year I gave my boyfriend a desktop calendar, customized with our pictures from throughout the year

I also added quotes or notes under each picture to make it extra thoughtful.

I might have enjoyed that calendar more than him, but it’s so nice to look back and think about the future together.

Right now, you can make your own for less than $10 @ VISTAPRINT

(They have up to 60% OFF everything)

And maybe you will find other cute ideas from their website, as well. 🙂


I also LOVE the idea of customized ORNAMENTS.

I got one last year and it was probably the sweetest, most thoughtful gift that I will cherish forever.

And isn’t that what Christmas is all about?!

And lastly, volunteering together.

Plan something you both can do to give back to the community you live in!

There’s no better gift than to give to those in need and experience that together.


Materialistic Type:

So you’re dating “Mr. Burberry Benz

“Brand guys” are the most difficult to shop for

These guys normally have everything already.

If they want that new Burberry trench coat, they buy it.

Oh, the new iphone 8 is coming out, they’ve already pre-ordered it.

You may think it’s all about showing off with them but they just want to know you get them

So get them something small like the new Burberry fragrance, “Mr. Burberry Eau de Toilette


And maybe a spa day in a resort to get his head out of work.

Because let’s face it, if he can afford what he wants- he’s working those long hours for it.

Show him you care about his well-being.

I live in New England, so a mountain view resort is probably the most relaxing winter destination I can think of.

Take a peek at this one > Mountain View Grand.

$179 a night for one of our top resort destinations.

He will thank you!


Laid Back/DGAF Type:

These guys are the best! They don’t care either way.

Which doesn’t mean don’t put any thought into their gifts. But no need to stress over it either.

These are the guys you buy shirts, and socks for.

Wait, was that too harsh? haha!

But in all seriousness, it’s fact.

I’m a sentimental girl, so I always incorporate something like a picture of both of us framed.

Or his favorite video game (sorry, no clue what’s out right now- my guy doesn’t play video games)

But you get my point.

H&M would be IDEAL for guys clothing- They are stylish and have all you need 😉

And by the way, today they have huge discounts on mens wear!



Whatever type your guy may be, I hope this was somewhat helpful or opened your mind up to something different.

And let’s not forget, Christmas is about giving back to those in need.

Incorporating a little something in between the festivities will make the World a better place.


Happy Shopping babes!



Let’s talk dry skin!

Let’s talk dry skin!


Who’s excited?!

Notice how we always try to avoid the tough subjects?

I can’t say it’s 100% cold in Boston now, but our skin is definitely feeling the climate change

Or at least mine is!

About two weeks ago, I had my make-up professionally done at the mall

I was super nervous because anytime I get my make-up done, I end up either looking like a ghost or orange

Plus, I never normally wear a lot of make-up anyway. So anything DRASTIC!

But this time around, Jackie (the make-up rep) really helped a sister out

She listened to my likes and dislikes, and she delivered.

Thank you, Jackie!

Any who, other than the occasional masks, I’m not the greatest at skin care.

But I think turning 29 really hit me hard


And just in time, I received this amazing gift set from Oilah!


Let me take a step back before I tell you guys about the above products

Jackie brought up a lot of skin concerns to me

She mentioned my skin is really dry.

She asked me a few questions about my skin care

How often I moisturize my skin, if I use foundation, oils and so forth…

I never really use foundation, I use BB Cream from MAC

So I asked her, what’s the difference between BB Cream and foundation?

Jackie replied, “BB cream has higher SPF protection, which is great. But BB cream doesn’t last all day long.

I had no idea that it didn’t last all day, that I had to apply it at least twice.

But I do like the SPF 35, specially since that’s the only way I’ll actually remember to protect my skin daily.

Another product you should apply daily is moisturizer, best on mornings and before bed.

So, I listened. And I started using Oilah products.

Oilah products are made fresh with pure botanical and organic ingredients.

Now- you all know for the past 6 months, I’ve started my all organic journey with skin care products and I love it.

Using plant based ingredients allow your skin to breath and protect it from the free radicals (an uncharged molecule)

Free radical, by the way, cause premature aging.


So here’s what I did for about 2 weeks now that’s DRASTICALLY changed my skin for the better



In the morning, before applying make-up, I use Oilah’s Rose Face Mist

Rose Face Mist cleanses, hydrates and nourishes your skin.

Click on the link to find out how the roses in this product can help you further.

Their facial serum is HEAVEN SENT

It reduces fine lines, wrinkles, promotes healthy skin tone and skin tightening.

AND it’s loaded with essential oils and nutrients.

IT WORKS ladies!

The picture below was not photo-shopped

Around my eyes is where I am mostly concerned due to lack of sleep, wrinkles or fine lines

And it’s pretty much gone!

A bit of skin care goes a long way! 🙂

Below was literally the smile on my face when I saw my face



I also love their travel clay mask

I LOVE to travel and I want to treat my skin fabulously from anywhere in the World

Because WHY NOT?!

What I love about their mask the most is it’s not messy like the others

It is so easy to use, you can read under “instructions” to understand what I mean by “it’s not messy”

I can’t get enough.


As a treat to my readers and because I want you ALL to experience what I have

Until Dec 31st of 2016, you will get 15% OFF your ENTIRE purchase by using coupon code: #fearordinary

It’s a limited time offer, so don’t miss out!!

It also makes for a PERFECT holiday gift to your girlfriend, mom, aunt, guy that’s been complaining about their skin

Super freaking thoughtful!

Enjoy it guys! And please share your experience after using it with me!!

I can’t wait to hear all about it!!!

Click here to find out more about Oilah

Click here for Rose Mist

Click here for Reviving Serum

Click here for travel mask



The dirtier, the better: Hair Goals


Today, I want to share my dirty little secret with you

But promise not to judge until you try?

Alright, so!

Achieving “hair goals” is a lot of girls dream 

We all want the “long hair don’t care” look

Because, we care 😉

My girlfriends are all amazed at how fast my hair has grown

Some of them were convinced I had extensions on!

Which is crazy, because if I did I would tell them

(they should know by now I’m not the type to hide beauty secrets, hence my blog)

I won’t lie to you..

I’ve had extensions before

(clip-ins, braids)

You name it, I had it

As a matter of fact, I have about 3 different color extensions in my room right now

I have nothing against them, in fact, when my hair was short they were my everything

But I’ve learned to be patient and grow my hair out..

I notice when I leave my hair alone

(i.e. don’t dye it, straighten, curl it all.the.time- it thanks me)

And it will thank YOU, too!

In marvelous ways, I promise.

I used to wash my hair every other day

And because my hair isn’t naturally straight

I’d go through the process of blow-drying, straightening or curling it

It DESTROYED my hair.

The secret to long, healthy hair is “dirty hair

That’s right!


Dry shampoo HAS to be your best friend for a while

(You can find dry shampoo in any local pharmacy. Pantene is my favorite)

If you never used dry shampoo before, it’s basically powder that you apply to your hair roots

Not only does it make your hair smell AMAZING

But it also makes it less oily and shinier.

You MUST try it.

Talking about “trying”

Try cutting the amount of times you wash your hair by half

YES!.. by half

I, now, wash my hair once a week (twice the most)

Everything else is dry shampoo, oils, and towards the VERY END.. I’ll curl it for an extra day without washing

I know, it sounds nasty

But honestly, it isn’t at all

Your natural hair oils start to come back

You feel your hair getting thicker, healthier

And with all those positives, your hair will naturally grow faster


There is seriously no huge secret!

And it truly works.

I hope this was helpful to you ladies!

Happy Thursday!



How To Avoid Pre-Menstrual Syndrome

When I was younger, I used to get into the biggest fights/arguments with my then-boyfriend once a month. And guess around what time? haha! I laugh now but it was awful, I had zero control. I actually thought my thoughts and feelings made sense at the time, even though I wouldn’t normally think that way.

Today, it’s a different type of situation. I am at the age where the mood swings are at an all time high. And I sometimes start feeling them 2 weeks prior to getting my period. Which is the norm for a lot of women but damn, half a month of hormones going up & down like a roller coaster!? That sht cray and can drive any sane being insane. So how do we control it?

The difference today is I know how to deal with the mood swings. I have learned to control it and not let it control me, which is a plus. But if you are younger and trying to learn how to deal with it and/or older trying to control your emotions over that week period. I am here to help you get to where I am today. 

First, you need to understand your body, your thoughts, and your emotions. If you are normally happy/upbeat and all of a sudden, you are now sad and down for no clear reason (take a look at the date, and find out if your “friend” is coming to visit soon). If that’s the case, you now understand why your mood has changed drastically and you can now try to control it. Every month, when I start to not feel like myself- I check my calendar and I know why. It’s always right on, every time. Once you connect the dots, you start to feel differently. It’s psychological.

It’s by understanding the “why,” that you can change how you react to that emotion. When you start getting mad, you won’t start yelling at someone for no reason because you know it’s irrational. When you get sad, you won’t try to link it to something because you know you were happy just last week. You control your thoughts & emotions. You sleep on that thought and I promise you won’t wake up feeling the same way because it wasn’t yours to begin with.

Now let’s talk research. Because you don’t just want to hear my opinion and experience but also an expert’s opinion of a few things you can do PRIOR to your period to reduce the mood swings.

The below treatment options are from

1) EXERCISE: Physical activity can lift moods and improve depression. It’s believed that endorphins — feel-good brain chemicals that are released during exercise — may help counteract some of the hormone changes that may trigger severe PMS. “Exercising can also boost energy and help with cramps and bloating, which may help you feel better,” says Livoti. Aerobic exercise such as walking, running, bicycling, or swimming is recommended.

2) SMALL FREQUENT MEALS: Eating small meals throughout the day rather than two or three big meals may also help ease PMS symptoms. A large meal, particularly one high in carbohydrates, can cause blood sugar swings, which could worsen PMS. “Low blood sugar may contribute to crying spells and irritability that are often seen in women with severe PMS,” says Livoti. Try to eat six small meals a day to keep your blood sugar levels steady.

3) CALCIUM SUPPLEMENTS: In a 2009 double-blind clinical trial of college women with PMS, those who supplemented their diet with 500 milligrams of calcium twice daily had significantly less depression and fatigue than those who didn’t. In fact, “a number of studies have shown that getting plenty of calcium can help ease mood changes related to severe PMS, although we don’t know exactly why,” says Livoti.

4) AVOID CAFFEINE, ALCOHOL, AND SWEETS: Staying away from coffee and other caffeinated drinks for two weeks before your period may make a difference in your mood because caffeine can increase anxiety, nervousness, and insomnia. Cutting down on alcohol may also be helpful because alcohol acts as a depressant. And steering clear of candy, soda, and other sugary foods, especially in the week before your period, may help ease severe PMS symptoms by preventing mood swings associated with blood sugar fluctuations.

5) STRESS MANAGEMENT: Stress can make severe PMS symptoms worse, so finding ways to give stress the slip can help treat PMS. Try relaxation techniques such as meditation, deep breathing, and yoga. Individual or group therapy has also been found to be an effective PMS treatment for women with severe mood swings and debilitating emotional changes.


I don’t know about you but the hardest one for me to do is avoid caffeine and sweets before my period. I hate chocolate, except right before my period. And I need my daily caffeine intake everyday to get through a long day at work. But it is super helpful and definitely worth doing. I also feel like most of us never considered the small frequent meals but it can also make a HUGE difference and reduce bloating which is awesome.

The reason I attached those 5 treatment options is because we don’t only have to treat pre-menstrual syndrone mentally like I mentioned in the beginning but also physically. The secret is to be entirely aware and be ready to conquer the beast that’s trying to conquer us 😉 And to know you are ALWAYS in full control. Defeat is never an option.


That’s all for now ladies! Feel free to email me any subjects you’d like for me to discuss and share tips on!






Dry Skin Solutions

 Let’s talk dry skin problems a.k.a living in New England problems. Because let’s face it, the struggle is real!

Dry skin is very common this time of the year in New England, and anywhere that shares a similar winter as ours.

We are all aware that during winter, dry skin gets much drier. But somehow, nothing we do seems to work. Why is that?

My dear friends have told me no lotion put on this blessed/beautiful Earth has helped them thus far. So here’s a post that might help you figure out other reasons you may still be having dry skin. This post is completely based on what Dermatologists have observed and highly believe could help.

During winter time, most of us enjoy a nice long shower. Because it’s the best thing ever after getting home from the freezing cold weather, am I right? The only problem is it’s terrible for your skin, causing it to be extra dry.

Try to avoid taking long showers to notice a difference in your skin. Shower for 5-10 minutes in warm, instead of hot water. Five to 10 minutes should be enough time to get cleaned. Also, avoid using harsh soaps. Using the right soap is CRUCIAL for better skin. Try using a mild- fragrance free soap that moisturizes as it cleanses. Bar or liquid is fine, as long as it is formulated specifically for dry skin.

Now, what do we do about the winter weather? Maybe move to Cali and call it a day? haha! If that’s not happening anytime soon for you either, try perhaps an easier/quicker solution. All you will need is a humidifier to keep the air at your house/apartment moist. If you can’t afford a humidifier, try adding warm water to a large bowl and keep it in your room before you go to bed (for a test trial). Notice the next morning how the water will have decreased significantly and the air you’ll be breathing will be much more pleasant. Once you see that it does work, keep that bowl full at all times so the air remains moist.

Use an ointment or cream, instead of a lotion! Ointments and cream are more effective and less irritating than lotion. Look for the ones that contains an oil such as jojoba oil or olive oil. Shea Butter also works well.

Here are other ingredients to look for that helps to soothe dry skin: lactic acid, urea, hyaluronic acid, dimethicone, glycerin, lanolin, mineral oil, and petrolatum.

Lastly, try using only gentle, unscented skin care products. Avoid deodorant soaps and skin care products that contain these ingredients: alcohol, fragrance, retinoids, or alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA).

By doing the above, you should see improvement in your skin fairly quickly. If not, I highly suggest seeing a dermatologist as he/she can prescribe you an ointment or cream that’s right for you!


     I hope this was super helpful to you and most importantly, that it works!! =)

Don’t forget to say hi by commenting below! 

Thanks for stopping by! 

xox-Until Next Time



Boob Job Surgery Cost

The big question everyone ask me or wonder about. How much did it cost you to get your boobs done?

It’s a month since my surgery this 20th of February. And I went to see my Dr. yesterday for my second follow-up. He gave me the “ok” to go “ham” at the gym and to buy bras. GUYS, it was an awesome feeling! I can’t even describe it. I had to wear a sports bra everyday for the past month. I couldn’t wait for the day I could go back to wearing a bra again. So of course, I went bra shopping right after that follow-up appointment yesterday (pictures on my IG page “fear_ordinary”).

Anyway, what I have learned after doing much research is you will always find a place that will charge you less. You will always have plenty of options. But no money is more important than putting your life in someone’s hands that you trust. Someone that has years (10+) of experience in that specific surgery alone. Someone that has proven record of their work. It’s important that you feel extremely confident in your decision. Peace of mind is worth paying for.

When I started researching, I was debating whether to go get it done in Brazil or not. Brazil is 4x cheaper than Boston. However, I had to think about traveling back and forth, follow-up appointments, what if something went wrong and I was back in the U.S? You get what you pay for.

If getting a boob job is something you are highly considering. I would suggest that you save as much as you can and see the best doctors in town. Make sure you do a lot of research, and look up pictures that show their before and after work with women that share your same measurements (boob size, weight, height). If I had not done those researches, I would’ve made the biggest mistake of my life. I was looking at sizes alongside of 325 cc to 350 cc and I almost went with 350 cc. Once I started looking at girls with my measurements and what a 350 cc looked like after, I was not happy AT ALL. It was too small for me, I wanted bigger. I wanted to go up at least 2 cup sizes. It just didn’t make sense to me to drop so much money and go up only 1 cup size or less. I wanted it to be noticeable.

Lastly, after looking up hundreds of pictures, I decided to go with 400 cc. Big difference, right? And it was the best decision I’ve made. I could not be happier.


When trying to decide what size you want to go with- always remember. Most women regret not going bigger. Therefore, going bigger (at least in my opinion) is never a bad decision. Rarely, does anyone complain that they went “too big.” haha! I love my new twins, and I sometimes wonder if I should’ve gone slightly bigger myself but this is the biggest I could have gone. I maxed out my size! LOL!

It’s also important to speak to your Dr. of what is going through your head, specially if you have changed your mind a couple of times like I did. As he/she will stir you in the right direction.

I hope this was somewhat helpful to y’all. Really excited to share more as my journey continues!

xox-Until Next Time



Sleeping Positions after Breast Augmentation

(Picture is 8 months post surgery 08/16)


It will be 3 weeks this Wednesday after my breast augmentation surgery.

And since then, I have heard many different opinions on how one should sleep a few weeks post surgery.

It’s really aggravating that you can’t find the answer anywhere because of how much they vary!

So let me give you the advice I received directly from my surgeon, as well as some knowledge I’ve gained after doing some research.

Please keep in mind, I started researching different positions to sleep after 3 weeks of my surgery, as you are supposed to sleep upright post breast augmentation in the amount of time recommended by your doctor. And all the below information is research, plus my personal opinions. So please refer to a professional to make sure you do what is right for you.

Alright! Let’s get to it!

First, there seems to be a confusion as to why you should sleep upright post breast augmentation surgery.

Some say it’s because it will help the breasts drop

(sleeping upright will not help your breasts drop, time will and time varies anywhere from 3 weeks (where you begin to notice your breasts drop) to 6 months.

And for your breasts to look completely “natural,” we are looking anywhere from 6-12 months).

It’s not what I want to hear, it’s not what YOU want to hear. But I’m here to tell it how it is.

In addition, depending on your implants, some surgeons will advice you to massage your breasts to help them fall into place faster (please reach out to your doctor for professional advice and to find out if massaging your breasts will help you achieve faster results). Here’s a video if you are curious as how to massage your implants if directed by your surgeon:How to massage your implants.

On the same note, some think they have to sleep upright because if they sleep in any other position (on their tummy, sides) their breast implants will be prone to rupture.

Here is a fun fact I found at Dallas Plastic Surgery Website:

“Although, occasionally, implants have been known to rupture after being subjected to excessive forces (i.e. seatbelt injury or mammograms), they are designed to withstand tremendous force. The amount of force required to induce breast implant failure has been demonstrated to be greater than one thousand pounds; as a point of reference, the average mammogram exerts approximately 32 pounds of force. When implants break after being subjected to force, the likelihood is that those implants were likely going to fail for other reasons. Given that, it is fair to say that sleeping on your stomach will not make you more likely to break your breast implants.”

I will have to say, after all this exhausting research on what’s right and what’s wrong.

And even with the above statement, I would still withhold from sleeping on my tummy for a while.

I’d rather be safe than sorry. And sleeping on your sides is a lot more recommended than sleeping on your tummy.

It’s also said that with breast implants, sleeping on your tummy is very uncomfortable.

An important part of recovery is getting a good night’s sleep. Because if you can’t sleep well throughout the night, it can prolong your recovery period.

If you are having a hard time sleeping upright on your first few weeks like I was, please reach out to your surgeon for alternatives.

Remember- every surgery is different, therefore, every implant type is instructed to be treated differently.

My surgeon may suggest different things for my recovery than yours may for you.

At 3 weeks, I feel great! Tonight will be the first night that I will be sleeping on my side and I can’t wait.

I did notice one side dropped faster than the other, making it seem like one boob look bigger than the other- which is scary.

However, this is also completely normal.

What I would observe carefully is if you feel your implants moving as they may need to get looked at for possible infection.

2016-02-07 01.48.15

Let me know if you have any additional questions or would like to share your journey to recovery!

xox- Until Next Time


Office Decor Inspirations

     Getting inspired with some Pinterest office decor inspirations! What do you guys think?

32b3d3663729cc4f7f9603a69057fc7eI absolutely ADORE the pictures on the desk and wall. It makes this office look so cozy and warm.


I also love this look. It’s so simple, yet so chic & stylish. You don’t really need much more than this to get you inspired!



This look is so girly and warm. I love the quote (because I love quotes) haha & the hat is the perfect touch!

xox- Until Next Time