Brunches of Boston Pool Party Event: Look of the week!

Who’s a brunch lover?!?!

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day and combining it with lunch..

(mind blown)


Whoever came up with the term “brunch” is a genius

(deep down I wish I thought of it first) LOL


I’m not sure if you ever heard of “Brunches of Boston”

BUT, it’s basically a cool, versatile way to brunch every weekend..

 Example: Fit Brunch (you exercise, then brunch with your girls/guys),

or Beauty Brunch *which is tomorrow* -where you get your hair done, wax and brunch.

It’s super fun and helps to change up your experience.

Makes sense?

So below is where today’s event was held

It was at Revere’s Rooftop Hotel

(a must-go place in the summer, for obvious reasons)


The event started at the other side but we then made our way back here..

If you want to check this place out, go very early because you won’t be able to find chairs

Packed is not even the word to describe this rooftop (24/7)


It was so fun catching up with these inseparable sisters and great friends of mine..

Life changes as you get older and with everyone’s busy schedule, every little moment is much appreciated.

I’m very grateful to still have friends that make time for our friendship (that speaks volumes to me)


So *cheers* to FRIENDSHIP!

And cheers to this awesome site where I got this cute outfit from?


CLICK HERE to check out this look!

Can you believe your lunch today probably cost more than this outfit?

Talk about mind-blown.


I really like how different this look is..

I didn’t run into anyone that had a slight similar style.


I wore it with this ADORABLE fringe bag.

CLICK HERE if you want to check it out.

The picture does not do it justice, so definitely check out the website.


But back to brunch talk..

How about this “make your own bloody mary” bar?


And this piece of heaven dessert?

I was tempted to eat them all  =x


And you get a SWAG bag?? =O)

Thank you so much to Brunches of Boston for having me today!

I can’t wait for tomorrow’s event.

What an AWESOME experience.

CLICK HERE to check out their website for upcoming events this summer.

CLICK HERE to get this look

CLICK HERE to get the fringe bag

Happy Brunching + Shopping babes!

Hope your weekend is going fabulous 🙂




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