My First Blogger Event And What I’ve Learned

Yesterday, I went to my first blogger event- “Blog Talk Boylston,” hosted by the lovely  Libby ( and  ( They both did an amazing job hosting the event. It was full of life and fun activities that helped us all network and get to know each other better.

Libby & I at Blog Talk Boylston 🙂


     Here are some things to expect when going to a blogger event for the first time:

  •      Meet people with the same interests & goals as you or very similar
  •      New tips and ideas from your fellow bloggers
  •      New support system
  •      Exchange social media accounts to add one another to
  •      Many new contacts 🙂
  •      Swag bags (most, not all events)
  •      Great atmosphere with many bloggers to chat with
  •      Great place to network


It’s normal to feel a bit nervous at first because you don’t really know what you’re walking yourself into. But it’s honestly a fear worth conquering, as you will feel a lot more comfortable going to your next event and have an absolute blast. It’s also a great place to practice talking about your blog and what you bring to the table as a blogger.


Here are the top 3 questions all bloggers asked one another:

  •      Who takes your pictures?!!
  •      A: “Boyfriend, husband, or friend.” Most don’t enjoy it but they love us, so they do it 🙂 haha!
  •      Do you approach companies to collaborate or do they approach you?
  •      A: Some say companies approach them, and they think it’s crucial to have your email on every social media in order for the companies to be able to reach out to you. And others say they approach the companies. There is no wrong way of doing this. Each blogger has their own approach.
  •      How do you get such a great following?
  •      A: Most bloggers said consistency on posts on all social medias. And making sure your voice is heard. Your blog should show your personality and who you are. It should differentiate you from others because you are unique. And have something different to offer.



Below are some goodies I got from my swag bag, which I’ll be reviewing in my blog soon! 🙂

Apple Seed Oil: You Apply to your skin for a collagen boost for the fine lines & wrinkles. Use daily on stretch marks and acne.

Product: Leven Rose @levenrosebeauty


Gaffer & Child Organic Face Scrub:

sooth away dead skin with high quality organic ingredients that won’t leave your skin feeling overly dry. Find them @gafferandchild


Splurge Lip Balm

“Melted Buttah”



Au Naturale

Creme Eye Shadow (Organic)


In conclusion, my first blogger event to go to was a huge success. And I’ve learned that we all go through very similar struggles and I’m not in it alone. I’ve also learned to take a step back and just enjoy the ride. Going to events, meeting new people, learning about myself by each post that I write and experience that I go through is part of the fun. And by doing so, I am hopefully helping others along the way to follow their dreams and fear ordinary. =)

Hope you guys have an amazing Sunday! Catch you next time! =*






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