Today’s “Normal” isn’t Normal: Find Your Happiness; Escape The Trap

Hey lovelies! V-day weekend is over. On my previous post, I was talking about being very much against it, for the reasons I had listed and still agree with. However, I will have to admit, it was quite nice to have a special day to celebrate “us.” 

In a world full of distractions and selfishness, it’s nice to focus on that special someone that you love. And to do something nice for them (not that this shouldn’t be something you do often).

What did you ladies do with your boo this weekend? Anything special? Did you try any of the recipes on my previous post? (Please share!)

A nice gesture when hanging out with your significant other is practicing to put your phones away. It’s not easy. Everyone carries their phones on them at all times and have notifications going off every second to remind them that the phone “needs” their attention. You have another “like” on Instagram, you have a “new comment” on Facebook, or your team just scored. YOU MUST LOOK AT THE PHONE IMMEDIATELY! Right?! Wrong. It’s not a life or death situation, it can wait. Enjoy your “now” moment. Be present.


Although, it’s great that we can communicate with the world through social media, it’s also something that has trapped us from truly living our lives. We don’t experience things fully anymore because we are too consumed by social media & its distractions.

Most people spend 80% of their day looking at their phones, communicating with anyone that is not in front of them. And by the way, if they do get a person in front of them- they have a hard time communicating face-to-face because they forgot how to have a “real” conversation that doesn’t involve typing “LOL” or “IDGAF.” If you have a hard time picking up the phone & calling a friend to speak to them, or if you can’t go out to dinner and have a conversation for an hour without  your phone, then you have fallen for this trap.

Get out of it. As quickly as possible, for your own sake. 

Start truly living your life & making great memories that you will remember, regardless of having taken pictures or not. Regardless, of “checking in” or not, regardless of posting your pictures online or not.

Life is to be lived by experiences, feelings, touching, talking. Not through texting & liking others photos or statuses.

Here’s what I have done so far to help improve my lifestyle (and it’s only the beginning).

Deleted Facebook since 11/15

Best decision I have ever made. Every year, I would take a break from it to focus on more important tasks and take back some time to do more productive things. But since I have deleted it last year, I feel zero need to get back on. One social media is enough for me. It helps me focus on more important tasks and as far as friends go, I talk to my closest friends on a daily (without social media). Again, FB wasn’t for me because I was consumed by it- which is why I felt the need to withdraw myself from that “trap.” You, however, may not be. So this may not be necessarily needed for your lifestyle change.

As I mentioned earlier, the phone being put away when hanging out with friends and family is something I am also working on. Sometimes, my boyfriend will have to remind me but we keep each other grounded. hahah! (Thanks babe!;)

I believe the first step is figuring out what is taking your time and why. Is it helping your relationships or destroying them? Is it making you better or worse? Are you happier by doing it or starting to feel down?

The first step is to realize that today’s “normal” isn’t normal. You not being able to enjoy a concert without taking a thousand pictures and posting it online (immediately) isn’t normal. You, not being able to focus on your relationships without getting pulled back by meaningless “likes” isn’t normal. Normal is being PRESENT. Normal is making memories you will remember forever because you LIVED it, not snapped it. Let that sink it for a minute.



I know this is a lot to take in. And honestly, I was just going to write about this past weekend with my boyfriend but this is something I am super passionate about. It’s something most of us struggle with and need to work on and no one seems to speak up about it. Don’t wait until you are in your death-bed to look back and think- “what did I do with my life?”.. Start your lifestyle change TODAY. Find what is that is taking time from your life and remove yourself from that trap. It won’t happen overnight, but you will succeed. 



xox-Until Next Time




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