Appendix Pain & Recovery Period

Hey loves! I am sorry I’ve been less consistent on my posts. I have great plans for this blog but this month started out very dramatic, painful, and hectic. If you follow me on IG: Fear_ordinary, I had posted a video on plans for a youtube channel, sharing and showing different workouts you can do while recovering from breast augmentation– without lifting and without going against your doctor’s orders. However, this Tuesday everything changed.

Monday was my “average” Monday. I woke up ready to conquer the World, went to work super excited to kill my goals and help my team kill theirs. I was feeling great! Ok, when I said “my average Monday” and went on to saying how great my Monday went (now you get why I didn’t generalize. I’m the weird one that looks forward to Mondays. I embrace it as a new start, a new beginning to better myself: as a boss, as a friend, as a daughter, sister, girlfriend, etc..).

Any who, I get home from work, watch my favorite show “The Bachelor” and head to bed. As soon as I laid down…!BANNNNG! DREADFUL cramps started to happen or so it felt like cramps. It was as if my stomach was squeezing something inside me and constantly causing pressure which would turn into this on-going pain for the whole entire night. At first, I thought “maybe I’m hungry?”.. I went and tried to eat a slice of bread. An hour later, still in unbearable pain. So then I took “Tummys” thinking maybe I am just constipated and that didn’t help either.

I woke up on Tuesday morning with maybe 2 hours of sleep and a ridiculous amount of pain. But decided I’d still try to go to work anyway (because I’m crazy). I get there and the pain continuously & quickly increased. Now, I not only had “cramps” but nausea, dizziness and zero appetite. I couldn’t eat or drink anything without wanting to throw up. My team at that point just kicked me out and told me to go home or see a doctor.

The drive home was awful. Imagine every bump you accidentally go to turning your stomach pain ten times worse x a million. That was my drive home.

I finally got home and stayed in bed to rest. I was convinced it was going to get better. But it didn’t. So I called my primary care and went to see the first doctor available that afternoon. The doctor after asking me a few questions and locating exactly where the pain was coming from (lower right abdominal side), sent me straight to the ER. No time was to be wasted.

I get to the ER and they run a lot of exams and decided I needed to do a cat scan. Have you ever done one? Yesterday was my first time and I was horrified. In my head, I thought a million of things could go wrong. Anything “radiology” related freaks me out and that machine looked scary. I also just had surgery 2 weeks ago yesterday and I was worried that getting a cat scan would be bad for it (which it is not, fyi). Anyway, what they do is give you this liquid (about a gallon or so) it tastes very similar to water and you are supposed to drink it in 2 hours. It has to be exactly two hours because if you drink it too fast, it can make you sick, cause diarrhea and nausea. Sounds fun, right? Then, you wait another 30 minutes or so and they take you to the radiology room where you will go through the cat scan. They will give you this liquid through your IV that makes your body extremely warm and gives you a feeling that you peed yourself but you didn’t, you just feel like you did. And you go in and out, in and out of the machine.

A LONG hour later, I get the results.. I am thinking (food poisoning or a virus). But I was oh-so-wrong. My appendix was inflamed and had to be removed asap. I needed to get a surgery done.

Yes, you heard it right. Two weeks in from my breast augmentation surgery, I had to get my appendix removed. I went from never having done a surgery before to having two surgeries in two weeks. I was horrified and I had no time to digest it, it had to be done. My pain wasn’t going anywhere and it could be life threatening if not removed.

The hospital I was in didn’t do surgeries? It’s crazy to even type that, but true. So they had to transfer me to another hospital, and get me set up. February 3rd, first thing in the morning, I was getting surgery #2 done and I will have to say (based on my opinion and my experience), it was A LOT worse than the breast augmentation. The pain  prior and post surgery is nothing I’ve ever experienced before. And to top it off, you feel tired easily, you don’t feel hungry at all for another 2-6 weeks (depending on your health & conditions). Now I will be home recovering for another two weeks and unfortunately, my plans on staying fit before my trip and helping you stay fit with me will have to be put aside, as my health right now is my priority.

I will try my best to write as often as possible and keep you guys posted on both surgeries! And I will try my best to stay positive and upbeat like I normally am.

We can’t forget, it can always be worse. I am thankful for everyone in my life that’s been there for me no matter what. I don’t like being vulnerable and depending on others, but sometimes you need help. You need loving/caring people in your life to help you pick yourself up again and come back ten times stronger. So if you’re going through a difficult time right now, know you’re not alone. And be open-minded to those extending their hands to help you. Those are angels disguised as people. 🙂



xox- Until Next Time



Welcome to Fear Ordinary! I hope you enjoy my world of positive messages, fashion and realness. I love to share my life experiences and challenges. And hope that by sharing them, you will find you are not alone. Thanks for stopping by! xx Talita

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Welcome to Fear Ordinary! I hope you enjoy my world of positive messages, fashion and realness. I love to share my life experiences and challenges. And hope that by sharing them, you will find you are not alone. Thanks for stopping by! xx Talita